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Return, Refund & Cancellation Policy

Headphone Zone has *sound* policies to make buying headphones as smooth and simple a process for you, the customer. We won't lie, it breaks our heart every time a customer comes and tells us they don't like their new headphones as well as every time we've unknowingly sent them a defective product. This is why we've made three easy-to-understand policies based on the most common reasons for returns/cancellations:

Dislike Your New Headphone? 7-Day Test Drive, Return & Exchange

We understand that buying headphones and earphones requires personally listening to them. the way in which music is heard, varies from person to person. Therefore, it is natural for a device to be absolutely loved by one and hated by another. This is why we have the 7 Day Test Drive, Return and Exchange Policy. We let our customers try out their headphones or earphones extensively for 7 days allowing them enough burn-in time to know if they are completely satisfied with their purchase.

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Received a Defective Unit? 7-Day Replacement Guarantee

At times, there may be a possibility of a customer receiving a defective piece. (By defective we mean Manufacturing Defects i.e. sound imbalance, one side of the headphone not working, mic not working, etc.) Whether the product is defective as soon as you unbox it or if you encounter a defect within 7 days of delivery, you can raise a 7-Day Replacement Guarantee request

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Want to Cancel Your Order? Our Order Cancellation Policy

We admit that it is upsetting to see an order cancelled :(. But we understand that there are many reasons why one would want to cancel an order placed on our website. Before cancelling, do reach out to our Headphone Gurus to find out if we can resolve your issue without any cancellations.

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