STAX - SRS-3100

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Stax has successfully come to be known as the most well renowned audio brand for producing the world's first electrostatic headphones and amplifiers. Stax prefers making its headphones knowns as ‘Earspeakers’ and its amplifiers as ‘Drives’ as they produce audio output like never before.

The all new Stax SRS-3100 Earspeakers is Stax’s entry level Electrostatic Headphone System. However, there is absolutely nothing remotely entry level in terms of sound performance.

Stax brings to us the combination of the SR-L300 earspeakers and the dedicated the dedicated SRM-252S driver, providing an easy access to superb audio quality.

A match made in heaven, the SR-L300 earspeakers  employees new hand selected thin film diaphragm and tough stainless fixed electrodes. It provides a balanced audio, with its rich deep response, delicate high frequency and extremely soothing mid-range. On the other hand, the SRM-252S is an exclusive driver unit that has been custom built to drive the best of the earspeaker.

The Stax SRS-3100 lets you experience an astounding 7-41,000Hz frequency response. We are truly impressed.

  • Why Electrostatic Headphones?

    Electrostatic designed have been pioneered by Stax and they are clearly at the top of the game. The electrostatic headphones operate on a an unconventional level unlike other headphones that feature dynamic and moving coil designs. In most headphones, the drivers are heavier, making it difficult to recreate detail in playback due to mass.

    Top-quality Sound Element

    The SR-L300 has been fixed with tough electrodes machined through stainless photo etching. Thus, you listen to music of the highest audio quality.

    Comfortable arc-type assembly

    The SR-L300 features a arc assembly and is equipped with stepless slider mechanism for head-pad adjustments. Experience comfort even during long hours of music listening sessions.

    OFC Cable

    The SR-L300 employs a wide OFC cable for core wires. The cable also comes with a special wide parallel structure to lower the capacitance between each wire stand. Thus, you do not have to worry about its wear and tear.

    High-quality faux leather ear padding

    The rectangular contoured earcups, come with high quality flexible faux leather earpads and enhance your wearing experience during long music listening sessions. It also aids in lending you a fresher sound, while also attenuating external noise.

    Driver Unit-SRM-252S

    The SRM-252S has a simple design that excels in sound quality, employing the carefully selected newest high-voltage transistors and low-noise FETs.The Class-A amplifier paired with the SR-L300 reproduces exhaustively the finest nuance of music. It comes with an line input can be directly connected to the audio output terminal of any CD player, portable audio player and PC.

    What's in the box:

    • SR-L300
    • SRM-252s

  • Over-Ear

    7Hz - 41,000Hz

    Round made flat
    WIDE format configuration

    101 dB @ 1 kHz



    Two Years

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorised service center) at or +91 750 664 6988.