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10mm Dynamic



Enjoy an incredible, rich bass with the BLON BL-03. These in-ears use 10mm dynamic drivers with a carbon diaphragm. It restores the lower and mid-low frequencies for strong vocals. Add the stylish Kirsite metal housings and these look as good as they sound.



BLON has crafted the BL-03's ear moulds using professional ear canal data analysis. The angle of the sound tube is adjusted and positioned according to the ear canal. This special shape offers superior comfort and enhances noise isolation. The housing is made from Kirsite and is polished for a mirror-like look. It is covered in an anti-skid and anti-scratches coating to prevent smudges and fingerprints.



The high-quality detachable cable is created from four strands of anti-tension and anti-interference wire. It terminates in a 90-degree, 3.5mm gold-plated plug that's meant to last. The cable has an inline mic & remote to take and make calls.



MATERIAL Composite Kirsite
PLUG TYPE 3.5 mm gold-plated L-type
CABLE LENGTH 3.9 ft (1.2 m)
CONNECTOR 0.78 mm 2-pin jack
BOX CONTENTS 1. BLON - BL-03 Earphones with Mic
2. Carrying pouch
3. 5 pairs of Eartips


BLON - BL-03 vs competitors
BLON - BL-03 BLON - BL-03 vs competitors
₹2,249/- ₹2,999/-

iBasso - IT00vs competitors
iBasso - IT00 iBasso - IT00 vs competitors

MEE Audio - M6 Pro (2nd Gen)vs competitors
MEE Audio - M6 Pro (2nd Gen) MEE Audio - M6 Pro (2nd Gen) vs competitors
₹ 2,999/- ₹ 3,999/-

TIN HiFi - T2vs competitors
TIN HiFi - T2 TIN HiFi - T2 vs competitors
₹3,999/- ₹4,299/-

Sound Signature
Housing Metal Hard Plastic Hard Plastic Metal
Tangle-Free Cable
Ergonomics Angular Fit Angular Fit Angular Fit Straight Fit
Volume Controls
Compatibility Android & iOS Android & iOS Android & iOS Android & iOS
Carry Pouch
Eartips 5x Pairs Silicone Ear Tips 4x Pairs Silicone Ear Tips 6x Pairs Silicone Ear Tips
1x Memory Foam Eartips
3x Pairs Silicone Ear Tips
1 Pairs of Foam Eartip
Experts Verdict "If you're looking for a lively, dynamic, energetic sound with plenty of details - these have it all - there's absolutely nothing wrong with choosing these BLONs."
Head - Fi
The Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generations are ‘professional’ IEMs at an entry-level price. While they represent an improvement over the original M6 Pros, with a fuller sound.
What Hi-Fi
"The T2 has a clear, wide, with speedy, with neutral bass, it is addictive. I would have nothing but recommendations for it, especially to the person that really likes clear, wide-pressed highs."


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1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this BLON BL-03 comes with a 1 year warranty from BLON that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about BLON's warranty in India.

Customer Reviews

Based on 168 reviews

✅ Insane tuning, balance, and presentation for a 1/DD at this price
✅ Solid metal construction, and fingerprint resistant surface
✅ Impeccable imaging, and decent soundstage
✅ Super-easy to drive
✅ Decent accessories included for the price
✅ Replaceable cable (Compatible with $6 KZ SPC Cable)

❌ The stock cable is only usable after removing the memory wire (Almost cut my fingers doing it)
❌ It would be nice if they included the foam-tips instead of spin-fit clones
❌ Put my whole IEM collection into shame 🙈
❌ Noticed some noises, and imperfections in my hard-earned FLAC collection 😂

Incredible for the price highly recommend picking it up before it goes out of stock

My previous headphones were the Soundmagic E10-Cs which I had used for 2 years and they finally died off because the plastic coating started to break. It took a month after the plastic broke for the bare wire to finally stop working. (Should give you an idea of how well they were built).
These BLONs sound heads and shoulders above the E10C.

Music I mainly hear: Prog, Folk, Western and Indian Classical, Metal, Classic rock and UK Grime/Drill

My comments:
• Packaging felt great and the weirdly translated English is funny.
• Much cleaner sound and a very nice soundstage compared to the E10C. It is very well balanced I can definitely hear tiny details in the music I would normally have missed. Most noticeable improvement were in Prog and Classical music.
• It has a good sub bass which I was never able to hear in the E10C this was very noticeable in grime songs.
• Build quality seems great it is a full metal driver body that feels sturdy.
• Wire seems good nothing to write home about. It is a soft, braided cable. I've read it can be easily replaced by a after market 0.78mm 2 pin cable. Haven't tried this myself.
• The memory wire is totally fine for me so far honestly don't understand the complaints.
• Fit for me personally is totally fine. I've heard people complain a lot about the fit however I have smaller ear canals and it fit me great out of the box. YMMV if your have big ear canals.
• Decent isolation (probably better with foam tips). Again read online that people consider its isolation to be poor. I never encountered this perhaps because it fit me fine.
• Comes with a jute carry bag looks pretty nice.

Finally I'd say this is amazing for its price I don't think the average music listener can get a better bargain than the BLONs at this price. It is better than anything I've heard so far.
I'm not rich enough to talk about it from the audiophile perspective 😂.
Don't miss this oppoty.

THE best at this price range

I can't believe this beauty does not have a review yet. This is hands down the best IEM under ₹5000 according to me. An absolute steal for the price.

However, the quality of the stock cable is not the best and the stock tips are horrible. Use foam tips or spinfits.

Musicality and tonality over technicalities. Instant oppoty 🤣

First ,thanks headphone zone for a super fast delivery and bringing this hidden chifi gems here at almost same price point.
Fits me perfectly with supplied tip (the larger one),no issues.
SQ- Brilliant tonality. Lively, engaging, exciting. Incredible value. What a lush tuning.
Yes, definitely, around 30 percent of reduction of bass would be perfect,but wait ,use wavelet app , use the bl03 fr graph for corrective eq at 40 percent intensity to achieve the harman target (almost),if that is what you're looking after. Or simply eq down some low end. And that's it . Rest is pure gold for the price,even for 100usd. Lush,warm,thick mids , slightly rolled of but sweet sweet treble without any shouty ,peaky, sibilant harshness. It's a forgiving set , it's relaxed , musical and inviting .
Though lows are elevated ,its fairly textured and nuanced,just a bit slow . Wide staging ,good 3 d presentation, surprisingly good depth.
Extremely efficient, no need for extra juice, it's happy with the output of any modern smartphone or dap.
Great for long ,non fatiguing music sessions even at high volumes.
Overall, don't buy this for it's technicality,though it's no slouch but from purely technical standpoint you'll be better served with Tinhifi t2 or t4 or Etys etc. Buy this to get lost in your music ,not analysing how many micro details you can retrieve. It's not the point of this baby.
Overall, If you want one warm , slightly bassy ,forgiving , relaxing, beautifully tuned iem ,I assure you ,it will fulfill your driams and open up new oppoties to fall in love with you favourite tunes once again.

Best at this price no joke

I have these for almost 6 months now and i know what they are ....base heads can easily survive ...big sound stage better than beyerdynamic and senheizer.....very warm sound nature ...vocals are crisp, tonality is just perfect ,mids are awesome ..highs have the right peaky ness but is not harsh in your ears..who ever just want it for casual listening just close your eyes and grab this will not get anything better at this price ...cable can be replaced ... headphone zone should provide an option to buy 2 pin and mmcx cables...they dont sell any cables u have to take a good care of the stock cable...the connectors are strong though.

Not quite happy with my 1st purchase

I thought of returning it initially when I found that the left cable jack not properly fitting into the earpiece pin, but later realized that I've disposed off the price tag.
I also doubt it is a fresh pair of IEM.
Received 5 pair of eartips instead of 6, missing BLON label on the wire adds to my suspicion.
Product quality is good, no complaints regarding it's performance

Amazing if you find the perfect fit.

I have been using these for the past 9 days now, here is my experience -
1. Sound quality is excellent. Definately better than other earphones in this price range.
2. A little heavy. When I bought it I didn't know that these will be this heavy, but it's not an issue. I got used to it.
PS: Some may find it discomforting after a long use.
3. Fit is a hit or miss. If it fits in your ear perfectly (which is not true for everyone) then you will get the perfect experience. Otherwise you will always get that unsatisfied feeling (which you will know instantly) and you might have to tightly press these in your ears to get the perfect bass experience.
PS: I replaced the original tips with my RHA tips and saw a definite improvement in bass and noise cancellation.
It's surprising that it comes with a bunch of tips and not a single one was of any use.
4. Mic is fine. I didn't face any issues. The audio during call is loud, you will hardly go above the 40% volume level.
Loudness is not an issue with these. I never went over 65-70% volume while listening songs.
5. Like everyone, I am not a fan of the wire the comes with it. It tangles. But it's not a deal breaker.

At last, I will say if you are going to buy these. Be prepared to spend on other eartips too. Because everything becomes secondary if you do not feel satisfied with the sound. And trust me the sound is amazing.
Guys the hype is real.👍

These are good

So let me put this straight. I am coming from Focal Spark and sr850. Mic on focal went kaput within a few months and both the metal casings popped open last week. For a brand as renowned as focal, the quality turned out really bad. No complains on the sound quality though. Even the mic was really good while it worked. It's just that it worked for only a year. Anyway..

This started my hunt for something better than spark that also comes with a mic. After looking at the reviews online, I was lead to the BL-03/BL-05.

After reading reviews, I realised that BL-05, although more expensive, aren't better per say. They are just different. So I decided to buy BL-03 from headphonezone instead. When I first got them, I was fairly excited but the first impressions turned out to be bad. There was no bass, the isolation was non existent and I am comparing them with semi open sr850. I could literally hear the everything! So yeah, I was instantly turned off and decided to give it to my wife. Well.. she didn't like it either so I went back, looking for another pair.. while searching online, I was still listening to a few songs on the BLONS and it occured to me.. that the fit is the problem.. so I swapped out the eartips with.. larger size tips and all of a sudden, I heard some bass thumps. I kept tinkering with different sizes, shapes and forms and finally hit the sweet spot. Now I was hearing the sound I have paid for. These have really good bass. It's not super detailed but it grabs good amount texture from the low end. Now, I am not comparing bass with cheap senhiser buds so don't think it's only meant for bassheads. I am not a basshead but I do like the clean sounding, slightly V-shaped sound. The mids are as good as focal and highs are equally bright. That says a lot. So all earphones you have heard in 2k price bracket, these will perform better.

Mic quality however is not praise worthy.. it works and that's about it.

Now, here are tips for intrested buyers.

The fit is bad and you will have to buy new eartips for them. They do come with a slightly longer eartips but that did not work for me. I used to wear medium size but for these, I wear large. Do not buy SPINFIT CP240 thinking they sit deeper and will help you with isolation or a better fit.. They muffel the bass and treble entirely and that's really the biggest selling point of BLON BL03. I managed to get a homegrown solution and I'll put a few pictures. I think CP100 will be better but don't take my word for it. I haven't tried them and I have ordered memory foam tips instead.

Look for something shallow that barely protrudes from the nozzle but it should fit tight in your ears. This will produce the tight bass and not drop mids and the highs.

The cable will be a problem for most. It's a foot short and the way it fits behind your ear will tend to push the earphones out. I can live with it. I literally put premoulded plastic strips in boiling water and moulded them per my fit.

The isolation is poor so you will hear every honk and every noise while on the move. I ride a bike so I prefer semi good isolation.

You can't sleep with these on.

The .78mm 2 pin connector is not readily available on indian shores. I have ordered another set from china with a straight cable. So I can put them straight down. The over the ear position will press behind your ear and you will lose the seal.

Don't be careless with these, thinking it's all metal. Because it's not and the pin connector will crack if you aren't careful.

Soundstage is better than any IEM I have heard so far.

Willing to spend 2k? Stretch your budget and get these instead. Do not import from China, headphonezone will provide local warranty.
Thinking about buying another Chi-FI? Don't waste your time and get these.

You don't need to turn the volume half way to get the details. I am mostly at 30% volume on my cell phone and they sound just as good.

Why 3 stars? Because the accessories don't match up to the quality it offers. This is the first headphone out of hundreds, that required tinkering. The focal Spark were equally good and we're cheaper.

Burn-in is a myth. Put better tips.

Thanks headphonezone for providing speedy delivery.

Awesome Earphones. Great Crisp Sound.

I have already used RHA 390U for last 2 years and was going to buy it again after it got damaged. But it was not coming back in inventory so went on to search for something different and may be better.
My main criteria was basically balanced sound (vocals should not get muted) and durability.
It was a tie between E11C and BLON BL 03. After reading lot of reviews and watching videos, I talked to headphone guys over chat and they helped me close it down on BLON BL 03 based on my personal preference.
After listening for 2 days I can certainly say they are best in this price range. The sound quality, fit and metal finish is just great.
I was little worried about the weight in comparison to E11C (E11C is little lighter) but I think BLON BL 03 is not that heavy and supports properly in the ear.
I think this is going to be my favourite for a long time.

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