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In an indie scene full of fusion bands and electronic artists, Acapella groups aren’t just a breath of fresh air but are also extremely interesting to watch. Thanks to the popularity of a few acapella groups, a lot of other musicians are now finding inspiration to take this road.

Audiences seem to be enjoying acapella groups right now and that’s why if you haven’t yet discovered any, here are four amazing groups you’ll be happy to listen to!


This Mumbai based group, Voctronica became famous with their cover of Alt-J that went viral on the internet. They came together in the year 2011 and like to call themselves India’s first all-vocal orchestra that consist of beat boxers, Indian vocalists, western vocalists etc. What also makes them such a hit today is the fact that they don’t just limit themselves to a particular genre but also experiment with all kinds of music including classic Bollywood songs. Voctronica consists of Avinash Tewari, Raj Verma, Arjun Nair, Warsha Easwar, Meghana Bogle and Clyde Rodrigues.



RaagaTrippin’ is known to be India’s first Bollywood acapella group. They are a group of six strong voices that come together to remix and re-create famous Bollywood tracks. But they don’t just limit themselves to this. They try their hands at various other genres like Jazz, when they performed at the International Jazz Festival this year alongside Louis Bank and blew the audience away! RaagaTrippin’ consists of singers Alan De Souza, Gary Misquitta, Gwen Dias, Keshia Braganza, Leon De Souza, Suzanne D'Mello and Thomson Andrews.



This eight member acapella group are fresh on the block but already killing it. 'Aflatoon' is an Urdu word which stands for eccentric, curious, multi-dimensional and distorted, all of which the group hope to bring out through their music. Alfatunes is the brainchild of beatboxer Navarun Roy with his friend Anish Nair. They’ve played at several music festivals and venues including the Rolling Stone Stage with other upcoming artists. Watch their cover of ‘Sar Jo Tera Chakraya’ here:


Penn Masala

You’ve probably already watched their video of ‘Evolution of Bollywood Music’ and loved them for it! Penn Masala has been around since 1996 and is a group from the University of Pennsylvania that claims to be the world’s first Hindi acapella group. As a dynamic group that is constantly changing members, Penn masala has experimented with various genres of music in doing fusion mixes. They so far have eight full-length albums to their credit. They tour often and you should watch them live next time they are in your city.

What are your favourite acapella groups? Let us know in the commentrs below.

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2 Responses

Vatsal Guruvayurappan
Vatsal Guruvayurappan

August 07, 2016

These are some really cool A Capella band music videos there!

My personal favorites being Voctronica, Penn Masala & RaagaTrippin’.
(Voctronica being the only band I’ve listened to live, their sound is DOPE….& my personal favorite.)

Cheers 4 posting!


March 17, 2016

Would like to approach penn masala r they mumbai based
Since I’m looking for someone in 26 March for a small gig
Respond quick please

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