S.M.S.L - C200

Desktop DAC & Headphone Amp

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Warranty & Services

Don't sweat it, this S.M.S.L - C200 comes with a 1 Year warranty from S.M.S.L that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

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Why S.M.S.L is Special


Designed in China

Established & Reputed

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Born in 2009

Why we love this DAC/Amp

Value for Money

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Connect With Cable

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Why it Sounds Amazing

DAC Chip

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Power Output

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Balanced Output

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Sampling Rate And Bit Depth

Ever wonder how those ones and zeros on your computer magically transform into the rich melodies that fill your room?

The secret lies in a tiny device called a Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC). Think of it as a translator, taking the digital code of your music and meticulously sculpting it back into a smooth, analog wave that your speakers can understand. But just like a sculptor needs the right tools, achieving audio nirvana with a DAC depends on two key factors: sampling rate and bit depth.

Sampling Rate:

Imagine your favourite song as a complex rollercoaster track. The sampling rate refers to how often the DAC takes measurements of this digital track, measured in kHz (kilohertz) or thousands of times per second. A higher sampling rate, like 96 kHz, is like taking a ton of pictures of the track, capturing every twist and turn with incredible detail. Lower rates, like the standard 44.1 kHz used in CDs, are like taking snapshots at a theme park – fun, but you might miss some of the subtler details that make the ride truly exhilarating.

Bit Depth:

Now, think about the sculptor's tools. Bit depth refers to the precision of each measurement the DAC takes. Imagine the number of colours available to the sculptor. With higher bit depth (e.g., 24 bits compared to 16 bits), each measurement can capture a wider range of values. This allows the DAC to recreate subtler variations in the sound wave, resulting in richer and more nuanced audio. It's like having a broader colour palette for building a more detailed and lifelike sculpture of the sound.


SMSL has been on a technical spree with its line-up of high-performing products. SMSL is renowned for creating outstanding DACs & Amps that are well-liked among audiophiles. SMSL building, on the lineage, is proud to introduce their all-new DAC & Amp - the C200. It is a compact device with numerous features under its belly. The engineers at SMSL have incorporated the ES9038Q2M DAC chip from ESS Sabre in the all-new C200. The DAC chip ES9038Q2M is one of the finest; chips ever produced. The digital-to-analogue conversion is flawless with the ES9038Q2M chip under C200's circuitry. For its amplification part, SMSL C200 has 4x high-end dual op amp OPA1612 and a large number of audio-grade components. It also has two gain modes to drive low-sensitivity IEMs and high-impedance headphones. To get you started, it also supports Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to stream your music wirelessly. The C200 has also been Hi-Res certified by Japan Audio Association (JAS). Experience the magic and delve into pure sonic bliss with the all-new C200 DAC & Headphone amplifier.



The SMSL C200 has phenomenal specifications with a high-performance ES9038Q2M DAC chip incorporated in its circuitry. The DAC chips help determine how successfully the DAC can convert digital to analogue signals. This design consideration might lead to some interference if the DAC chips are not of the highest calibre. SMSL has worked on the premium ES9038Q2M based circuit with a new 4x high-end dual op amp OPA1612 and several audio-grade components. The DAC chip and the OPA1612 operational amplifiers deliver unmatched performance with ultra-low distortion and high SNR ratings while decoding high-resolution audio signals. The team of engineers at SMSL considered this design aspect and has included a high-performance ES9038Q2M DAC chip that delivers flawless performance. The ES9038Q2M SABRE Reference DAC is a very high-performance, 32-bit, Stereo audio D/A converter designed for; audiophile-grade portable power-sensitive applications. The ES9038Q2M DAC chip allows decoding support up to 32-Bit/768kHz and DSD512 (Direct Stream Digital). Using the critically acclaimed ESS patented 32-bit HyperStream™ DAC architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, the ES9038Q2M SABRE32 Reference DAC delivers exceptional sonic performance.



With the advent of wireless technology, it is natural that people tend to prefer wireless systems over wired ones. It is just a fact that wireless technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Considering these aspects, SMSL has introduced Bluetooth streaming in C200 with Bluetooth 5.0 support. This Bluetooth 5.0 receiver module hosts a new Qualcomm QCC5125 chip, which supports the high-quality transmission codecs LDAC, aptX HD, aptX, AAC and SBC, a technology that automatically finds the best combination of quality and stability. This architecture makes it possible to adjust the data rate depending on how well the transmitter and receiver are connected. For you to experience music using a wired connection, SMSL has incorporated a 2nd generation XMOS chip. The 2nd generation XMOS chip supports DoP64 (DSD Over PCM) and native DSD512 (Direct Stream Digital), and PCM supports up to 32bit/768kHz.
NOTE: Input ports (except Bluetooth) support DSD transmission.



The SMSL C200 supports USB1.1/2.0 connections allowing all USB devices to be connected without drivers. The C200 supports the connection of various game consoles, such as XBOX, PS4, and PS5. Experience gaming like never before with easy compatibility with PS4/PS5 and XBOX. USB1.1 only supports up to 24bit/96kHz; however, USB2.0 supports high-standard sampling rates. The SMSL C200 also hosts a built-in discrete component linear power supply and multiple low-noise power supplies for analogue circuits. The integrated linear power supply delivers precise and clean power and is free from signal interference. The C200 also has an audio clock processing circuit that reduces clock jitter delivering audio free of any jitter or distortions.
NOTE: With USB2.0, you will have to install a driver when connecting to a windows system.



The SMSL C200 is a compact device with a minimalistic design constructed with a CNC-integrated milling process. The C200 is simple and stylish, suitable for desktop use. The front panel hosts a large volume knob in the centre, with the two jack outputs to its left 6.35mm unbalanced and 4.4mm balanced, and a display on the right-hand side. The rear panel hosts the power connector, a Bluetooth antenna connector for Bluetooth connectivity, and optical, USB and coaxial input ports. It also has RCA and TRS 6.35mm jack high-quality gold-plated outputs. The volume knob is a click wheel with discrete steps that give you tactile feedback as you rotate the knob. It has a nice weight to it, too, so it’s easy to adjust the volume with precision. The unit also comes with a fully functional remote. You can control the SMSL C200 using the remote, which makes things more convenient. It has the following buttons: power, up, down, left, right, enter, input, FN (used to switch outputs and, when long pressed, to set the screen, to automatically switch off), mute, raise and reduce volume.
NOTE: C200 Input ports support DSD transmission and coaxial and optical support DoP64.

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this S.M.S.L - C200 comes with a 1 Year warranty from S.M.S.L that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about S.M.S.L's warranty in India.

Unveiling Cutting-Edge Audio Technology

Established in 2009, Foshan ShuangMuSanLin Technology Co. Ltd. is based in Shenzhen, China. S.M.S.L specializes in audio equipment including DACs, stereo headphone amplifiers, and power amplifiers. With an in-house R&D, manufacturing, and marketing team, S.M.S.L has built an extensive sales network covering 33 cities in China. Additionally, S.M.S.L has developed strategic partnerships with several countries, including Japan, Britain, Germany, Portugal, and Singapore. Their products are exported to over 30 countries worldwide and have garnered high customer satisfaction.

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Prime Audio
Se, 2020


"I like the simplicity of it too and the build quality feels reassuring. Having both the 6.35mm and 4.4mm headphone outputs means I can use it with any IEM and all but 1 of my headphones."

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"I can’t help but sincerely recommend the SMSL C200 to anyone and everyone: it’s a great device under every perspective and it is definitely worth checking out."

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"At the end of today's review, if you're looking for one of the best price / performance ratios in the whole audio world, and if you want to get a superb deal for a DAC/AMP, I fully recommend SMSL C200 "

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Max Coutinho (Pune)
Does what it is supposed to do.

Just gets out of the way and does what it is supposed to do. The filters, while subtle, do make a difference so try them all out. This is a review of just a couple of days as I did not get time to open it earlier.
The menu could have been better labeled though. I initially got confused between Lo and Ho option thinking it was for gain. Turns out it stands for Line out and Headphone out. My mistake. It is therefore important to read the manual which is just about adequate and kinda borders on the incomplete. However, once you get this out of the way then the unit operation is simplicity itself and you will get used to it within minutes. I just wish there was an option to switch the Line out between Fixed and Variable.
Here's hoping that the burn in dos not bring in any unpleasant traits in the sonic signature which, as of now, is fairly neutral. Not for heavy bass fans.

Thanks a lot for your detailed and genuine feedback, we're glad that you have such positive thoughts about the product and we'll share your thoughts with the brand as well. It'll also help our fellow customers to make the right choice!

Roshan Ashraf Shaikh (Mumbai)

Bought Audiotechnica R70X with with. The DAC/AMP is great but make sure you have a 4.4mm balanced cable which R70X doesnt provide. Truly a high quality and versatile DAC/ AMP. Never thought I would need BT until I used it with my phone. Most likely I will also be pairing it with a decent speakers in the future.

Thank you for your review of the SMSL C200! We're glad to hear that you are enjoying the high quality and versatility of this DAC/AMP. We hope you continue to enjoy your purchase. Happy listening!

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