Premium IEMs from Scotland
RHA is a specialist Headphone company based out of Scotland. RHA makes premium in-ear earphones that combine great design with high precision engineering and are manufactured using the best quality aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel in its intricate construction. RHA headphones and RHA earphones are known for their classy, high-quality build and price-defying performance. With looks and sonic prowess being a known calling card, RHA is truly a reputable premium player in the world of headphone brands.

RHA's Design Philosophy of Premium Aesthetics
RHA products are designed to combine each product's materials and components to deliver premium aesthetics, comfort and sound quality. Case on point - the RHA MA390. A humble headphone exemplifying the company’s ideals and approach to building headphones. There’s a reason that it’s one of our most popular products and enjoys great value in every regard.

True to Life Audio Reproduction
RHA audio gear comprises a distinct range of earphones and headphones that offer true-to-life audio reproduction from its handmade drivers that have high levels of spatial separation and distance, to its noise isolating aerophonic design that has an incredibly efficient shape.

3 Years Warranty
RHA products are designed and engineered to deliver the highest standard of build and audio quality. Each feature, detail and component is the result of extensive research and an uncompromising commitment to quality and durability, which is why they offer a comprehensive three-year warranty on our products.

Highest Quality Audio Engineering & Materials in Every RHA Product
Every component in every RHA product is engineered by our team in order achieve the highest quality performance, using advanced techniques and premium materials.
Hi-Res Audio Certified
RHA's range of premium IEMs have been certified as High-Res by the prestigious Japan Audio Society. JAS exists to contribute to the improvement of technology of the overall Audio and the Audio-Visual field.