Burson Audio - Conductor 3X Performance

Desktop Headphone Amp + Pre-Amp & DAC
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Warranty & Services

Don't sweat it, this Burson Audio - Conductor 3X Performance comes with a 3 Year warranty from Burson Audio that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Burson Audio's warranty in India.

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Why Burson Audio is Special


Designed in Australia

Established & Reputed

Trust us, our reputation in the audio world speaks for itself!

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Revered by Audiophiles

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A masterpiece from the experts who know audio inside and out!

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Born in 1996

Why we love this DAC/Amp

I Am Worth It

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Cult Following

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Connect With Cable

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Built like a Tank

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Why it Sounds Amazing

DAC Chip

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Power Output

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Balanced Output

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Sampling Rate And Bit Depth

Ever wonder how those ones and zeros on your computer magically transform into the rich melodies that fill your room?

The secret lies in a tiny device called a Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC). Think of it as a translator, taking the digital code of your music and meticulously sculpting it back into a smooth, analog wave that your speakers can understand. But just like a sculptor needs the right tools, achieving audio nirvana with a DAC depends on two key factors: sampling rate and bit depth.

Sampling Rate:

Imagine your favourite song as a complex rollercoaster track. The sampling rate refers to how often the DAC takes measurements of this digital track, measured in kHz (kilohertz) or thousands of times per second. A higher sampling rate, like 96 kHz, is like taking a ton of pictures of the track, capturing every twist and turn with incredible detail. Lower rates, like the standard 44.1 kHz used in CDs, are like taking snapshots at a theme park – fun, but you might miss some of the subtler details that make the ride truly exhilarating.

Bit Depth:

Now, think about the sculptor's tools. Bit depth refers to the precision of each measurement the DAC takes. Imagine the number of colours available to the sculptor. With higher bit depth (e.g., 24 bits compared to 16 bits), each measurement can capture a wider range of values. This allows the DAC to recreate subtler variations in the sound wave, resulting in richer and more nuanced audio. It's like having a broader colour palette for building a more detailed and lifelike sculpture of the sound.


Burson Audio is challenging normalcy by pushing the boundaries of audio excellence via innovation. They're known in the audio industry for using discrete audio opamps in their products' audio signal chain. Burson Audio developed its own Max Current Power Supply (MCPS), which is embedded in all of its products. It needed a herculean effort to design an amplifier that was sleek and capable of delivering audiophile-grade performance. You'll never want to add another machine to your desktop with Conductor 3X Performance at your table. It is the ultimate all-in-one, proving that something so simple to use can deliver full-range sound and supreme performance. Burson Audio has done it again with the all-new Conductor 3X Performance.

Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Conductor-3X-Performance


Burson Audio has a reputation for building some of the most elegant and high-performing DAC & Amps. Conductor 3X Performance follows the same suit and is equipped with the industry-leading SABRE32 ESS9038 DAC and XMOS USB receiver chips. The ESS9038 is capable of decoding DSD 512 and PCM 768kHz files effortlessly for a high fidelity listening experience. The USB receiver comes with a bespoke driver from Thesycon, Germany. The result is unrivalled processing power, capable of flawlessly reproducing DSD512 and 32bit/768kHz audio. The Conductor 3X Performance is also equipped with a Qualcomm/CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 receiver, supporting aptX HD audio codecs. It takes Bluetooth playback to new heights in terms of sound quality and ease of use.

Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Conductor-3X-Performance
Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Conductor-3X-Performance


The first and most profound impression of the Conductor 3X Performance is its overwhelming energy. The Burson Conductor 3X Performance pushes 6W Class A XLR, 3W SE (XP) and 6W Class A SE (3P). It energises every note and space with absolute control and accuracy. By incorporating a balanced design the Conductor 3X Performance achieves ultra-low output impedance. The Conductor 3X Performance is an excellent improvement for single-ended audio systems. The Conductor Performance features the same Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) 3 sets that have made the Conductor Reference legendary. A technology developed, owned and used exclusively by Burson Audio, the MCPS raises voltage frequency from 50Hz to 170kHz, pushing noise beyond human hearing. It completely overcomes the disadvantages of both linear power supplies and conventional switching power supplies, resulting in incredible dynamic and micro-details. It features a 1 OPPM low jitter clock to reduce distortion at high volumes delivering a soothing experience.

Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Conductor-3X-Performance
Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Conductor-3X-Performance
Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Conductor-3X-Performance


Burson rose to prominence as a designer and manufacturer of opamps for studio and OEM applications. Burson's current series of opamps, such as the flagship V6 Vivid, is distinguished by discrete components rather than on-chip electronic devices. The V6 Vivid discrete opamps are recognized as the best in the world and are widely used in recording studios. The Conductor 3X performance achieves transparency by using three V6 Vivid opamps per channel. The V6 Vivid is lively, dynamic, and transparent. Its remarkable dynamic range and three-dimensional soundstage are magical. The Solid-State V6 Vivid opamps are used in the input and line-level output stages, and thanks to the DIP8 sockets soldered on the motherboard, anyone can replace them for different audio opamps, which is fantastic for opamp rollers. Burson Audio, on the other hand, does not dictate your listening experience. It does, however, cater to your preferences by allowing you to modify the opamps, allowing you to customise your listening experience. With hundreds of audio opamps to choose from, you may customise your listening preference.

Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Conductor-3X-Performance


It is a Powerful Class A headphone amp delivering a power output of 6W XLR (balanced) and 3W Single-ended. Embedded with one Stereo XLR Input, a quarter-inch headphone jack, and 3.5mm microphone input, it also comprises MIC Input BYPASS functionality which takes gaming to levels that gamers have never experienced before. Burson Audio Conductor 3X performance has a wide array of buttons like on-off, input and output selectors settings, and flip the screen button. Conductor 3X Performance has a monochrome LED screen and a volume knob that offers increments of volume level with 99 steps. On the back, you will find two pairs of XLR, Coaxial, optical, USC C, Bluetooth antenna and RCA outputs for easy connections, and since it can work as a preamplifier you will find a pair of XLR and RCA analogue outputs.

Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Conductor-3X-Performance
Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Conductor-3X-Performance


Let's be honest most audio equipment cases are unsightly and inconvenient. Exposed screws, sharp corners, and poor colours are common. Burson added a much superior Cool Case on this one, which is much better at heat dissipation. On the surface, it appears similar to its all-in-one brother, the Conductor 3X Reference. Burson rebuilt its case from the ground up, making the most of every interior square inch. It's packed with some of the best components and housed in a gleaming aluminium shell. Its fins increased its surface area, acting as a massive heat sink. All the screws on Burson's rear panel are hidden, giving it a significantly cleaner appearance. Naturally, the case was machined using a CNC machine, revealing the raw aluminium finish that complements the device perfectly. It has some good rubber feet underneath it. Conductor 3X Performance has an elegant build that gives you the confidence of a device lasting for the years to come. It also comprises Elna aluminium electrolytic capacitors and Dale Melf Resistors.

Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Conductor-3X-Performance
3 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Burson Audio - Conductor 3X Performance comes with a 3 Year warranty from Burson Audio that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Burson Audio's warranty in India.

Setting Audio Benchmarks From Australia

Since 1996, Burson Audio has led the audio industry, founded by passionate audiophiles committed to delivering high-performance products. Notably, the Australian manufacturer stands out by choosing discrete circuitry over IC op-amps, ensuring an immersive and acclaimed musical experience. From the Conductor and Soloist series to the Composer and Playmate 2, each product exemplifies Burson Audio's relentless pursuit of perfection, establishing them as pioneers in innovative audio solutions.

Burson Audio views audio equipment as finely crafted musical instruments, embodying a philosophy rooted in meticulous craftsmanship, knowledge, and unwavering passion for refinement. Products such as the Burson DAC and Headphone Amps, embraced by both enthusiasts and professionals, exemplify the brand's commitment to achieving sonic excellence. Through ongoing innovation, Burson Audio pioneers advancements in audio technology, promising a future marked by groundbreaking audio experiences and a continued leadership role in the industry.

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Headfonia Recommended


June, 2020


"I honestly do feel it outperforms its price level. It’s the kind of amp that drives all different types of headphones with ease and from the test results we can obviously say it matches well with all kind of headphones. Fully recommended."

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"I have enjoyed every single second with the little Burson, I even liked it more than it’s more expensive brother – Conductor 3 Reference. The treble is somehow more extended and I’ve heard less background noise via ultra-sensitive IEMs."

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The Audiophile Cafe

"The Burson Audio Conductor 3X Performance is a thing of beauty, It is energetic in its delivery and resolving with pinpoint accuracy. The Conductor 3X Performance is worth every pound, euro, dollar or whatever your currency is. And more!"

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Bloom Audio

"The Burson Conductor 3X Performance is a great DAC/Amp in its own right, with clear, accurate output and huge soundstage. Burson has done a great job of delivering an absolute monster of a DAC/Amp combo in a slimmed down package."

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