A Sneak Peak Into Our New Office

by Sheena Ribeiro January 12, 2017 2 min read

A Sneak Peak Into Our New Office

We at Headphone Zone are super excited to let you know that we have recently moved into our new office space in Mumbai's suburb. This has been long overdue and we have settled in perfectly great. We thought we could give you a sneak peak of our new abode through these photographs. 

1. Our very own home-made, hand strung signboard. Just to make sure that everyone was a part of this labour, we had every team member drive in atleast a few nails.

2. We like to from time to time remember our humble beginnings with our very own Story Wall. Lots of articles and news stories from our early days tracking the evolution of the Headphone Zone story.   


3.Step in and find quotes from our favourite entrepreneurs adorning our walls - Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and Marc Benniof. Yes, they keep us motivated.


4. We detest the idea of work stations. Open Offices, More conversations, More collaborations. Ofcourse it gets noisy, but remember we are a headphone company. *eeep*

5. No more hiding behind screens or a cubicle. We have to admit that the corner seats have the best view.

6. Checked our uber cool drinking glasses yet. Ohh yes, we used recylced and discarded bottles from our neighborhood kabaadiwala to create these. Talk about taking recycling garbage.

7. Our very own office Galaxy of stars. Chinese rice paper lanterns beautify our foyer ceiling.

8. Most companies have smoke breaks. We on the other hand have jamming sessions to de-stress through the day. 

9. Our long awaited experience studio. Think of it as the audiophiles heaven. Spot your favorite Headphones on the shelf, or your favorite albums on our CD wall. Ofcourse, you're most welcome to drop by and give each of them a listen.

10. The very best part. It doubles up as our video setup. Lots of videos coming up right there. Lights, Camera, Action.

11. And ofcourse, our very own goofy CEO - Raghav fills in the hot seat from time to time.

11. Where ever we go, the Fusball table follows. We've had the Fusball table for many years now and it doubles up as meeting table on most days.

Hope you had a good tour of our new work hub. Do let us know what you think.

And Yes! Ofcourse, we will be happy to have you over and see us over a cup of chai, anytime you feel like.

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Sheena Ribeiro
Sheena Ribeiro

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