Headphone Zone - Triple-Flange Silicone Eartips

Triple-flange Silicone Eartips

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Size: All size (3 Pair)

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Compatible with the following brands and in-ears with nozzle diameter of 4.5mm:
Sony, Bose, Plantronics, JBL, Jabra, CCA, KZ Acoustics, Moondrop etc.


You can use this with in-ear monitors to get proper isolation and snug fit. These eartip come with an inner hole diameter of 4.5mm and a pack that contains S, M, and L-size ear tips for easy compatibility and wearability.


They offer twice as much sound isolation elevating feel, fit and improved audio. Enhances low-frequencies, providing required thump & rumble.


Silicone ear tips are a must if you use in-ear monitors and cherish excellent listening experiences. These innovative ear tips will improve your listening experiences since they fit, sound, and feel better than the stock silicone tips that come with your in-ear monitors. Take charge of your audio environment whether you're working, travelling, or just relaxing at home. These ear tips form a bullet-shaped seal in your ear canal, preventing unwanted sounds from entering. They offer twice as much sound isolation elevating feel, fit and improved audio, as compared to single-flange ear tips. The loud noises surrounding you won't get into your ears or be muffled; by your music. Instead, the sound quality will be improved at lower volumes. These eartips have a triple-flange layer design that boosts the bass frequencies allowing you to experience the thump and rumble. It has an ultra-soft silicone outer layer that elevates comfort, grip and noise isolation so that you can use your IEMs for longer listening sessions. It also has a unique triple-flange structure that offers a maximum seal that ensures there is no sound leakage. These eartips come with an inner hole with a diameter of 4.5mm and a pack that contains S, M, and L-size ear tips for easy compatibility and wearability.

Headphone-Zone-Triple-Flange Silicone Eartips
Headphone-Zone-Triple-Flange Silicone Eartips


1. Enhances low-frequencies Providing Required Thump & Rumble.
2. Super-soft Silicone Reduces Earphone Irritation and Fatigue.
3. Sound Isolating Design Reduces Ambient Noise for High-intensity Listening.
4. Superior In-Ear Protection: Silicone ear tips protect against damage to the ear from continuous harmful exposure to loud or extreme noise.
5. Hi-Fidelity Retention: Silicone ear tips keep music and speech clear without muffling the sound.
6. Flexible wire covered in soft rubber material.
7. Forms a secure fit.
8. 100% RoHS silicone materials.
9. Washable, soft materials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Anuj Kumar (Delhi)
Eartips are useless

these eartips can be used on normal earphones as they don't have the ridge which holds the eartips on earphones. i tried talking to headphones zone support regarding the issue and they are as useless as the eartips themselves. as shown in the reference picture you can see how that small ridge helps it to be installed and how the product delivered by headphones zones is missing them. I have tried explaining multiple times to support but it was of no use.

Chirag Bagadia (Mumbai)
Requires a bit of acclimatisation, but grows on you..

I am reviewing this after a week of use as the initial impressions were a mixed one.. triple flange, or as one of the famous youtube audiophile would say- digging through your ears, is one tricky iem accessory i would have tested ever..
It takes time and every audiophile would have to carve his own path to get this deep inside ears..For me, pulling the ears down and behind helped a good insertion with complete seal. Strangely, only the small size succeeded in giving me a satisfactory seal.
Once all these get sorted, you are then greeted to a wonderful sound with crisp vocals, clear mids and excellent bass. An iem like kz zs10 pro may sound too bright on treble, but still enjoyable. As quoted on the site, it does add to a better thumping and rumble.
It still aches and itches but my ears are getting used to it and with more time, i guess these minor bumps would ease out.

Thanks a lot for your detailed and genuine feedback, we'll share your thoughts with the brand as well. It'll also help our fellow customers to make the right choice!

R... (Gurugram)

These physically hurts

Rahul V S (Bengaluru)

Headphone Zone - Triple-Flange Silicone Eartips

Raumya Sarkar (Chennai)
Doesn't fit anything correctly

I have used the smaller ones in er4xr, it is somewhat lose and the eartips stay in ear and gets detached from earphones, tried using with kz, hard to fit these in kz and when you put them in ear it gets bent. Personally I feel like these should be made with tighter tolerances and only for etymotics, i was very much excited when I saw these in headphonezone, but after using it am pretty disappointed

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