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Balanced Sound

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Android & iOS

1 BA + 1 DD

Replaceable 2-Pin



The KZ ZST come with enhanced sound quality. It features special balanced armature and dynamic drivers that are capable of delivering powerful bass and rich mid-range. The mid-bass and treble driver unit offer incredible performance. Need an energy boost in your music? This IEM is meant for you.



Compared to conventional eartips, the silicone eartips in these IEMs use a self-patented technology which is more comfortable and securely fits the human ear. This transmits the sound directly to the eardrum and offers a better sound experience.



The KZ ZST has a 3.5mm L-shaped plug, stylish design and high-end sound quality. The detachable cable comes with an inline remote & mic. These earphones are designed for the latest generation of iOS devices like the iPod, iPhone and iPad and they also work with all Android phones, tablets, mp3 players, and related devices.



DRIVER TYPE Dynamic and Balance Armature
120dB / mW
REMOTE 1-Button
WEIGHT 25±5 g
BOX CONTENTS 1. KZ - ZST Earphones
2. 3 pair of Silicon Eartips(S/M/L)
3. User manual

Warranty & Media Reviews

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this KZ ZST comes with a 1 year warranty from KZ that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about KZ's warranty in India.

Customer Reviews

Based on 293 reviews
Shashwat (Mumbai)

Won't take much of your time so I'll dive right in to the review. Comfort wise they are perfect. At least for my ears but I'm pretty sure it'll fit most of you out there. The earphones are made of plastic shells which look sturdy and can resist your usual wear and tear. The cable is also of the decent quality. But none of the things are the selling point of these headphones. KZ promises audio quality and delivers it! These are not your usual ear candy earphones like boat, sony, redmi, realme, etc and if you prefer that sound signature don't buy it. But if you prefer a clean audio with tight bass airy highs these are the headphones for you. The miss are also present but a bit laid back in the mix. I'd rather call them U shaped rather than V shaped. It lets you hear little details in your music you've never heard before. All in all of you want a balanced headphones these should be my pick and I've used literally every earphone under 2k price braket including rha ma390, soundmagic e10c, 1more piston, ath clr100, cx275s and many more and none of them even come close to what sound quality which these provide.

PUDI PREM SAI (Visakhapatnam)
Omg its a real surpirse

I bought kz zstx qnd wrote review that buds are not that great. To my surprise i recieved comply foam tips for free.
What kind of hospitality is this. I have bought a lot of stuff from several so called e com giants. But i never received any reply even from sellers. Now comes this great website headphone zone. Just with a review they sent me free earbuds. Its still unbelievable for me. Headphone zone. You're the best . And I'm really very very very satisfied now. Thank you Raghav. Your amazing

Ashwin s kumar (Chennai)
The price tag and crazy colours are hiding something serious

Don't let it's neon colours, bad English in it's instruction booklet, etc deceive you, it's a great pair of headphones, I used it with the comply tips which I bought extra, never used the silicon gel tips that came with it.
The fit is good, the loop keeps the earphone from falling off. It's a snug fit.
I could hear a lot more song details that my JBL T210 missed.
I used with with my Moto G5s plus, it suits the phone perfectly as a headset with no microphone combatability issues that I faced with my Sony XB 55ap but for me the microphone is poorly placed, it's just above my chest. The microphone is not sensitive enough to take up conversation like the similarly microphone placed skullcandy headsets. The wires are thick weaved ones covered by transparent plastic cases with copperish wires inside. They do feel a bit rugged, will only know it's quality in time.
Also I feel my phone is underpowered to run these headsets, coz when we plug these to a laptop. We're gonna get some serious outputs from these.

Abhijit Mukherjee (New Delhi)
Fuc**** Awesome!

Got these recently from Headphonezone and I have only one word, fantastic!

These headphones may very well be the reason as to why I would never buy a phone without a 3.5 mm jack.


Mervyn Marshall (Bengaluru)
Expect the unexpected.. buy it you and you will not even think twice..

Thanks to Headphone zone for there honest review and timely delivery.. one of the best reviewer of ep's and hp's. The kz-zst is one of the best sounding earphones in this price range. Trust me u will not get a better option at this price.. have used more than 15 earphones across all brands but this came in as a surprise.. have extensive research I bought this ep's the Bass and trebel is good... close to balance sound..Also you will be able to hear the small details in the sound signature.which will keep you wondering and will make you go crazy... noise isolation is good..the quality of the earphones are good including the wire but it gets tangled soon.. must watch hd moves very effective while you are watching hd movies
Buy it you will not regret it..
Amazing sound
Details are good
Best buy for your money
Go ahead and order it..
Enjoy ur music the way you love it.. Cheers

Harish Madhu (Trivandrum)
Best Budget offer

This is my first IEM and it exceeded my expectations. After going through several online reviews I decided to go for ZSTx over Shure SE215, I was not doing wrong. This is just mindblowing.

Build quality is good, not the best. Made of plastic, the writings on the bottom are slowly fading away after a month's usage. Cable is super flexible and it flexes like a chain, it makes it super tagly. This is the biggest con for me. Everytime I find it tangled when I take out of the case, always a take a minute or two to untagle.
This IEM fits in my ears very well, it won't fall off as the cable hooks into the ears very well.
I don't use earphones for calls, but this one has a mic, which is useful if you have the habit of using earphones as your phone's mic.

Sound :
I am not an audiophile or an expert, I'm just writing what I felt like, My previous headphones were, old Sony MDR cassette walkman headsets, Earpods, Beats Studio Monster, ATH M50X etc. I've also used Airpods and few JBL, panasonic, Xiaomi headsets. ZSTx is the latest addition to my list. This beats every other models I've ever used. The sound is incredible. I'm using a Redmi Note 7S and a high end gaming PC as my primary audio sources. I've tested this with Mac book pro as well.

I'm using Poweramp on the phone, with the EQ modded this sounds incredible, with the Mac this was even better without tweaking the EQ. Everything is well detailed, instrument seperation is very good, sound stage is wide.
Even though it's mentioned as a V shaped sound, I feel it's bright sounding. Trebles are sparkly and crystal clear. I could hear a lot of stuff which I weren't noticing before with my other headsets. Thanks to the BA drivers.
Mids are clear and good,
I don't recommed this for bassheads. having said that, there is enough bass and it's punchy, won't dissappoint.

Overall this IEM is an incredible value for money. Decent build quality, exceptional sound which is super rare at this price point. Actually it's better than many higher priced models.
Highly recommended.

Aditya Trivedi (Rajkot)
Splendid mids and highs, lows present but not too detailed

Having used Fiio F1 earphones before, I had a positive perception of Chinese brands - you get what you pay for, and more, if you pay for the right thing.
So I went for the KZ KST after reading extensively about them online. The KST sound brilliant. I've paired them with my Cowon Plenue D and some of the BBE EQ sound fantastic with these. I also own the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x and while they lean towards a warmer sound, these are more neutral and I can hear details I can't even hear with my Rs 9000 headphones. The bass isn't too good, it sounds a bit thumpy if you really push it with the EQ but that is clearly not the USP of these earphones. For the lower frequencies the M50x have a clear upper hand, but for the detail, its KST all the way.
Another thing of note is that I've NEVER been comfortable with earphones in my ears before - until now! I've been through several pairs of Sennheisers, the Fiio, Sony, Creative earphones but I ALWAYS had ear ache after 20+ minutes of listening. Not so with the KST - they are very comfortable right out of the box.
All in all, staggering value for money.
P.S. I was tempted to think funky and got the candy coloured pair, but now I think black would've been a better choice.

Sarath Krishnan A (Kozhikode)
In Love

Can't bargain for more. You get a 2 driver iem for this low price and more could you expect. Just amazing. I love the feel and comfort they provide. You also get a real nice braided detachable cable. Perfect for everyday use. I just replaced the stock ear tips with Comply Foam tips. Bingo! That's all you got to do.

Bhaskar Dubey (Bengaluru)
Value for money

Let’s start with the built quality, built quality is ok not very premium but for the price you can’t complain, sound is good V snapped sound signature , it is good for budget phones it worked perfectly on Samsung a50 but when I used it on apple devices iPhone and iPad it worked perfectly till 70% volume but started to fall apart and sound started to crack after 70 on apple devices.
If someone is looking for a good hybrid earphones under 2k for a budget phone this won’t disappoint.

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Jennifer Yonzon

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Rima Patel

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Rajat Kaushal

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