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RHA - T20 Wireless

EMI Starting from ₹ 1,786.

Buy Headphones on EMI

Go for an easy EMI scheme which allows you to pay for your orders over a convenient period. A minimum purchase value of Rs. 500 is required to avail the EMI facility and the facility can be availed for tenures of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

This payment method is currently only available for customers using credit cards issued by Kotak, Axis, ICICI, IndusInd, HDFC, HSBC, SBI, AMEX, RBL & STANC Banks.

After checking out, Select the "Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking / EMI" option, which will then direct you to the PayU Payment gateway. Select your card and check the installment value and the overall interest charged on the transaction. 

The interest rate charged varies from bank to bank. Here is a summary of the interest rates:

Bank Min Amount (INR) 3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months 18 Months 24 Months
KOTAK 500 12% 12% 14% 14% 15% 15%
AXIS 2500 12% 12% 13% 13% 15% 15%
ICICI 1500 13% 13% 13% 13% 15% 15%
INDUSIND 2000 13% 13% 13% 13% 15% 15%
HDFC 3000 13% 13% 14% 14% 15% 15%
HSBC 2000 12.50% 12.50% 13.50% 13.50% 13.50% -
SBI  2500
- -
- -

These are annualized interest rates charged on a monthly reducing balance, which means that the principal amount is reduced with every EMI and the interest is calculated on the outstanding balance.

No processing or convenience fees are charged on any EMI transactions.


  1. Minimum Order value for EMI eligibility varies from Bank to bank. 
  2. EMI purchases need to be made on a single credit card and cannot be split across multiple cards.
  3. EMI monthly schedules begin from the next card billing statement post the transaction date as determined by your bank.



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Designed in

Balanced Sound

DualCoil Dynamic

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Ideal for

3 Years of

Bluetooth with

12 Hours of
Battery Life

Wireless Range
of 10m


MMCX Cables

Can Wireless Headphones sound as good as wired Headphones? Only and only in the case of the RHA T20 Wireless. The T20 were always an amazing sounding IEM. And now with the convenience of a wireless neck band, it's quite literally just perfect


I started Headphone Zone almost 10 years ago because most big retailers had little to no understanding of electronic accessories, people had little understanding and few options. Customers ended up having a lousy experience in-store and simply bought the cheapest earphone they found.
Our aim is to take the Headphone Zone experience to the length and breadth of music listeners in India. How we can do this is by helping you experience better sound, and provide you with enough information enabling informed choices.

My hobbies include collecting Airline Baggage Tags. I also hold a Guinness World Record for the largest collection in the world. While I’m not an audiophile, I am a passionate musician and I love listening to Rock, Pop and Jazz.

About Raghav
  • Founded Headphone Zone in 2011
  • Founded the Indian Audiophile Forum in 2017, a growing community of 10,000+ members.
  • Travels to industry events like CanJam Singapore and IFA yearly
  • Spends every morning at the breakfast table with his standard meal of idli and sambar.
  • Spends every night (or every time he has to wait for his spouse to get ready) at his Roland piano playing pop tunes from memory.
  • Raghav’s passion for headphones and his commitment to Headphone Zone exemplifies our mission to create customer delight through every touchpoint on our website.
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    High-Resolution DualCoil™ drivers for Audiophile Grade Sound

    Maintaining the sound properties of the audiophile grade T20 wired earphones, the T20 Wireless employs RHA's proprietary DualCoil™ drivers. Unlike standard single dynamic drivers, its DualCoil drivers split the analogue sound signal into two frequency bands. This simply means that the audio frequencies are divided between the inner voice coil and the outer. In addition to DualCoil drivers, the custom diaphragm allows for equal focus to the bass, mids and treble. The result? Distortion free audio, powerful and deep music with crystal-clear details that all RHA fans have come to expect.



    Listen your Way with Interchangeable Tuning filters

    Customisable sound signatures are no longer an audiophile's pipe dream. With interchangeable tuning filters, you can now customise sound the way you prefer it. The bass filters adds power to bass heavy genres like Bollywood, EDM, and Hip-Hop. Treble filters emphasize the details in classical and vocal driven music. Unlike Instagram, if you believe your music should be unfiltered, the default reference filters give you enjoyment of original sound. Simply unscrewing and screwing on the filters into the housings allow you switch between different sound signatures.

    Comply Foam Eartips

    To increase the noise isolation further, the RHA - T20 Wireless also comes with two pairs of comply eartips. The Comply can further increase the noise isolation by 30%. Making these perfect for outdoors too!




    High-fidelity; Whether You Stay Wired or Go Wireless

    RHA has thoughtfully provided both wired and wireless connectivity with the T20 Wireless. The 3.5mm connection – compatible with most audio sources – for high-resolution audio; and a flexible wireless neckband. Wireless connectivity is not ordinary, as the Qualcomm aptX™ codec ensures a high fidelity audio performance. What's more is that you can enjoy a 12 hour battery life and RHA’s SecureFlex neckband ensures maximum comfort.


    Built for Lasting Comfort and Noise Isolation

    Just like all RHA earphones, you can expect nothing less than a perfectly noise isolating fit. Say goodbye to fatigue with RHA's unique and distinctive stainless steel housings that were designed to fit the ear comfortably. 10 pairs of eartips in a variety of sizes and styles, RHA's signature durable dual density silicone and double flange eartips ensure a
    no-nonsense fit.



    Patent Pending Moudable Over-Ear Hooks

    The T20 Wireless features a one of a kind, patent pending over-ear hooks. They have been designed to hold the headphones in place with the cable that goes over and behind the ear for a comfortable fit. In order to ensure the headphones offer a secure fit, the over-ear hooks have been made in a fully mouldable fashion.

    Sturdy Oxygen-free Cables 

    Oxygen-free copper is a high-purity metal that is also resistant to corrosion. Combined with durable, shielded wrapping materials, like premium thermoplastic elastomers and fabric braid, it is ideal for use in headphone cables.

    The Oxygen-free cables are therefore sturdy and durable that are made with a lot of scientific research and attention to detail.




    DRIVER TYPE DualCoil dynamic
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE 16 - 20,000 Hz
    REMOTE 3-Button
 12 Hours
    WIRELESS RANGE Upto 10m (33 Feet)
    WEIGHT 49g (wireless), 39g (wired)
    NECKBAND Around the neck
    1.RHA T20 Wireless In-ear Earphone
    2. 6x dual density silicone (S/M/L)
    3. 2x double flange silicone (S/L)
    4. 1 pair comply eartips
    5. 2x Comply™ Foam Tsx400 ear tips (M)
    6. Clothing clip
    7. Sports clip
    8. Tuning Filters (Bass, Trebles & Reference)
    9. Neoprene carry pouch


    Don’t sweat it, This RHA product is covered by a 3 Years manufacturer's warranty.
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    Media Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Great Sound!

    Have brought these and can safely assure that sound quality is one of the best I have heard. Clarity is off the roof. Some people while listening through Bluetooth may feel highs to be not that good but if you use 3.5mm Jack even that will sound much better.
    I have been getting eargasm since i got this. One thing i wws sad about is that they slashed the pair's price by 3000 few days after I ordered.
    So, on the case of RHA I wws very bappy but that made me a tad bit sad.

    Good on many counts

    A quick disclaimer - I am not an audio expert and would not be able to articulate the highs and lows on the earphones as well as others who have more experience in this field.
    On to the T20 Wireless then.
    To give a background, I was a heavy user of a wired set of CX 180s till one of the earbuds stopped working.
    I made the move for the first time to a wireless device in the BeatsX.
    Personally, the audio was not as good as the CX 180s and I felt this could be attributed to being on a wireless connection and loss of quality there. Moving on a year since the BeatsX battery has degraded to a level that it only works for half the time it used to and I decided it was time to move onto a better set of wireless earphones.
    T20 Wireless came into the picture as it showed a much better battery life, interchangeable drivers and option to connect via a headphone jack when needed (some fiddly disassembly required).
    I kept changing the ear tips often to see what best suited me vs. the stock that was attached and also played around with the different drivers. Finally settled on the smallest tips and the bass drivers as the other two felt quite flat.
    Documentation on setting up and connecting to multiple devices could be done better and lack of online videos also did not really help. Once set up, it works just fine. Pricing may deter many but the option to connect through a headphone jack, interchangeable sound drivers and long battery life are worth it.
    What I don't like - audio quality not as good as older BeatsX in music; mic is just ok and be ready to repeat or at times, talk louder; connecting to a third device on the fly is a bit fiddly and here, the next-gen device needs to be more user friendly; behind the ear is something I do not prefer as it gets in way of my glasses at times.

    Thank you Sid, for the detailed review.
    Sounds great, average battery

    I bought these after using the V-moda Forza metallo wireless and Oneplus wireless bullets 2. Soundwise, I haven't experienced any of those sibilance issues people complain about. Sound is more detailed and widely spaced compared to the earphones I've used. However, the battery life is not even close to the claimed 12 hours. If used at high volume, hardly, 7-8 hours. But thankfully, the charging time is less. Also, compared to the fit and comfort of the V-modas, these are heavy, and not very comfortable to use for long hours.

    Overall, thanks to the sound and the ability to switch cables, it's worth its price.


    The product is exceptional as it produces true sound. The sound signature depicts natural sound.

    We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us this note. We look forward to serving you again.