Sony - WF-C500

Truly Wireless Earbuds With IPX4 Rating

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Color: Black

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7 Day Replacement Guarantee

In case you receive the Sony - WF-C500 with a manufacturing defect, please raise a return request within 7 days of delivery.

However, if you receive an incorrect / damaged / different product or one with missing accessories, please raise a return request within 24 hours of delivery. In case you receive a product with a missing, incorrect, or faulty accessory, you will be given a replacement accessory instead of the entire product.

Please make sure that the product is in the original packaging with all the accessories it came with. We'll also need an unboxing video and images of the parcel to investigate about the discrepancy. You may be asked to share images of the product and the packaging received for us to determine the damage or defect prior to approving the return request. The free replacement will be shipped only once the original order is returned.

A replacement will be issued only if:

- It is found to be defective
- It is determined that the product was not damaged while in your possession
- The product is not different from what was shipped to you
- The product is returned in original condition (with brand’s/manufacturer's box, MRP tag intact, user manual, warranty card and all the accessories therein)


Warranty & Services

Don't sweat it, this Sony - WF-C500 comes with a 1 Year warranty from Sony that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Sony's warranty in India.

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Why Sony is Special


Designed in Japan

Established & Reputed

Trust us, our reputation in the audio world speaks for itself!

This headphone or gear comes from a well-respected brand known for its high-quality audio equipment, so you can be confident in your purchase.

If you see a product marked as “🎖️ Established & Reputed”, it means you're getting a top-tier device from a brand that's earned its stripes in the audio industry.

Revered by Audiophiles

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This headphone or gear has gained recognition and admiration from audiophiles, who are known for their discerning taste in high-fidelity audio. They appreciate its precision, attention to detail and its ability to deliver an immersive sonic experience.

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A masterpiece from the experts who know audio inside and out!

This headphone or gear is crafted by specialists who know their stuff, ensuring every detail is perfect.

If you see a product marked as “🌟 Specialist”, it means you're choosing a device designed by experts who specialize in creating this specific category of device.


Born in 1946

Why we love this TWS

Value for Money

Great sound always doesn't have to come with a fancy price tag.

Every once in a while we come across a product that give you a lot more value for the price.

If you see products marked as "🥜 Value For Money" you can be sure you're getting a great bang for your buck.

Ideal for Beginners

Lost in the Audio Maze? Let Us Guide Your Beginner Audiophile Journey!

If you are a newcomer in the audio world, this headphone or gear is a stepping stone for those overwhelmed by the plethora of options available.

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Ideal for Travel

Your travel playlist needs the perfect companion.

This headphone or gear is crafted to be your trusty travel sidekick, blending compact design with superior audio for those long trips.

If you see a product marked with “🧳 Ideal for Travel", you can enjoy uninterrupted, top-quality sound on the go, making your adventures even more enjoyable and immersive!

Works for Taking Calls

Incoming calls, but no microphone? No problem, I’ve got you covered! 

This headphone or gear seamlessly works for taking an incoming call while listening to music, allowing you to handle calls effortlessly while connected to your source device.

If you see an IEM marked with “☎️ Works for Taking Calls" it means you can seamlessly take calls or attend online conferences, ensuring smooth communication without hassle.

Battery Life

No need to be connected to the power socket with these devices.

This headphone or gear promises long-lasting battery performance, ensuring your device keeps up with your adventures without missing a beat.

If you see products marked as “⏳ Battery Life”, be rest assured that you'll enjoy extended usage time, whether it's for uninterrupted music playback, extended gaming sessions, or all-day productivity, keeping you powered up throughout your day.

Use Wirelessly with Bluetooth

Enjoy the convenience of seamless wireless connectivity

This headphone or gear indicates that the product supports wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, freeing you from the tangles of cords and cables.

If you see products marked as “✂️ Use Wirelessly with Bluetooth”, enjoy the freedom to stream music, make calls, and more, all without being tethered to your device, giving you the flexibility to move around and multitask with ease.

Wireless Range

Break free from cords and groove to your beats.

This headphone or gear ensures your music never stops, even without a wired connection, thanks to its impressive wireless range.

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IPX Rating

Elements can not hamper your music listening experience.

This headphone or gear has a designated IPX Rating, indicating its level of water and sweat resistance for use in various conditions.

If you see a product marked with "☔ IPX Rating”, it means you can enjoy your music without fretting about water splashes or sweat, making it ideal for workouts, outdoor adventures and everyday use.

Why it Sounds Amazing

Dynamic Driver

The dynamic powerhouse of your sound

This headphone or gear houses dynamic driver speaker unit that produces sound, delivering a punchy and energetic audio experience.

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Balanced Sound Signature

Perfectly Balanced, Accurately Presented.

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If you see products marked as “⚖️ Balanced Sound Signature”, you’re set to enjoy a well-rounded listening experience where no single element overpowers the others, making your music sound just as the artist intended.

Thick Bass / Kickass Bass

There are some headphones that just knock your socks off with high and impactful bass. There’s only one way to describe it - Kickass.

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Smooth & Sweet Treble

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Like a Party in your Head

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Aggressive and Energetic

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The Sony WF-C500 makes for a comfortable commuting and workout companion. They're very portable, have a long continuous battery life, and offer decent isolation and snug fit, so they should stay in place during a run. They're well-built and rated IPX4 for resistance against being splashed with water.


Raghav Somani is the Founder & CEO of Headphone Zone. An avid audiophile and musician since 2008, his choice of headphones include STAX Electrostats, Audeze LCD 3, and for music on the go, the JH Audio Roxanne + Astell&Kern SP1000 is never too far away. On his playlist, you'll find A.R. Rahman, Michael Jackson, and the Eagles.


Sony introduces the all-new WF-C500 true wireless earbuds. Designed with the latesttechnology and embedded with Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE), the WF-C500 deliver high-quality soundthat's rich in detail and clarity. The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) restores high-frequency soundand fine fade-out sound to the track for a more authentic listening experience. This is supported by the5.8mm driver and Neodymium magnets embedded in the earbuds to truly deliver an immersive listeningexperience with pristine sound and low distortion.



Sony WF-C500 has been designed to deliver an immersive and crystal clear audioexperience. Along with the DSEE tech, you can also tailor your sound to your preference with the SonyHeadphones Connect App. Through the app you can choose from a variety of presets to match the sound qualitywith the genre of music you're listening to or create and save your own presets using the EQ Custom featureon the Sony Headphones Connect app. The WF-C500 earbuds also support 360 Reality Audio. With this feature,you can submerge yourself in sound all around you with a concert experience.



Sony WF-C500 headphones come equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology forconnectivity with various devices. The Bluetooth chip utilised in the WF-C500 offers reliable connectivityby transmitting sound to the left and right ears simultaneously. This is further supported by an optimisedantenna design embedded in the earbuds to ensure the transmission has low latency and a highly stableconnection. The WF-C500 now come with support for Voice Assistant feature with one button press, connectingyou instantly to your smartphone’s voice assistant so you can find directions, play music and much more.



The Sony WF-C500 has been engineered not just for listening to music but as ahigh-quality communication device too. The WF-C500 features a high-quality built-in microphone that picks upvoice very efficiently and allows for conversation to flow freely with easy and clear hands-free calling.This is truly useful as you don’t have to worry about removing the buds to answer your calls. The SonyWF-C500 features a button on the buds to elevate the functionality of the earbuds. This button lets youplay, stop, or skip through tracks and adjust the volume and access your smartphone’s voice assistant andmake and receive calls hands-free.



Sony WF-C500 comes with Fast Pair tech that makes it easy to pair your headphoneswith your Android devices. Also, you can easily locate where you left your headphones by ringing them orchecking their last known location on your smartphone. You also get Swift Pair to easily pair your WF-C500headphones with your Windows 10 computer via Bluetooth. Pop-up pairing guidance appears on nearby Windows 10devices when pairing mode is selected. Now with the WF-C500, you can use a single bud to enablemulti-tasking and allow the other bud to charge on the case.



Get up to 20 hours of battery life with the Sony WF-C500 earbuds. These earbudsoffer up to 10 hours of continuous playback with an additional 10 hours on the handy charging case. Thecylindrical charging case is extremely small and easy to carry around in a pocket or bag so you can takeyour earbuds everywhere you go. Its translucent lid with a texture like frosted glass gives the case astylish, luxurious look and feel. The WF-C500 also offers quick charging capability. The Quick chargingfeature gives you up to 60 minutes of playback on a 10-minute charge.



The team of product designers at Sony have studied and surveyed huge amounts ofdata relating to ear shapes from around the world to design the WF-C500. The WF-C500 headphones is aproduct of that research, combining a shape that matches the ear cavity with a new ergonomic surfacedesign for a more stable fit. Designed to be lightweight, these buds fit securely and comfortably inyour ears. The rounded shape without edges makes them a pleasure to wear, leaving you free to focus onwhat matters – your music. To elevate the design even further the WF-C500 features an IPX4splash-resistant design. This allows you to wear the WF-C500 when you go out for a walk or at home whenyou’re getting some chores done, without the worry of sweat or getting splashed with water.

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Sony - WF-C500 comes with a 1 Year warranty from Sony that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Sony's warranty in India.

A Legacy of Innovation in Personal Audio

Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Minato City, Tokyo, Sony stands as a Japanese multinational giant with a diverse portfolio ranging from consumer electronics to entertainment and financial services. The company made a significant mark on the audio landscape in 1979 with the introduction of the world's first portable music player, the legendary Sony Walkman®. This groundbreaking device sparked a revolution, redefining personal audio experiences and setting the stage for Sony's ongoing impact on the industry.

Sony's influence extends far beyond the Walkman® era, with its headphones and earphones becoming iconic choices for users worldwide. Products like the Sony WH-1000XM4 and Sony WF-1000XM4 exemplify the brand's commitment to audio excellence, featuring cutting-edge technologies such as adaptive sound control and top-tier noise cancellation. Sony continues to lead not only in headphones but across various domains, maintaining a reputation for innovation, quality, and responsiveness to evolving consumer needs.

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The Verge

"Battery life has also improved slightly to an impressive 10 hours of continuous playback, and the C500s offer easy-to-use controls with large buttons on each earbud."

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"Sensible compromises make these Sonys real competitors in the budget true wireless earbuds arena. Compact and comfortable design Spirited, well-balanced sound, Fine control app."

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What Hi-Fi

"The Sony WF-C500 makes for a comfortable commuting and workout companion. Decent isolation helps account for a bit of that while the lightweight design is easily worn all day long."

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Inner Fidelity

"Yes, making the WF-C500 so affordable has led to compromises - but Sony’s kept them to a minimum, and delivered a very perky sound from very comfortable earbuds. Informative, organized and lively sound."

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The Verge

"The no-frills Sony WF-C500 true wireless earbuds deliver excellent audio you can tune to your liking for a relatively low price. Excellent audio with rich bass and crisp highs."

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"The Sony WF-C500 are great for sports and fitness. They're very portable, have a long continuous battery life, and are decently stable, so they should stay in place during a run."

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What Hi-Fi

"Sony WF-C500 truly wireless earbuds come with IPX4 water resistance. It can withstand both splashes and sweat. The earbuds feature a comfortable, compact and stylish design."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Pramod K N (Bengaluru)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Bang On!
Not at all
Serves the purpose, No Nonsense choice in that budget range

I have always been using wired earphones from German brands like Sennheiser and Beyer dynamic so far and they were exceptionally good(esp the latter) for the kind of music I listen to but wanted to go for TWS this time following the trend.

German brands were way above my budget this time so I was confused between this and few Jabra models in and around that range ,did some research over the internet and found some connectivity issues and other complaints with Jabra .SONY being reputed brand had good reviews for this model so found this to be a wise choice.

Reviews are as below .


1.)No connectivity issues so far all the functions are working fine and smoothly Devices connected-Iphone, Amazon fire TV.

2.)Sound quality is decent for wireless and that price range

3.)Fit is good.

4.)Battery life is great.

5.)It is SONY so hope we need not worry about reliability.

Cons :

1.) Material quality and finish could be a little better .

2.)Tap function instead of physical buttons on earbuds (This is kind of out of fashion ,at least for me it is difficult to use).

As always Headphone Zone was perfect in their work, cheers:-)

HI Pramod K N,
We are so happy you took out time & elaborately reviewed the product. We are sure this will help our customers to make an even better & informed decision.

Devarshi Dave (Ahmedabad)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Bang On!
Not at all
Price Drop Issue

Due to your site problem. Price has not been updated. And i have to spend more money. As i can get very cheaper than that on other sites. Also, you’re not going to refund my money. So totally you’re cheating with customers. Don’t buy anything from this site.

Swathy Raj (Kollam)
Good for casual listening and work-out

This is my first truly wireless earphones. It sounds pretty decent. I have been using the Sony XB75AP and this doesn't come close to that except this one is wireless. If you're a basshead then you should prolly go for the XB700.

We appreciate your honest review & ratings, Swathy Raj!

Johnson Gonsalves (Mumbai)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Bang On!
Not at all
Receiving calls

Picking up calls with both pods in ears sounds unclear

Subhradip Saha (Kolkata)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Bang On!
Not at all
Best in price bracket and some more!

I generally use a wired IEM, KZ DQ6 with my Macbook and Airpods Pro with iPhone.
With respect to others reading this, I'm not bragging, I just want to convey that I'm more of a pseudo Audiophile at the moment, hehe.
I am just a beginner at this long journey :))

I got Sony WF C500 because I wanted to replace the wired IEM, with a good TWS with long battery life.
After much research, I found this one, with good reviews and great battery life!

I received the earbuds within 2 days (no kidding! o_o)
The earbuds are great, looks awesome, battery doesn't die.
But the audio was a bit average when using it with Macbook, but with iPhone and the Headphones Connect app initiated, it was really good.
The features are stripped down, like there is no button on the case for bluetooth pairing, instead it was auto when I took out the buds.
Also doesn't support multiple device support, I had to remove and then connect with other device.

But the audio has been really good, as I said earlier, iPhone and Headphones Connect app, works awesome!!!!
Later when I connected to Macbook, I used eqMac to boost the audio, that worked as well! It got really loud!

But I returned it after a day, even tho the buds are awesome, it didn't feel right.
I mean, this is a really, really good earbuds, with great battery, and probably the best audio in this price bracket and then some!
But maybe I wanted a bit more, or maybe I am expecting the unexpected.

Anyway, I requested a return, it was promptly responded, and within a day got returned as well!

I will get store credit soon, and altho I am still contemplating on WF XM4 or WH XM4 (I like earbuds more than headphones), it's not decided yet!
Maybe I will ask one of the gurus from headphonezone :))))

Hi Subhradip Saha
We are so happy you took out time & elaborately reviewed the product. We are sure this will help our customers to make an even better & informed decision.

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