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The Best DAC & Amp Under ₹20,000

FiiO has knocked it out of the park with the all-new K7. It is not just another DAC & Amp combo, the K7 sets precedence for all budget devices under Rs. 20,000. K7 delivers pristine audio quality and features a THX AAA amplification stage for that extra jolt of energy. It doesn’t stop there! You can enjoy your music at its highest resolution by plugging into the balanced output and letting K7 take care of the rest. To sum it up, the FiiO K7 is hands down the best DAC & Amp combo available for under Rs. 20,000.


This video is about the new Benchmark for Budget desktop DAC and Amp the brand-new FiiO K7, so let's get to it. So FiiO has been in the market since around 2007. They've been making really high quality products all their time. I personally used to own a few product almost seven eight years ago and it's still running strong, so today let's talk about this bad boy the FiiO K7 it's one of my favorite DAC and Amp at the moment and let's talk about why it's my favorite.

Build & Design

Talking about the build of this product I really like the metal build it feels a little bit lightweight but doesn't feel cheap. It's very well built there are no places where it feels like they've cut corners. I love the metal switches over here which are very tactile the volume knob feels really nice and smooth. You don't feel any like parts which are loose as such, overall solid product for what it is I really like the build.

Technology, Features & Power

All right so talking about what's under the hood, the K7 comes with dual AKM DAC chips which is really great at the price at which it is right now solid sound and talking about the amplification both port 6.35 and 4.4 outputs are phenomenal especially in a 4.4 in this price range definitely there are some DAC and Amps which have it but not this kind of power so most headphones like these which are over here the LCD X the Sundara and even the Audeze LCD 2C no problem compared to other DAC and Amps in this price range this powers it much more better and also talking about some other features like for example the RCA input and output so you can use this as just a standalone Amplifier and one more thing also as compared to other DAC's in the same price range it only have USB input this also has Optical as well as Coaxial input so you get the flexibility of using it with a wider variety of sources. Overall solid product it's got a shitload of features which you normally don't get in this price range.


All right so talking about the sound I really like how the FiiO K7 sounds why well because the bass feels really nice it punches hard as compared to other DAC and Amps in the same price range where the bass feels a little bit loser mainly for headphones like these like the LCD X and even the Audeze LCD 2C or even Edition XS I would say the bass with a little bit looser it is because of the higher power output it feels nice punchy the mids also feel really nice detailed and the highs don't feel very harsh as compared to some other amps I would say in the same price range overall solid sound I've never felt like it doesn't work very well with a certain headphone sounds great honestly.

Danesh's take

Honestly here is my take on why I love the FiiO K7 so I was really excited when it was launched and I thought it's going to be a great product and it really is I loved a few quirks that it has the RGB lights in the front the switches which take like a second to change there are some reasons why so that you don't blow up your speakers but overall really great product I love how it sounds with most of the headphones which I try it out with it's become like my new benchmark for a DAC and Amp under 20K. I use it with all the headphones because this is something which I recommend to a lot of people and they really like it so overall solid products for under 20,000 rupees kills the Zen DAC V2 there's no competition this is the new Benchmark for a desktop DAC and Amp under 20K.


Alright so if you would like to try out the new FiiO K7 you can come on down to our experience Studio or head on down to a headphone connect happening in a city near you alright guys so that was it for today.