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Why The Meze 109 PRO Is This Years Best New Headphone!

The all-new Meze Audio 109 PRO open-back headphones are a triumph in every aspect. From the structural design to the sound quality, everything about the Meze 109 PRO exudes quality.


Today we are going to talk about the all new open back version of the 99 classics well not really we're gonna be talking about all-new Meze Audio 109 Pro so let's get started.

Build & Design

So Meze Audio as a brand is really popular for their design and good looking products, I absolutely agree with Varun out here I mean there are a handful of brands in the audiophile world that pay attention to their products like Meze Audio does I mean just look at the 109 Pro the ear cups practically look like they're levitating this is something that only Meze Audio can achieve. So let's talk about the design, the earcups on the 109 Pro are made up of real wood and to complement that you have high quality velour ear pads and really good cushioning. Another aspect of the 109 Pro that I really like is this suspended headband now with this when you wear the headphones it practically feels like you're not wearing anything, the clamping pressure is close to nil and I really appreciate that.

Now the most important aspect of the headphone that I really like is that all the parts that you see on the headphone are easily replacable so if something goes wrong just get it replaced. Now this is truly amazing as it really extends the lifetime of the headphones.


So talking about the things that you get in the box as soon as you open the package you see a really premium carry case, the headphone and two cables. Now you get one four feet long cable and you get another 10 feet long cable so you can use whichever one suits you according to your need.


Now talking about the most important aspect of this headphone which is a sound quality, Meze Audio for the first time have introduced a custom made in-house driver which they have never done before. Now what's really unique is the way that they've tuned these custom-made drivers it still offers that signature Meze warm sound but with just a little bit of oomph in the mid bass and the top end, now what that does it makes for a really engaging and fun listening experience, now that is something that I really look for in a headphone.

Karan's take

So 2022 was a great year with a lot of good headphones being released but the 109 from Meze Audio stood out for me for one reason and that was its warm tonality for that reason and that reason only I would pick up the 109 pro at any given day.

Varun's take

What I really like about the headphone is the way that it fits it's really comfortable for long missing session, and the warm and fun sound makes me go back to the headphone again and again.


So if you would like to try the Meze Audio 109 Pro you can visit us at our experience studio or you could even try it out at a headphone connect event at a city near you and let us know what you think about the Meze Audio 109 Pro.