ddHiFi - TC35B Type-C to 3.5mm

Audio Adapter For Android

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Warranty & Services

Don't sweat it, this ddHiFi - TC35B Type-C to 3.5mm comes with a 1 Year warranty from ddHiFi that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about ddHiFi's warranty in India.

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This little 3.5mm Jack to USB Type-C Adapter is very attractive with a minimalistic design. The outer shell of the TC35B jack adaptor is chosen to be built with Type 316 stainless steel which has superior corrosion and heat resistance. The high-quality steel makes the housing very strong, reliable and secure enough for daily use. By hollowing out the inside and insulation processing, the adaptor is easily prepared to pack the Type-C plug, 3.5mm socket, circuit board and other elements in an ultimate compact way.



The adaptor gets damaged easily if it is too long because it is supposed to be placed at the bottom of the phone. By taking this into consideration, ddHiFi has designed the TC35B to be as short as possible by reducing the distance between the components. And by placing the components precisely in such a way, you get an even more compact adaptor.



The TC35B won't work if the earphones are not plugged in even though it is connected to the phone or computer. The adaptor is intellectually created to detect and recognize the earphones when they are plugged in. It is also compatible with CTIA standard earphones. One can answer phone calls, use controls like play/pause, volume and track selection when CTIA standard earphones with microphone and controls are plugged in.
*NOTE: Volume controls on Apple headphones is not supported.*

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this ddHiFi - TC35B Type-C to 3.5mm comes with a 1 Year warranty from ddHiFi that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about ddHiFi's warranty in India.

Innovative Connectivity Solutions for Audio Enthusiasts

ddHiFi is a modern age technology company formed in 2017 with a primary focus on designing and making accessory products for the audiophile market. The design principle of ddHiFi is to use concise and brief design to make user-friendly accessory products, abandon any decorative elements that are irrelevant to practical usage and pay more attention to product material and craftsmanship details with a controlled cost. ddHiFi is dedicated to making countless connecting, storage and related products for audio enthusiasts.

ddHiFi is founded by Demond Ding, an experienced engineer with years of experience in big brands like OPPO and FiiO. ddHiFi works on the principle of designing user-friendly products offering performance and value. With ddHiFi’s expansive selection of product offerings, there’s almost something for everyone.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Kamal Basha (Hyderabad)
Looks Small & Sounds Powerful 👌

Thanks Raghav..For Bringing This Amazing Product on Headphone Zone..Loves it Quality ..its So Sturdy & fits well on my OnePlus 7t pro...And It's Sounds so Amazing & the Quality is Awesome..This ddHifi- T35B is Comes with Built-in DAC..It sounds so Natural..Overall I love this product & go with it if any one looking for Type C to 3.5mm Jack..It is best Type C to 3.5mm DAC under 5000/- 🙂

Jitesh Jumani (Chennai)
The compact "Steel Bullet" that's perfect for daily use.

My phone doesn't have a 3.5mm jack and I'm not a fan of the bundled type-c earphones. Prior to this I was using either a generic type c to 3.5mm adapter or the BTR3 for daily use. The generic adapters sounded shitty and people couldn't hear me clearly when I answered calls on the BTR3.

But this unit is at that "sweet spot" that I can use for both music and calls with excellent sound quality. The build is sturdy and it's amazing how they've fit so much in such a small unit.

PS: I'm not really an audiophile, just a beginner. Haven't tried ibasso, tempotek or other compact DACs that people usually recommend. It fulfills my requirement and I love it.

Team Headphone Zone, I love you guys. I always end up finding great affordable gear here. Cheers. 🥂

Raumya Sarkar
A great product for regular use.

I do own the ibasso DC01 and now bought this one as a gift for my father. I am not going about the sound quality comparison. As they both are good at their own level. But for usability this beats dc01 every day. You could just plug it in your headphone and forget about it. Sound quality it's pretty good. Compatibility with phones are good. I tried with huawei and Mi phones. Overall positive experience as always with headphonezone. Loved it.

Samrat Ganguly (Atai)
Surprisingly superb

I got this because I own galaxy note 10 plus which doesn't have audio jack. Most type C to 3.5 mm dongle don't work with my phone, it needs active dongles with DAC inside. I got one such dongle with wire but the wire started problems after hanging for sometime. Then I thought- why not something more compact that'll just have single body adaptor design. So I got these.

My impression- you only need these for casual and entry level audiophile use. Just amazing. Way too good for its size and price. I used A&K Billie Jean with this and what a powerful enhancement of sound. I used only 40% volume on my note 10 plus and the sound is already insanely loud.

The bass- sweet sweet bass. Tight and sharp. Billie Jean is not a bass oriented iem so I got surprised when the bass response improved so much with this. Wow.... sub bass is a bit lacking. But very enjoyable warm presentation without bloated appearance or bleeding to mids.

Mids- lovely vocals. Powerful and intimate. I was enjoying all my gaana and spotify playlists to maximum.
Trebble- nicely presented trebles, not too sharp like Bayerdynamic sound signature. I think there is some roll off at higher frequencies. No sibilance.
Soundstage- does justice to Billie Jean. This adaptor has great soundstage for such a small device.

Clarity- this device shine in clarity department. Each sound, each breath of vocalists thats get recorded is reproduced, considering there might be some limitations of gaana and spotify songs and also limitations working at type c port itself. Very clear and accurate.
Overall impression- just go with this. This is one single device that can help in your audiophile journey for long long time.
Thanks HPZ for quick shipping and delivery.
Thanks for bringing these things to India. I'm looking for schiit products and hope HPZ will update the schiit list soon.

We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us this note. We look forward to serving you again.

JERIN MATHEW (Bengaluru)
Pleasing sound

I am using it with KZ ZSN Pro X and Huawei Mate 20 pro. The sound is very pleasing both at low and high volume levels.

We are glad you had a comfortable shopping experience with us & it is delightful to read such positive reviews on your product! Cheers & Welcome to the club!

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