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Hiss Reduction Adapter

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This product is permanently discontinued by the manufacturer and continues to live on in Headphone Zone's Museum.

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Customer Reviews

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Lenin Reddy (Hyderabad)
Thought to be hoax for sure but it not only Works, also increases sound dynamics.

Well, to start off, I'm too lazy and don't write reviews but here I am

1. Usually, we increase volume to get more clarity, better vocals and highs etc but listening at high volume causes permanent hearing damage. With this, it reduces gain and maintains high clarity at low volume. Result being exceptional clarity at low volumes and no need to listen at high volume

2. However, it also improves sound dynamics, the difference between the lowest of notes to the highest notes is improved. Also improves soundstage even in iems.

3. Reduces hiss and electrical interface noise, which usually heard often in sensitive iems.

All these for a reasonable price makes it a stellar purchase.

Some reviews said you will lose treble detail, but that is not true. Because its an attenuator, it reduces the gain maintaining clarity and they are perceiving low volume as lack of treble clarity.
But if you blind test it with same volume levels with and without ear buddy you can definitely tell the difference.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied and also will save my ears from hearing damage and from ear fatigue.

dassubhasis417@gmail.com (Kolkata)
Seriously it works

Was a bit sceptical while ordering , however received the order very fast and nicely packaged , the device seriously cleans any background hiss , makes the sound cleaner while maintaining the resolution , an absolute must for any audiophile enthusiast.

Thank you for your accurate feedback on this product, we're glad that you have such positive thoughts about the product.

Harshdeep Singh (Delhi)
IFI Audio- ear buddy

It provides you with amazing sound quality, honestly I think it is best to use it with your iems cause in order to reduce the hiss sound it reduces the volume a lot and gives you exceptional sound at low volumes improves sound dynamics and gives you wider soundstage, better bass. To get the most out of it use it with powerful high end dacs and amps.

Hey there, nothing makes us happier than knowing you loved your purchase, hope you had a comfortable shopping experience & thank you for the great review & ratings!

Dan (Chennai)

Excellent product.. works great with my kz's..

Thank you for the awesome review & ratings, Dan!

Hirak Choudhary (Gurgaon)
Reduced the hiss/noise by 90 to 95 percent

I originally intended to return my CCA CA4 because of the hiss/noise issue using it with my Creative Sound BlasterX G1 only. On other devices like M-Audio amp/dac mobile phone with 3.5 mm jack and computer mother board 3.5 mm jack it was totally quiet so I had brought this also so solve this issue. In my order page CCA CA4 is still greyed out and showing returned


Best pairs with IEMs and headphones with 3.5mm male termination


You can use it to connect your IEMs or headphones with 3.5mm male termination


Do your IEMs or headphones frequently hiss in the background when playing a source? The iFi Audio Ear Buddy can be used immediately after being connected to your headphones and source device. You hear a sound without any pops, hisses, or buzzes.


Do you find that your headphones/ IEMs often have a background hiss from your source? All you need to do is connect the iFi Audio Ear Buddy to your headphone before plugging it into your source device and voila! You get a sound without any hiss, pops and buzz. It is compatible with smartphones, PCs, DAPs and in-flight entertainment systems.

Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio - Ear Buddy
Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio - Ear Buddy
Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio - Ear Buddy


Usually, at full volumes, music tends to lose at least 2-bits of resolution. The Ear Buddy brings back this lost resolution letting you increase the digital volume without any painful consequences. It is compatible with all headphones and IEMS that use a 3.5mm jack. You also get memory foam earplugs along with an aeroplane adapter and travel pouch for in-flight use.

Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio - Ear Buddy
Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio - Ear Buddy
Headphone-Zone-iFi Audio - Ear Buddy
1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this iFi Audio - Ear Buddy comes with a 1 Year warranty from iFi Audio that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about iFi Audio's warranty in India.

Award-Winning Audio Technology From The UK

Established in 2012, iFi Audio is committed to revolutionizing music enjoyment through cutting-edge audio technology. Based in Southport, UK, they design and manufacture a diverse range of high-quality portable audio devices, including DACs, amplifiers, and digital enhancers. Globally sourcing parts ensures top-notch quality and studio-grade sound reproduction, eliminating noise and distortion. With acclaimed products like the Zen DAC and Hip DAC, iFi Audio has earned numerous awards for its superior performance and innovative features such as Burr-Brown DAC Chips and Custom Op-Amps. Their dedication to audio excellence continues to redefine the music listening experience for audiophiles worldwide.

Fun fact: iFi products and their packaging are made from recyclable materials, including Aluminium, Paper and Recycled plastics. There are no hazardous toxins in their components, and ensure every product released meets environmental standards. iFi Audio prides itself on being an eco-friendly company.

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