Audeze - Leather Care Kit

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Keep your Audeze headphones looking as good as new with the Audeze LCD Leather Care Kit. This kit is designed to remove the dust, oil and dirt that attaches itself to the ear pads and the headpad due to regular use. The cleanroom-quality Class 100 wipes are machine-washable and can be reused.

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Unlike regular leather conditioners that use toxic chemicals to cut costs, the special Audeze conditioner uses natural elements such as:
Lanolin: A highly effective emollient that forms a protective film to keep the leather from drying. It has been derived from refined and purified sheep’s wool.
Aloe Vera: Is used with coconut oil to repair the leather and preserve its texture. It nourishes the leather fibres for a longer life and a softer feel. It is known as one of nature’s best moisturizers.
Beeswax: Has excellent restorative properties. It is an expensive byproduct of honey production.100 pounds of honey produce only 1 to 2 pounds of beeswax.
Carnauba Wax: Is sourced from the Carnauba palm tree growing in northeastern Brazil. The leaves are first collected, then dried and beaten to loosen the wax before being refined into the finished product.

NOTE: While the conditioner is perfect to revitalise the leather headband and earpads, it can cause damage to non-leather bands and pads.

Made in California, Used by Grammy Winning Record Engineers

Founded in 2008 by Sankar Thiagasamudram, Audeze stands at the forefront of audio excellence with its cutting-edge transducer design. Renowned for crafting some of the finest planar magnetic headphones, Audeze's planar technology ensures superior audio accuracy and an expansive soundstage. The journey began with the popular LCD series, featuring models like Audeze LCD2, Audeze LCD3, and the flagship Audeze LCD5, each offering a warm, detailed sound profile.

Quality reigns supreme for Audeze headphones, meticulously engineered in California with a focus on achieving unparalleled performance. Employing high-end planar magnetic technology, Audeze headphones deliver lifelike, detailed, and audiophile-grade sound, providing a concert-like experience. The commitment to precision, innovative technology, premium materials, and skilled craftsmanship positions Audeze as a premium audio manufacturer dedicated to the most accurate sound reproduction.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pratip (New Delhi)
The awesome leather lotion

This is just super-awesome. The bottle looks much smaller than one expects by looking at the picture here, but then one does not need very much of the product. In my estimate, a bottle should be good for at least 15 applications to a pair of LCD size ear-pad. It comes with a couple of white application cloths and is very easy to use. I use my two LCDs quite reqularly and make it a point to apply the lotion after a fortnight of use. This is perhaps overkill, but I take very good care of my equipment and this is certainly worth it. I would not use generic leather lotions on my high-end equipment leather. Buy it if you love your expensive headphones!

Chirag Borawake (Pune)
A must have conditioner for your Hi-Fi investment.

Ordered last week, received within 2 days. Superb service by Headphone Zone. Used it twice since then. All you have to do is use a drop or two on one ear cushion, and keep it aside for like half an hour. The next thing you'll notice is that the leather feels fresh, smells nice and hopefully will help in increasing the life span of the cushions.

Shikhar Jaiswal (Lucknow)
A must have product for your premium headphones.

Listening music via sony wh 1000xm4 is fun n good but the biggest problem occurs with every headphone users is the “Sweating” problem they face, which not only decreases the life span of the headphone leather but also its premium quality, in today’s market where it’s not uncommon to have ANC or other flagship premium headphones in a reasonable price but we should also look for the products which we can use it for cleaning the ear-pads, so that we can enjoy our music by the headphone we have so much invested into.

Thank you for the review! we appreciate it.

Kaysina Vazhudhi (Hyderabad)

Audeze - Leather Care Kit

Nilesh Desai, Surat, Gujarat
very Nice!!

Very nice product.Go for it!!