Rediscover John Mayer

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Rediscover John Mayer

A Guided Listening Session with Ian Pereira

1st October, 2022


3:00PM - 6:00PM


₹ 599

We would love to accommodate everyone at our fun events, however, if this event is sold out please write to to put your name on the waitlist. We will connect with you when slots become available.

About Rediscover John Mayer

Whether alone with an acoustic guitar in hand, armed with an electric guitar in his blues trio, or positioned amongst his nine-piece band, John Mayer shines in the spotlight. An American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer who began his career with the album Room for Squares in 2003 and capping with Battle Studies in 2009 that transformed him into a chart-topping heartthrob.

He went on to become one of the most preeminent artists of the 2000s with his hit songs portraying his roots in classic rock, soul, and blues. Join Ian Pereira as we rediscover and learn more about John Mayer.

Who is this for

Anyone who has their minds blown by John Mayer. Headphone Zone Experiences and our listening sessions are designed for anyone looking to discover new music, or rediscover music they’ve loved for years.The events are best suited for people who are new in the world of audiophilia, or just starting out in the hobby. Ofcourse, seasoned audiophiles are welcome to join in as we listen to our favourite artists on some of the finest sounding gear in the world.


Ian has been a Headphone Guru for little over 2 years now at Headphone Zone. Apart from being an Avid music enthusiast, he spends most of his time as the lead Guitarist and vocalist in his own band, Chasing Zenith. From a young age his music interest were shaped by Blues, Rock & Metal.


We're right in the most glamourous part of Mumbai full of studios and acting agencies. Yup, you guessed right, we're in Andheri West - the Bollywood of Mumbai.

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100% of Proceeds go to Charity.  

We're going to be listening to music like you've never heard before. But spare a thought for those who can't hear at all. All proceeds from this event go to support the Silent Olympiad, a beautiful sport and cultural event for children with hearing and speech impairment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not really, but you're welcome to get any audio gear you have along. We'll be already providing our audio gear for you to experience.
We have gear from the finest brand in the world like Audeze, Chord, Campfire Audio, HiFiMAN, STAX and more!
This event has been created keeping people like you in mind. If you don't understand anything, just ask! Who doesn't love an interactive session?
Headphone Connect is an audiophile meet-up event. While we do have listening sessions there, you won't get the guided explanations you'd receive in this masterclass.
Yes, don't forget your mask! Also, you can pick up an Audiophile T-shirt here.

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