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The budget of Rs. 10,000 allows you to seek a headphone, earphones and earbuds with significantly improved sound, build quality and connectivity options. You can expect best of the best audio quality from these earphones while the feature-set also grows exponentially. In the Rs. 10,000 segment, you will be introduced to premium brands and technologies they apply to elevate the performance tenfolds compared to consumer designed headphones. Bluetooth earphones and true wireless earbuds also reach the mid to higher range spectrum and offer advanced features. Most of the premium wireless and TWS headphones and earbuds now deliver comparable performance or are on par with their wired counterparts. Being a sweet spot that matches the two building blocks of excellent headphones – build and sound quality, with wireless convenience.

Headphones and earbuds hovering around the 10,000 mark come with impressive sound quality, great design and robust build quality. True Wireless earbuds and Wireless headphones offer seamless connectivity, app support and Active Noise Cancellation ANC. Additionally, durability, battery life, and other features are elevated and enhanced for a highly engaging listening experience. To ease your buying decision in this price bracket, we at Headphone Zone have curated a list of the best headphones, earphones and earbuds under 10000 that will reveal minute details in your music.

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