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Desktop DAC & Amp + Preamp

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Warranty & Services

Don't sweat it, this EarMen - ST-Amp comes with a 2 Year warranty from Earmen that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

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Ideal for Audiophiles

These DAC & Amps are designed for discerning music lovers. If audio quality is important to you, a set of DAC & Amps like these would be ideal.

You can expect these DAC & Amps to present you with a refined listening experience. The audio quality exhibited by these DAC & Amps is a beautiful mix of musicality, technical brilliance and high precision.

These DAC & Amps deliver a spacious & open soundstage that makes you feel you are sitting at a live concert. Experience the magic and delve into pure sonic tranquility!

Ideal for
Desktop Use

Balanced Output

DAC Chip

Pair with Laptop via USB

A majority of people use a laptop as the primary source device to listen to music or watch movies. Since the laptop is an essential part of the audio chain there are headphones and devices designed to work a laptop or computer system flawlessly. With the availability of USB connectivity, it becomes easier to pair various devices like an Amp, DAC or even headphones without worrying about drivers or any additional piece of software.

Upto 1.85W @ 32Ω
Power Output

Connect With
RCA & Balanced 4.4 mm


Volume Controls

If your DAC & Amps include volume controls or volume rockers, you can easily change the volume with a button press or volume knob turn.

DAC & Amps that have volume controls make its operation incredibly simple; turn up the volume on your smartphone or your source devices and then change the volume on DAC & Amps to the desired level.

This design feature allows you to have complete control over the desired volume according to your listening preferences.


EarMen is an audio company that has been developing Amplifiers for more than a decade and working on perfecting neutral, natural and clean sound in a beautiful and quality design. EarMen, with years of expertise, is proud to introduce their brand-new DAC & Amp - the ST-Amp. The EarMen ST-Amp is a Fully Balanced Desktop Headphone Amplifier with a Pre Amp option and an integrated DAC. It has extraordinary sound, whether it is listened to from an integrated DAC or an external one. It is carefully made for headphones, eliminating unpleasant pop-and-click phenomena when turning it on or off. The EarMen ST-Amp is a versatile device that offers 6.35mm (SE) and 4.4mm (BAL) headphone outputs. It also has RCA (SE) and 4.4mm Balanced as inputs and pre-outputs. Elevate your music listening experience with the brand-new EarMen ST-Amp!



The EarMen ST-Amp is equipped with an ES9280 DAC chip from ESS Sabre. ESS Sabre DAC chips are considered the gold standard in audio. The EarMen ST-Amp with ES9280 DAC chip in its circuitry promises to deliver a truly immersive, high-resolution audio experience. It fulfils the promise of the sound experience matching the artist's original recording. The EarMen ST-Amp enables the path to Hi-Res audio that you have never experienced before. It supports Hi-Res audio formats like DSD (Direct Stream Digital) 64/128 DoP, DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition) 384/352.5kHz, and PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) Up to 384 kHz. The EarMen ST-Amp allows you to explore the unexplored with its sonic ability!



The EarMen ST-Amp has a Fully Balanced amplifier architecture, so every sound from the input will become even cleaner and better. A team of engineers at EarMen have utilised the same topology for SE signals, so they become Balanced with almost no phase shift, additional noise or THD. The sound from the SE output does not lag compared to the Balanced output. The headphone outputs are powered by two TPA6120 operational amplifiers that are excellent performers in the audiophile world. To make the experience complete, EarMen uses a high-quality Balanced ALPS potentiometer that contributes to the sound remaining unchanged.



The EarMen ST-Amp affects the sound so that your DAC can be heard better. Although many DACs have excellent specifications, it is not enough for the sound to fully express itself. You won't lose any detail because the EarMen ST-Amp completely utilises the maximum dynamics offered by the source. In addition, it controls various headphone drivers, thus improving accuracy, neutrality and transparency. The dynamic range above >126dB will guarantee you liveliness and musicality. With perfectly Balanced sound and incredible dynamics, you will have the feeling of being in a concert hall! The EarMen ST-Amp also has very low Total Harmonic Distortion, which allows you a higher power factor, lower peak currents, and higher efficiency without distortions. On the back panel of the ST-Amp, there are SE and BAL Pre-Out outputs. This option allows you to use the ST-Amp as a DAC and preamplifier for a High-End audio system.



The EarMen ST-Amp has a noiseless linear power supply offering stability, providing enough power even for the most demanding headphones. Apart from the unique topology of the amplifier, the power supply is worthy of excellent characteristics, which is often not the case with most amplifiers. Also, you have the option of selecting the sound source. Analogue input or Digital/Integrated DAC allows you to listen to your favourite music irrespective of the "source." The EarMen ST-Amp delivers clean and jitter-free audio for you to experience pure sonic bliss!

2 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this EarMen - ST-Amp comes with a 2 Year warranty from Earmen that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Earmen's warranty in India.

Perfecting Natural and Clean Sound

EarMen is a renowned audio company with over a decade of experience specializing in the development of DACs and Tube Amplifiers. Their mission is to deliver a neutral, natural, and clean sound packaged in elegant and high-quality designs.

Founded by Milomir "Miki" Trosic, EarMen is committed to pushing the boundaries of portable listening, offering innovative and outstanding products like the Sparrow, Eagle, and Donald DAC. Despite their compact size, EarMen products boast powerful audio components designed to provide an uncompromising audio experience. Based in Serbia, EarMen ensures the highest standards in both product quality and after-sale support.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
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Moon (Bengaluru)
One of the best as an Amp

Initially after looking at few pictures of the internal in some review I thought it is very basic Amp. But it still was very well received by reviewers so I pull the trigger once it was down to 19k in price.

The amp is supposed to be an Amp with added dac which makes it kind of an All in one.

It is bit smaller than what I imagined but it can be used vertical and horizontal without a need of stand. The body is all metallic with paint on top of it. It feel sturdy and premium.
The 3 feed at the bottom is not good, I would suggest to get rid of them if you could and replace with a better on on all four side.

It is very versatile to use with multiple dac and amp setup.

It have a internal dac which is decent but not that good for price. Dac is good enough to use for movies, videos and other content. But for music a better dac will be more usefull.

The amp section is the star of the show when paired with external dacs it show the character of the dac connected and give a bit of dynamic nature to sound.

Paired with Earmen Angel, sound was very musically and had better dynamic compared to angel's amp while preserving all good characters of angel like great resolution and good soundstage.

Paired with K9 Pro AKM I prefered the amp out from ST Amp than K9 pro's amp section. Sound became more realistic, relaxed with preservation of details and holographic nature of K9 pro. And added dynamics are very good. St amp also did made the soundstage bit wider.

Paired with chord mojo, again same effect. It preserved the sound characters of mojo with insane depth in bass and mid range.
While adding touch of dynamics and improved soundstage.

My favourite combo was Angel + STAmp + xduoo mt604 to Sundara, hd560, focal clear.

Although all these defference were very subtle to notice but it did added some enjoyment to the music.

The internal dac are good but this device is very good amp.

Its a really nice addition to the setup, frankly.

Now, there some thing I didn't liked about STAmp:
It doesn't come with any cable, like for 20k device it should have atleast a usb or power cable.
For headphones like hd560 and sundara the volume was at 2-3 clock all the time. I guess this was intentional as it doesn't have gain mode. Volume from 7 clock to 1 clock are just for IEMs and beyond 2 clock the power/volume increases very fast.
No bluetooth or remote is a big bummer for many.
The ports like 4.4mm are bit tight compared to fiio's and xduoo's.
Dac section could be improved.

Apologies for long review but I like to compare devices together to find which one is better.

In the end the StAmp really surprised me and did reminded me why I liked Earmen products like tramp in past.

Hey there,

Thank you for taking the time to write this detailed review, we really appreciate the genuine feedback! Your review will definitely help fellow audiophiles to make an informed decision.

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