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Chord - Hugo 2

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Confused? Don't be, when there's a Guru to guide the way.

Just when you think that the groundbreaking Hugo is the best thing your ears have had the pleasure to hear,  John Franks upped his game with the Hugo. This multifarious amp/DAC is an overachiever in terms of exceeding expectations. The Chord Hugo 2 is the Leonardo Di Caprio of the audio landscape.

The advanced FPGA andWTA (Watts Transient Aligned) filtershelp to improve timing, noise, power and dynamic range of the music. Thenext-generation version, Hugo 2, features flexible new features, plus high-resolution sonic performance.

Adding to the portability feature the Hugo comes with four digital inputs (optical, coaxial and HD USB) plus extended-range Bluetooth, with high-resolution file playback up to 768kHz and up to DSD512 (Octa DSD), via its HD USB input.

Don't miss out on the flexibility features: a four-function switch filter offers a useful degree of user-selectable frequency-shaping; bringing warm and soft or transparent and incisive presentations subjectively, and giving additional flexibility and user control. For headphone listening, Hugo 2 retains the popular digital crossfeed function of the original and offers three operation modes. The system duplicates the effect of listening to speakers and is based on advanced binaural audio research.

Hugo 2 covers every aspect of high-resolution music with its next generation performance.



    Battery with 7 Hours of Long Lasting Life

    Enjoy the long lasting Li-ion (lithium-ion 2600mAh) batteries that give you 7 hours of battery. It takes only up to 4 hours to charge with an option of slow and fast charge. A nominal four hours via Micro USB at 1.8amps (fast charge) – Nominal eight hours at 1amp (slow charge). The two modes of automatic charging are included using the dedicated Micro USB charging port; an indicator shows charging and battery-charge status.


    No Strings Attached With Super Fast Bluetooth

    A very quick and high-quality Bluetooth (aptX) with 44.1kHz – 48kHz – 16bit enables you to enjoy your music cord free but with just as good quality. Addition to that an extended-range Bluetooth, with high-resolution file playback up to 768kHz and up to DSD512 (Octa DSD), via its HD USB input.

    With native and OCTA DSD Format

    Hugo 2 come with an octa DSD chip set which means it derectly streams digital data without converting it into analog format. This ultimately reduces the loss the audio lost caused by conversion. Thereby letting you enjoy only true and unadultrated sound. Hugo comes with four digital inputs (optical, coaxial and HD USB) plus extended-range Bluetooth, with high-resolution file playback up to 768kHz and up to DSD512 (Octa DSD), via its HD USB input. Analogue outputs include 2x RCA, plus 3.5mm and 6.35mm headphone outputs that allow you stream different music from different streaming devices all at once.


    PCM Support x Input

    Hugo 2 supports a large arrey of PCM codes ranging from 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 358.8kHz, 384kHz, 717.6kHz, and 768kHz. Thereby ensuring that any headphone what so ever its frequency be can be easily be drived with the Hugo 2. The frequncy indicators on the panel also shows you which PCM is being used.

    Remote Control Feature

    Hugo 2 is designed in such a a way it can be used conventionally whether you are at home or on the go. To make your life easier it comes with a Remote control that enables you to control the Dac/Amp even when it is not around you. The remote cotrol can efficiently handle the volumes and many other features to let you leisure back and listen without having to worry about disturbing audiophile setup.


    Supports up to 800 Ohms

    Like the Chord Mojo, the Chord Hugo also supports headphones with a phenomenal 800 Ohms.

  • Micro USB (White): 44.1kHz – 768kHz – 16bit – 32bit

    Coax via 3.5mm Jack (Red): 44.1kHz – 768kHz – 16bit – 32bit

    Optical (Green): 44.1kHz – 192kHz – 16bit – 24bit

    Charge Time: 4 Hours via Micro USB
    Play Time: 7 Hours

    Upto 800 ohms

    Dimensions - 130mm  x 100mm x 21mm
    20Hz – 20kHz +/- 0.2dB


    1. 2amp USB Charger 

    2. 1.5m Micro USB Cable 

    3. Micro USB to Micro USB OTG Cable 

    4. Hugo 2 Owners Overview Manual 

  • Three Year 

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.

  • Firmware Updates

    Windows 7 Driver 1

    Firmware Updates

    Windows 10 Driver 1


  • "For portable use I can't think of another device that is this capable of delivering this TOTL performance on the go at this price. If I were to sum up the Chord Mojo's sound in one word it would be "Veritas", Latin for truth and often associated with beauty."



    "The Chord Mojo's exceptional performance, combined with its versatility, make it just about the best all-round headphone amp you can buy. But it's a lot more versatile than that."



    "Product of the Year, Awards 2015. A DAC that delivers much of the sound of its £1400 sibling, Hugo, at a fraction of the price. The Mojo uses the latest and most powerful processors."



    "It is by no means affordable for everyone, but this is a top-notch product from an established high-end audio brand and is meant for advanced users looking for an audiophile-grade listening upgrade."



    "Mojo and similarly-sized products that perform on par with it (none currently exist) may spell the death for portable amps. But there is no way you can choose a better portable DAC/amp."


Category: 0.02 Ohms (Headphone), 24, 2600mAH, 3 Years, 3.5mm Out, 3.5mm TRS (Headphone), 4Ω - 800Ω, 6.3mm Out, 6.3mm TRS (Headphone), 600 mW - 1 W, 8 Hours, AptX, Black, Bluetooth, Bluetooth 4.0 w/ AptX, Coax In, Coaxial, Custom, DSD, For Android, For Apple iOS, Hi-Res Audio, Linux, Micro USB, Micro USB (Data), Micro USB (Power), No, Non-Adjustable, Opt In, Optical, preorder, RCA Out, RCA Stereo Output, Silver, Transportable DAC/Amp, Windows

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chord Hugo 2 as a Desktop DAC - Initial impressions

I have been looking for a dedicated DAC for my stereo setup (KEF Q900 floor-standing speakers, Naim NAIT 5Si stereo amplifier, Yamaha RN-602 Network receiver) to replace the mediocre build-in DAC on my network receiver. I initially auditioned some DACs to check how much improvement a dedicated DAC could make and needless to say, it was significant.

After a lot of research, I went with Chord Hugo2 (H2). I read that even with its small and portable form factor, H2 is highly capable of taking the role of a dedicated DAC in a proper home hifi stereo set-up. A shout-out to Headphonezone for delivering my DAC within 2 days of ordering !

There were a lot of questions in my mind initially - if H2 could drive an amplifier but Chord made sure that it does. H2 has a line-out mode that can be set by tapping the "XPHD" button during start-up. What it basically does is, it sets the output level to 3V RMS (indicated by appropriate color coding), which is more than enough to drive an amplifier. Another reason for choosing the H2 is its connectivity options. H2 has build-in Bluetooth with AptX support so I could quickly connect my phone to it if required. Another question was about the power supply. H2 is battery powered with USB charging. This seems unconventional if used as a tabletop DAC. But H2 has an intelligent power management feature that automatically detects that it is in the Desktop Mode after 24 hours of charging. In this mode, it is, I quote - "neither in charging or discharging state". But I could not leave it ON all the time, so I switch it ON whenever I use it. The remote control is very handy. Its inclusion shows that Chord was serious about users like me who want to use it as a tabletop DAC.

Now about the SQ - I will try to explain as much as I can about the my experience but since I am a newbie to Hifi, I won't be able to get into the intricacies.

First thing I noticed as soon as I hooked up the H2 is the amazing details it could pick up. I tri...

World class DAC !!

Significant step up from Mojo.Small transportable & future proof .Stellar sound out of any source . Superb imaging and sound signature.
Thanks Raghav ..