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Smartwrap is a simple cord manager made of soft silicone rubber and serves one purpose - preventing tangling of your cords. Available in 6 colours, they make for a useful and neat accessory to your headphones or earphones.


To increase the longevity of your listening gear, it is important that you take good care of the cord. Most times when earphones start malfunctioning, it is because the cable has undergone heavy abuse. Therefore, to keep your cords tangle-free and to make sure that they last longer, choose the pocket-friendly Smartwrap, a smart accessory for all your favourite earphones.



With minimalistic design that would make Jony Ive proud, the Smartwrap is really simple to use. It lets you simply wrap each cord through the slit and then wind the cord around and store away in your bag, pocket or wallet. Never again will your earphones emerge from storage looking like they were hit by a small hurricane!


Use your Smartwrap in your favourite colour for any and all earphones that you own. As a bonus, they easily double up as a SmartWrap for any thin wires, like LAN and USB cables.

Customer Reviews

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Munish Kohar (Chennai)

Product is awesome, greatly helps in managing earphones but it is made of normal rubber and they cost 100rs for it. Must be given free with every earphone you buy from headphonezone, at least for the earphones that cost more than 1k.

Adarsh Bhat (Bengaluru)
Great little thing

It is a pretty helpful thing. It keeps wires safe. It looked heavy but it is not. Very handy and compact. I am glad that I ordered it along my RHA-M390.

Sriram Varma (Bengaluru)

Good for organizing earphones !!!! You rarely find this product in major online shopping sites and that too at this low price !!!!

Suman Adithya (Hyderabad)

These smartwarps help in keeping the earphones untangled and are of good quality but to be frank these aren't that practical, they are a bit heavy, a clip or a hook attached to these smartwarps might help in the practicality I feel

Royston Dmello (Mumbai)

Slightly on the heavier side. You'll feel your in-ears being tugged at if you walk around with your cable shortened using this smartwrap. But apart from this it's a good product.