STAX - SRM-007Tii

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Stax, the Japanese audio brand,  has excelled as the maker of the world's first electrostatic headphones and amplifiers. The brand now brings to us the all new flagship model, the Stax SRM-007tll, that sits at the top of the line of its amplifiers. Not calling the SRM-007tll an amplifier,  Stax prefers to call it a driver, thereby establishing it is like none other.

It is well established that Stax headphones cannot be used without an amplifier and thus, the Stax SRM-007tll makes for the perfect companion to be used with your headphones.

Top of the line tube-hybrid amplifier, the SRM-007tll sports four 6FQ7/6CG7 tubes, that is double than that of its little brother. Designed to deliver the best audio experience, is extremely powerful and reproduces high sound quality.

The SRM-007tll presents your music to be more resolved, with more air thereby lending you a natural sound. The bass is powerful, with the treble and mids sounding organically clear. With a soundstage that is wide and deep, you will be pleased to find that you feel closer to the musicians.

If you are on the lookout for the perfect setup, pair your Stax headphones with the SRM-007tll.

  • Specially Designed for Stax ‘Earspeakers’

    The SRM-007tll has been  exclusively designed for earspeakers characterized by their wide range, high dynamic range and outstanding operating features. Thus, pair your headphones with the SRM-007tll and enjoy the best that the world of music has to offer.

    Pure Balance Amplifier

    Unlike other amplifiers, the SRM-007tll consist of a pure balance amplifier in which the XLR balance input does not have to pass through a transformer or inversion amplifier. It is the only system that makes its possible to listen to sound in the most ideal manner permitted by the balance system.

    Ultra Thin Polymer Film

    Fitted with an ultra thin polymer film, the SRM-007tll, lets you listen to music with an unprecedented response and a high degree of resolution. Experience your music in its most natural form.

    Outstanding Clear Sound

    The use of on-inductive coil resistance, realises straightforward properties that take advantage of the fitted vacuum tubes and audio with outstanding quality and high level of clarity.

    Supports High-Resolution Files

    Stax has ensured that SRM-007tll has put in great efforts into the circuit constants, thus the SRM-007tll achieves a higher grade of reproductivity for SACD and other new generation audio formats.

    XLR and all Analog Voice Inputs

    The high sound quality quadruple volume unit which makes it possible for XLR input as well as all kinds of line level analog voice inputs.

    What's in the box:

    • Stax - SRM-007Tii

  • DC - 100,000Hz
    50Kohm, 50kohm x 2 during balance

    3 ( XLR x 1, RCA x 2) with 1 RCA parallel out
    4717 g  


    One Years

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