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This product is permanently discontinued by the manufacturer and continues to live on in Headphone Zone's Museum.

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Nitish (Delhi)

The best cd ripper available in the market.
Direct rip to my AK Kann. Perfect rip.
Works with desktop (Mac/windows) cd ripping softwares as well.

Rajib S (Kolkata)
Mind-blowing, Terrific

I never know that ripping CD is this much easier; and if you have a Astell & Kern DAP then it will be a bliss for you. Stylish, compact and sound less. What do you want apart from this. I have a large CD collection over the years and now it's a time to slowly move to digital without losing the quality of the CD. I have tried many ways to RIP CD into FLAC and other lossless format through Desktops, Laptops; error correction is quite difficult. But this device and a DAP will remove all your pheripherals and give you a tension free CD Ripping. Previously CD Ripping is a tedious job for me which takes more time, now it's a fun job with this device. Thanks a lot HZ Team for bringing this Device at such a price in Indian market.

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The Astell&Kern AK CD-Ripper MKII has been made to look good and stay functional. The new design offers a better CD ripping experience while maintaining the original AK CD-Ripper's stable performance. The rectangular insertion slot for the CD has a more vivid design. The increased weight and triangular support damper's spring structure limits vibrations from CD-rotation effectively.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR15
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR15
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR15


CD ripping has never been this easy. Simply set-up the ripping options in advance and connect your A&K player with the AK CD-Ripper MKII with the provided cable. Then, all that's left to do is to tap the CD-Ripping Icon to begin. You can also rip CDs after connecting and activating the AK CD-RIPPER MKII from the player's Notification Bar.
Note: The AK CD-RIPPER MKII may not be properly recognized when using a power supply adapter rated at less than 5V 2A.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR15
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR15
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR15


After ripping, your connected Astell&Kern player will automatically access Gracenote's servers to add music information like the song name, artist's name, album, etc. as well as the album's cover. You can even manually add this information if it's not available on Gracenote. Furthermore, you can set the ripping speed (normal/fast /very fast) and file format (WAV / FLAC) via the settings menu.

Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR15
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR15
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR15
Headphone-Zone-Astell&Kern-A&norma SR15
1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Astell&Kern - AK CD-Ripper-MKII comes with a 1 Year warranty from Astell&Kern that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Astell&Kern's warranty in India.

Luxury Meets Innovation: Difference in Sound Quality

Founded in October 2013 in South Korea, Astell&Kern is a premium audio brand renowned for its commitment to delivering uncompromised hi-res audio experiences. Derived from Greek, where "Astell" means "Stars" and "Kern" means "Core," the brand symbolizes the pursuit of capturing the essence of music—the "original sound." Astell&Kern addresses the decline in audio quality due to inferior formats like MP3, aiming to revive sound integrity for musicians and enthusiasts alike.

Their diverse product range, from audio players to earphones, reflects their dedication to precision and accuracy in sound reproduction. With acclaimed offerings like the Astell&Kern AK XB10 and Astell&Kern Billie Jean, they continue to enrich music and listening experiences globally, delivering soul-touching sound.

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