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Type: V6 Vivid
Model: Dual X 2

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Warranty & Services

Don't sweat it, this Burson Audio - Supreme Sound Opamp V6 comes with a 3 Year warranty from Burson Audio that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Burson Audio's warranty in India.

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The Burson V6 Dual is a direct replacement of the following Opamps: AD823, AD823AN, AD8066, AD8620, AD712, AD827, C4570, JRC4556AD, JRC4580, JRC5532, JRC5532D, JRC5532, LF353, LM4562, LME49860, LM833N, LME49720, MUSES8920, NE5532, NEC4520, NEC4570, NJM2068D, NJM2114, NJM2214D, NJM4558, NJM4558D, NJM4560, NJM5532, NJM4558P, OP275, OPA1612, OPA2277PA, OPA2132, OPA2134, OPA2604, JRC4558, RC4558D, RC4558P, TL052, TL072, MUSES01, MUSES02, MUSES8820, MUSES8920, MUSES8832 and BA15532.

The Burson V6 Single is a direct replacement of the following Opamps: NE5534, JRC5534, LT1122, TL071, OPA134, OPA627, AD811, AD829, AD844, OPA604, AD8610, AD711, AD797, LME49990 and LME49710.

Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Supreme Sound Opamp V6


Opamps are an integral part of many types of audio equipment, including DACs, Pre-Amps, Studio Mixing Consoles to PC Sound Cards. They’re as crucial to audio gear as the audio signal conversion chips. Inferior Opamps distort audio signals, regardless of the analytical capability of the associated gear and quality Opamps significantly upgrade the sound. Understanding this Burson Audio presents the Supreme Sound Opamp V6 - an easy way to elevate your sound in your existing equipment. For nearly 20 years, Australia-based Burson Audio has been known for its R&D in audio Opamp technology, and the company’s V6 Opamps are among the most versatile and recognised in the world. You can use them to replace the standard IC Opamps in your equipment and hear the performance leap instantly.

Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Supreme Sound Opamp V6


The Burson Supreme Sound Opamp V6 is specifically designed to optimise audio performance, and they are the finest Opamps you can add to your equipment. To overcome many limitations associated with ICs, the team have utilised high-quality discrete components. The Burson V6 discrete AOPs are now as stable on the unity gain stage buffers as they function on the current-voltage I/V stages of the DAC stages. The Burson V6 is now equipped with 0.5% metal film resistors and two hand-sorted FET stages. The Vivid version brings more definition, and the classic version brings more timbre. These also feature a new protection system allowing for the reliability of these discrete, high-performance AOPs. The Burson Supreme Sound Opamp V6 is designed to survive any upside-down DIP 8 mounting accident.

Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Supreme Sound Opamp V6


The Burson Supreme Sound Opamp V6 is dynamic, transparent and exciting. It is the V5 sound improved in all aspects. From its incredible dynamic range, three-dimensional soundstage to its ability to reproduce micro details. It invites you to witness the moment of recording. Play your favourite track, and suddenly you are in the best seat in the house. The V6 Classic deviates from its V5 foundation with an entirely different output stage design, it is intimate, exquisite and very engaging. The music shines through a pitch-black background and brings openness, timbre, dynamics and sound image in three dimensions.

Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Supreme Sound Opamp V6
Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Supreme Sound Opamp V6


Similar to the size of a typical DIP8 Opamp, the V6 is the easiest plug-in upgrade for any audio project. The Burson Supreme Sound Opamp V6 is a fun upgrade with serious performance capabilities. You get the option to select two versions of the V6 Opamp best suited for your device. You can choose the V6 Vivid or the V6 Classic depending on your needs and compatibility with your equipment. The Burson Supreme Opamp is a drop-in replacement for the IC inside your devices. Pull out the existing IC opamp from its DIP socket, plug in the V6 Vivid or Classic as per the equipment, and you'll instantly hear more detail and impact, and a much larger soundstage. The V6 are the only opamps in the world with reverse voltage protection. While other opamps are instantly damaged if reversely installed, the V6 is designed to survive such accidents unscathed. The V6 Vivid and V6 Classic are the results of over 12 years of research and six generations of designs. They are the most refined we have ever created.

Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Supreme Sound Opamp V6
Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Supreme Sound Opamp V6
Headphone-Zone-Burson Audio-Supreme Sound Opamp V6
3 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Burson Audio - Supreme Sound Opamp V6 comes with a 3 Year warranty from Burson Audio that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Burson Audio's warranty in India.

Setting Audio Benchmarks From Australia

Since 1996, Burson Audio has led the audio industry, founded by passionate audiophiles committed to delivering high-performance products. Notably, the Australian manufacturer stands out by choosing discrete circuitry over IC op-amps, ensuring an immersive and acclaimed musical experience. From the Conductor and Soloist series to the Composer and Playmate 2, each product exemplifies Burson Audio's relentless pursuit of perfection, establishing them as pioneers in innovative audio solutions.

Burson Audio views audio equipment as finely crafted musical instruments, embodying a philosophy rooted in meticulous craftsmanship, knowledge, and unwavering passion for refinement. Products such as the Burson DAC and Headphone Amps, embraced by both enthusiasts and professionals, exemplify the brand's commitment to achieving sonic excellence. Through ongoing innovation, Burson Audio pioneers advancements in audio technology, promising a future marked by groundbreaking audio experiences and a continued leadership role in the industry.

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"I love the way these chips change the sound signature without breaking the bank. The V6 classic manages to deliver excellent amount of details without being harsh or aggressive."

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Major HiFi

"More inviting sound, Lush vocals, Slightly weightier bass, Richer more fuller mids, Relaxing and easier listening, Less analytical. Excellent detail retrieval without sounding clinical."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ravi (Gurgaon)
Small change, big difference.

Upgraded the OpAmps on the AD1862 NOS DAC to Burson V6 Vivid (Single X 2) today and I must agree to all the good things that have been said about the Burson V6 Vivid.

I didn’t have to concentrate to find the differences. They were very apparent.

I’m no expert so I cannot speak like one. So, I’ll put it in simple words.

Before the OpAmp upgrade, AD1862 sounded absolutely sweet, warm (not overly but very balanced),musical and the vocals had a very pleasant heft to them, sounded analogish (as if that’s a word) but it wasn’t very good at detail retrieval which is an expected characteristic of the AD1862.

After Burson V6 Vivid. It retained all the aforementioned characteristics (sans the warmth. More on this later) but I was able to hear more details in the songs that I regularly listen to. The stage widened a tad bit but not by very much. Layering was better as I was able to pin point the instruments playing better than before and the biggest observation I had was that the bass was extremely controlled and tight. I never had any complaints with the bass before the upgrade but it was an unexpected surprise for me. Coming back to the warmth in the music, I did notice that it reduced a little and but it wasn’t noticeable at all until I started playing a song that I know and remember to be a bit warmer before the upgrade. Overall, AD1862 still sounds like it should.

Everything just a bit better but the layering, detail retrieval and the control over bass were more than just a tad bit.

Headphones used:

Senn HD650
Hifiman Deva pro (wired)
Hifiman HE560v1

In the images posted, the big red towers are the Burson V6. One of the picture shows the OpAmps before the upgrade and the other is with Burson OpAmps.

Somanna BC (Bengaluru)
Fantastic Offerings at great prices

Great products to choose from and fantastic delivery timelines.
Thank you for all that you guys do. All the best!


We're really happy that you have such great thoughts about the product and thanks for the amazing review!

Dhruv Tampa (Ghaziabad)

Solid and rich sounding opamps

Hey Dhruv, thanks a lot for your amazing review!

Shubhaditya Chakraborty (Siliguri)
Big changes in sound

Hassle free installation. More musical. Separation & soundstage increases. Great bang for the buck.

T.G. (Lucknow)
Pricey but worth of your money

Playmate 2 +2*single v6 classic+ 2*dual v6 vivid opamps.

I had an opinion that replacing opamps do not change the sound characteristics to a greater extent and is all about dac chips and implementation of different things on pcb.
But after installing v5i in XD05 Bal and now V6s into Playmate 2 (2 each as suggested by burson), this somewhat changed my assumptions.
Playmate 2 is now more resolving with more dynamics in all frequencies. I am saying this with default opamps playmate was outstanding when I first heard this a year before.
Great combination for dynamic driver as well as for planar hps and for those who like tighter lows and warm treble which make your already good sounding hp to a better one.

We're really happy that you have such great thoughts about the product and thanks for the amazing review!

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