High Definition Audio

It's the File

Don't settle for lossy .mp3 files and discover how best you can enhance digital audio. If it means having to upgrade your library altogether, do it, because the pursuit of perfect sound extends to not just having an expensive pair of headphones, but to owning high resolution lossless files like .flac, .wav, .ape, etc. Which are either completely uncompressed files or use minimal compression.

Good Headphones deserve Good Music

If you want to make an investment in buying a pair of headphones, keep in mind that to complete the music listening experience, you need to have a collection of good non-lossy files and a player to support the playing of these files. That's the only way to justify your investment!


Hear the Difference

The bitrate determines the quality of the track. A standard mp3's bitrate is that of 128 kbps which sound just average. Then there's a higher quality mp3 that would be about 256 kbps which is better, but only marginally so. It's no wonder that songs burned on a CD will have a high bitrate - around the ballpark of 1411 kbps which is explains why CDs sound so much better than your mp3s.
Finally, if you manage to get the best file format, ideally a FLAC, WAV, AIFF or ALAC, the file has a bitrate typically either of 96kHz/24-bit or 192kHz/24-bit, meaning that it has twice the bit depth of CD quality and up to 9612Kbps of sonic information.
Watch this video from Tidal Hifi - High Res Lossless Music Streaming service. We at Headphone Zone eagerly await their being available in India! Use headphones to watch these and to truly hear the difference for yourself.

FLAC - The Sonic Equal to a Plasma HDTV

Why settle for lossy mp3s anymore? We're living in times where we aspire to own the best of the best, be it a top-of-the-range Plasma HDTV where you can enjoy your favourite movies in Blu-ray or professional use, premium headphones like the majestic Sennheiser HD 800.
So if you have made up your mind and decided you are as passionate as we are about our music, make the switch to lossless HD audio today and get yourself the right gear: the right headphone, a headphone amplifier, and a lossless high-res music player.