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Warranty & Services

Don't sweat it, this Topping - DX7 Pro+ comes with a 1 Year warranty from TOPPING that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about TOPPING's warranty in India.

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DAC Chip

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Sampling Rate And Bit Depth

Ever wonder how those ones and zeros on your computer magically transform into the rich melodies that fill your room?

The secret lies in a tiny device called a Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC). Think of it as a translator, taking the digital code of your music and meticulously sculpting it back into a smooth, analog wave that your speakers can understand. But just like a sculptor needs the right tools, achieving audio nirvana with a DAC depends on two key factors: sampling rate and bit depth.

Sampling Rate:

Imagine your favourite song as a complex rollercoaster track. The sampling rate refers to how often the DAC takes measurements of this digital track, measured in kHz (kilohertz) or thousands of times per second. A higher sampling rate, like 96 kHz, is like taking a ton of pictures of the track, capturing every twist and turn with incredible detail. Lower rates, like the standard 44.1 kHz used in CDs, are like taking snapshots at a theme park – fun, but you might miss some of the subtler details that make the ride truly exhilarating.

Bit Depth:

Now, think about the sculptor's tools. Bit depth refers to the precision of each measurement the DAC takes. Imagine the number of colours available to the sculptor. With higher bit depth (e.g., 24 bits compared to 16 bits), each measurement can capture a wider range of values. This allows the DAC to recreate subtler variations in the sound wave, resulting in richer and more nuanced audio. It's like having a broader colour palette for building a more detailed and lifelike sculpture of the sound.


TOPPING is a company based in Guangzhou, China and is known for developing some of the most linear amplifiers revered by audiophiles worldwide. Their amplifiers deliver exceptional audio and have an optimum build quality. TOPPING is not only well known for providing some exquisite desktop setups but is also known for its portable DAC & Amp setups. In their line-up of desktop DAC & Amplifiers, TOPPING introduces the DX7 Pro+, a follow-up to the widely popular DX7 Pro. The DX7 Pro+ builds on the legacy and is a feature-rich desktop DAC & Amplifier. It has the industry-leading flagship DAC chip from ESS Sabre, DSD and PCM support, and brand new I/V conversion. The TOPPING DX7 Pro+ also has an NFCA (Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) module in its circuitry for headphone amplification. It introduces the latest Bluetooth 5.1 and supports the latest; Bluetooth codecs. The TOPPING DX7 Pro+ is a dependable headphone DAC & Amplifier for your system stack.
DX7 Pro+

Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus


TOPPING DX7 Pro+ is a very impressive DAC & Amp that features ESS Sabre flagship DAC chip ES9038PRO to deliver a spectacular performance. The SABRE® ES9038PRO Flagship HyperStream® II 8-channel audio DAC is the world’s highest performance 32-bit solution designed for Audiophile and Studio equipment applications such as SACD players, Blu-ray players, digital preamplifiers, A/V receivers, studio consoles and digital audio workstations. The engineers at TOPPING included the ES9038PRO DAC chip so that you can enjoy Hi-Res music without any colouration to the sound reproduced. The digital to analogue conversion keeps the reproduction of the recording as natural as possible, just the way the artist intended it. The performance of ES9038PRO will satisfy the needs of the most demanding audio enthusiasts. The ES9038PRO handles up to PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) 768kHz and DSD512 (Direct Stream Digital), covering the range of program sources. The digital to analogue conversion handled by the DX7 Pro+ is clear and jitter-free. The audio reproduced comes across as very organic and articulate.

Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus
Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus


A brand new I/V conversion circuit enables better quality audio reproduction. The unique circuit design provides less distortion and low noise while occupying less space. The circuit design of DX7 Pro+ is stretched almost to the point of physical impossibility to extract the last bit of performance from the DAC chip. The DX7 Pro+ uses an NFCA (Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) module specially modified for portable devices, which can achieve large output and low distortion. The NFCA is a headphone amplifier module that outputs a power of 1900mW*2 and SNR (Signal-to-noise ratio) of 127dB. It pairs with high sensitivity IEMs and power-hungry high impedance headphones. The ES9038PRO Sabre DAC chip and built-in NFCA module allow DX7 Pro+ to deliver clean and precise audio reproduction. Each channel of the DX7 Pro+ is arranged in parallel by four conventional balanced circuits. This design makes the performance of DX7 Pro+ even better.

Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus
Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus
Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus


The team of engineers at TOPPING have designed the DX7 Pro+ to be a simple device with which you can plug & play and delve into pure sonic bliss. The TOPPING DX7 Pro+ has a wide range of compatibility with Windows 10 or above, MAC, Linux, iOS, and Android. The TOPPING G5 supports USB, Bluetooth, IIS, Coaxial/Optical/AES IN transmission. TOPPING DX7 Pro+ uses 2nd generation 8 core XMOS XU208, USB supports up to PCM (Pulse Code Modulation)32Bit/768kHz and DSD512 native. With USB-IN DX7 Pro+ supports 44.1kHz-768kHz/16-32Bit and DSD native DSD64-DSD512 (Direct Stream Digital) and DSD64-DSD256 (DoP) (DSD Over PCM). The TOPPING DX7 Pro+ has the certification of Hi-Res Audio Wireless and LDAC with the support of 24Bit96kHz. It has Bluetooth 5.1, which helps in lossless and lag-free transmission. It uses the newest QCC5125 chipset to support LDAC, aptX, aptX LL, aptX HD, aptX Adaptive, AAC, and SBC protocols. To get even better sound quality from Bluetooth, the engineers designed to abandon the built-in DAC of QCC5125 and connect its digital signal to ES9038PRO to decode. The ability of DX7 Pro+ to restore music has reached THD+N<0.00006%, which means you can hear clearer details.
DX7 Pro+

Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus
Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus


The TOPPING DX7 Pro+ allows you to select between multiple output modes. By double-clicking the volume knob, you can choose from four output modes: "Headphone Amp", "Headphone Amp + Line Out", "DAC", and "Pre-amplifier" to adapt to more application scenarios. The encoder makes the step volume control more accurate and convenient. No channel balancing issues will arise even if the volume is only slightly changed. A 12V Trigger interface is included with the DX7 Pro+ and may be configured for active (Trigger out) or passive control (Trigger in). With only one easy-to-obtain 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, the DX7 Pro+ can be turned on and off synchronously with other devices equipped with a 12V Trigger interface. The DX7 Pro+ is a high-performance device with six digital inputs, two Line Out outputs and three headphone outputs. DX7 Pro+ is compatible with 768kHz/32bit and DSD512; it can be used as a HI-FI DAC & headphone amp and as a simple DAC or DAC + pre-amplifier. TOPPING has incorporated the sound simulation capability of tubes and transistors to the DX7 Pro+ so that you can hear three different performances following the harmonic performance of tubes and transistors.

Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus
Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus
Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus


The TOPPING DX7 Pro+ supports DSD512 native via the IIS input. IIS (Inter-IC Sound, pronounced "eye-squared-ess") is an electrical serial bus interface standard; used for connecting digital audio devices. PCM audio data is transmitted using IIS between integrated circuits in an electronic device. DX7 Pro+ has balanced XLR output & single-ended RCA output. You can choose "XLR only", "RCA only", or "XLR+RCA" output for different applications. When there is a better interface, you can use the HDMI cable to directly send the IIS signal into the DX7 Pro+'s ESS9038PRO for better decode. IIS input can support up to PCM32bit768kHz & DSD512native. The IIS input provides phase settings, DSD channel settings, and DSD indicator pin selection settings, which are compatible with most digital interfaces on the market that use the HDMI interface to output IIS signals. DX7 Pro+ has three output headphone jacks of 4-Pin XLR, 4.4mm and 6.35mm to meet different usages. Besides, with the help of a two-gain setting, DX7 Pro+ could reach an even wider variety of headphones.
DX7 Pro+

NOTE: This function uses only the HDMI interface to transmit IIS signals instead of the standard HDMI signals. Thus it cannot be used for the HDMI interface of the PC, TV, and set-top box.

Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus
Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus
Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus


The TOPPING DX7 Pro+ uses a piece of aluminium to make a delicate and sturdy casing through precise CNC machining. The new family-style design that has won IF, reddot, and Goldenpin awards on DX5, combined with aluminium precision CNC technology, makes DX7 Pro+ a better part of your desktop. It has an exceptional design with an OLED screen that provides information related to volume, input, output, current sampling rates, and PCM/DSD format indication. The front panel consists of a 4-Pin XLR (External Line Return) balanced headphone output jack, a 4.4mm pentaconn headphone output jack and a 6.35mm single-ended headphone output jack. It has a functional volume that also acts as a multi-function button. The rear panel consists of right and left channel balanced XLR outputs and right and left channel single-ended RCA outputs. It also has IIS input, Coaxial SPDIF input, optical SPDIF (Sony Philips Digital Interconnect Format) input, Bluetooth Input, USB Input, AES (Audio Engineering Society) Input, 12V trigger input and output, power input, and power switch. The TOPPING DX7 Pro+ also comes with a fully functional remote so that you have control from the comfort of your couch. The TOPPING DX7 Pro+ comes with remote control, USB cable, 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter, Bluetooth antenna, AC cable, User manual, and warranty card.

Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus
Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus
Headphone-Zone-Topping-DX7 Pro-Plus
1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Topping - DX7 Pro+ comes with a 1 Year warranty from TOPPING that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about TOPPING's warranty in India.

The Audiophile's Choice For Precision and Accuracy

TOPPING, founded in 2008 and headquartered in Guangzhou, China, is dedicated to creating immersive Hi-Fi experiences with superior performance. Emphasizing research and development (R&D), TOPPING invests in a dedicated department of senior engineers and audiophiles, employing professional audio instruments like the premium audio testers APx555 and APx555B from Audio Precision. Each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure exceptional parameters and performance, followed by meticulous adjustments for optimal sound quality.

Renowned worldwide, TOPPING's lineup includes products like the A90, D90, A70, and D70 with their DACs and amps being favourites among audiophiles globally. Committed to pushing the boundaries of quality, TOPPING remains true to its mission of delivering unparalleled Hi-Fi experiences.

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