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Beyerdynamic - DT Hard Case

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The Beyerdynamic DT Hard Case sturdy with fabric coating on the outside. The inside is coated with velour. The Hard case also has a small pocket attached with hook-and-tie fastener, where you can store small parts (i.e. 6.35 mm adapter).

The outer dimensions of the DT Hard Case: 21x18x12 cm

It fits circumaural headphones such as:

  • DT 770 Edition, DT 880 Edition, DT 990 Edition
  • DT 770 PRO, DT 770 M, DT 880 PRO, DT 990 PRO
  • CUSTOM One Pro, CUSTOM One Pro Plus, CUSTOM Studio, CUSTOM Game
  • MMX 300
  • Amiron home, Amiron wireless

It is not compatible with DT 440/660/860 Edition and all headsets with gooseneck mic.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Amazing protection and fit.

Amazing protection and fit for my Beyerdynamic DT880 pro. Looks great as well. Very much happy and satisfied with it. Was difficult to find this original Beyerdynamic DT hard case for my Beyer headphones elsewhere. Headphone Zone are authorised sellers of Beyerdynamic. My first purchase on Headphone Zone and definitely not the last.

Excellent case a superb match for my DT 770 PRO

Writing this after a week of “cool off” period of using this case...it was simply marvellous, sturdy and greatly suited for everyday rough and tough usage

Kudos to Headphoneszone for making this available at a reasonable price with great packaging and shipping times!

Bigggg Thumbs up!!!!!!!!

Best Case Scenario

The Beyerdynamic DT Hard case is for the hard-core headphone enthusiast who doesn’t want to choose between being able to take their full-size headphones wherever they go and taking good care of them. For that particular scenario, there isn’t much on the market that performs as well as these.

My Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd generation already came with a gorgeous luxury hard case that provided fantastic protection especially for rough travel requirements, but were a bit too large to be plonked into a computer backpack and whisked off to work daily. The DT Hard Case, with its tapered shape and appropriate dimensions, takes about 40% less space than the aforementioned version, while providing adequate protection for the daily hustle and bustle of public transport. Perhaps the only small drawback versus the larger case is that the cable connectors that attach to the ear cups press against the zipper and could have had a bit more breathing room for better shock protection. If you are foreseeing some very rough use, best would be to detach the cable, fold it, and keep it inside separately. Shouldn’t be an issue for most other headphones though.

All in all, provides perfect functionality at this price range. Looks smart to boot as well with a lovely soft touch fabric finish. Hard to go wrong with these!

A Case almost customized for Beyerdynamic DT Series.

This is simply an awesome buy!!!!! Its got the right fit and enough place with a small velcro net bag for the larger Jack. The cables sit comfortably on the inside and this has been One Fantastic Buy!!!!!
Sturdy hard case with fabric coating on the outside, Inside coated with velourInternal small, pocket attached with a hook-and-tie fastener, where you can store small parts (i.e. 6.35 mm adapter).

Needed for Indian Conditions

The headphone came with a pouch. But I thought a card case is essential for Indian dusty conditions. Must have.
One hitch I felt is the head phone wire twists by 90 degress at the hinge point while placing in the case. Hope it does not cause any damage to the wire.