HiFiMAN - 3.5mm to 4.4mm Balanced Cable

Dual 3.5mm to 4.4mm Balanced Cable

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The cable is compatible with wide array of HiFiMAN headphones like HE400SE, SUNDARA, DEVA PRO, EDITION XS, HE-R9, HE6SE, ANANDA (Stealth Edition), ANANDA, ARYA,Arya (Stealth Edition), HE1000SE, SUSVARA, and HE1000V2.


You can upgrade your single-ended stock cables to balanced cable for you to connect to a source that has a 4.4mm balanced output just like the iFi Audio Zen series for HiFiMAN.


These cables are designed to deliver a wide range of audio frequencies with minimal signal loss and high-grade audio reproduction. There are a few variances in audio cables, but balanced lines will always be more noise-resistant due to a phenomenon known as common-mode rejection.
Through this procedure, noise in the signal is eliminated and balanced cables with dual-polarity lines phase out one another.


It's time for you to upgrade your ordinary audio cables to HiFiMAN 3.5mm - 4.4mm Balanced Cable. These replaceable cables are made of robust components which will allow you to enjoy your music in superior sound. These cables are designed to deliver a wide range of audio frequencies with minimal signal loss and high-grade audio reproduction.

A Decade of Audiophile Excellence

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Tianjin, China, HiFiMAN stands as a leading manufacturer of audio products, specializing in headphones, amplifiers, and portable audio players. Renowned for its critically acclaimed Planar Magnetic headphones, HiFiMAN is revered among audiophiles for its state-of-the-art driver technology. Led by Dr. Fang Bian, the company has garnered awards and rave reviews for its best-in-class earphones and in-ear drivers.

From the Sundara and Ananda headphones to the RE400 and RE800 earphones, HiFiMAN's products are cherished by audiophiles worldwide for their flawless performance and exceptional sound quality.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sujit Chakraborty (Mumbai)
Does the job but way too expensive

Nothing amazing about this cable. Same cheap plastic shield like the original Hifiman Ananda cable, just that this is balanced is an advantage. It does the job, but it is way too expensive. Could have bought another headphone or amplifier at the price of 10k.

Kshitij Bharadwaj (Mumbai)
The Balancing Act !

Lo & Behold!

I had been listening to HifiMan Sundara using their stock cable. After speaking with Raghav, he understood my preference for music and advised me to try using the balanced HifiMan cable. I usually don't jump the gun; but in this case made an exception and went for it. And oh Boy! Am I glad!

The change is subliminal but does get apparent and sweeter over period. In my experience - It added a tinge of sibilance in vocals and some spatial soundstage making it a little wider and open. You do notice how the sound gets a little louder on the same volume settings as earlier.

This experience may vary from person to person; so please do treat this review as my personal opinion about the product.

Anurag Saha (Kolkata)
A soft and subtle rather than a dynamic sound signature.

This cable has a soft sound signature, all the details are delicately and subtly presented rather than a piercing way. The downside is slight lack of dynamics. This is good for vocals and similar sort of music, but not the best for rock/metal.

Comes with a translucent outer cover wherein the internal wires can be seen through. Conductor seems to be only copper, whereas the stock cable that comes with Ananda has a combination of Copper and Silver.

Rajat Poddar (Ahmedabad)

An essential add-on for enjoying Hifiman Sundara with the ifi Hip Dac. Being balanced makes a hell of a difference! And not just to the volume...

So glad to know that you love them:) We look forward to serving you again.

Perfect Cable for perfect headphone.

I am enjoying and exploring the new beats which I didn't found earlier. It was possible to hear all the rhythm and naunce of the artist performances with sundara. No one can forget the 90's era of melodious tracks. I felt something was missing with the 3.5 mm cable and with the help of IFI hip dac and 4.4 mm balanced cable the music which I was experiencing cannot be described in words. Cable is durable, strong and the length was also pretty good it was around 3 meter. The soundstage was vast and the beats were crisp. I am on cloud nine with heavenly composition by ARR, YSR, Harris Jayraj and many wonderful musicians. It is not easy to find the balanced cable for sundara in indian retail market. Thanks to headphone zone for their support and made this product available in the market with reasonable price and it was a dream come true moment for each sundara owners to explore the balanced connection. I am able to see the sundara full potential now with the balanced connection. I still need to explore more and I have to burn those cans more to get more juice out of it.

So glad to know that you love them:) We look forward to serving you again. Happy listening!