STAX - SRS-3100

Electrostatic Open-Back Earspeaker + Energiser

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This product is permanently discontinued by the manufacturer and continues to live on in Headphone Zone's Museum.

Unfortunately, even if we desire to, we won't be able to resurrect this product. The Museum is where we pay our respects to end-of-life, old, archived, but not forgotten products. This page was made with a lot of love and will live on for posterity. What to say, we're sentimental people. 😔

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Customer Reviews

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Rohit S (Mumbai)

Hi there, if you are considering pulling the trigger on the SRS-3100 system, please have a look at a small snippet of my experience with them:

After spending thousands of rupees on different types of headphones & IEMs over the last 10 years, I was finally in a space where I sought something which can be considered to be 'endgame' gear i.e. something which will satisfy my expectations and requirements on the reproduction of sound and prevent me from loitering around the market for new gear within a week or month of purchasing it. I prefer genres like rock, post-rock, ambient, down-tempo, classical, vocals and not into EDM, or hip-hop which would be enhanced by bass heavy headphones.

I had come across Stax a few years ago but was always put off by the price tag. However, after having researched on the way they reproduce sound (electrostats) and the (few) reviews available online, I decided to pull the trigger.

Some of the issues regarding the build quality are true and you would not expect them to be all plastic. Having said that, I felt that with a bit of care it should be manageable. The cable is long, heavy and sturdy and in general the system is not meant to be portable and best enjoyed when connected to your desktop/laptop in a fixed place. The 'energizer' unit is sturdy and made of metal and is responsible for driving the headphone appropriately. Do note that the headphone does not have a 3.5mm jack and mandatorily requires an amp/energizer to drive it. The energizer unit is powered using a 12V adapter and gets a bit warm over prolonged usage but that's nothing to worry about.

The headphones themselves are pretty comfortable to wear in my case contrary to the reviews available publicly. The pads are thin indeed but I did not face discomfort over long term usage (2-5 hours) however, your mileage may vary depending on the shape and size of the ears. The clamping force is not very strong and in general provides a comfortable fit. The headband can be further adjusted as needed to achieve the fit needed. To summarize, the headphone needs to be handled with care and you may face some discomfort over long use (I didn't).

Coming to the sound, I will refrain from using technical jargons and instead stick to describing the experience in simple words. As told above, my music taste does not involve music requiring heavy bass (which the headphone lacks). However, the bass response is tight, responsive and appropriate without overpowering the entire experience. Considering the music I listen to, I found it to suffice without leaving me wanting for more. The mids and highs are exceptional and music which has been mastered/recorded well really shines! Hearing music with vocals makes you feel like the singer is sitting right next to you. Binaural and stereo effects and other minor nitty-gritties in the song are prominently reproduced and I got to re-discover and enjoy a lot of tracks from my old catalogue. The music sounds airy with lots of detail and overall a huge leap from what I was used to!

Being open-back headphones, they offer no isolation whatsoever and consequently leak considerable sound outside and hence best enjoyed in a quiet room without too much ambient noise.

Having used the system for around a week, I can confidently recommend the Stax SRS-3100 to anyone who seeks to hear music as intended by the folks mastering//mixing them with pristine clarity.

Hey, this makes us super happy! So glad to know that you love them:) Happy listening !!

Farooq Hussain (Bengaluru)
Totally sold to STAX

I started my Audiophile journey by purchasing Fiio Q1, expecting it would improve my music listening experience. But unfortunately I could not hear any difference. Hence I brought Audio Technica ATH-MSR7, still could not hear noticable difference. Then I moved to Chord Mojo, still was not able hear noticable difference for the price I paid. Then kept trying Tin hifi T2, KZ - ZS10 PRO, BEYERDYNAMIC - DT 770 PRO, iBasso - DC01 with Balanced cable with Tin hifi T2.

I had started to believe that my hearing are not meant for audiophile gear, as I can't make out the difference between the gears I had purchased. As a last try, and as part of my collection, I thought I will buy a mid range audiophile headphones. Contacted Headphone Guru to talk about Auduze LCD-2 Classics vs LCD-X. First Varun called me and checked my preferences and schedule another call with senior member. To my suprise Raghav called me. I was also interesed in Stax, so enquired about STAX as well with Raghav and Raghav also suggested my STAX. Immedialy placed order for SRS-3100 combo.

Man they just awesome. Songs I had listened, earlier sound allt ogether different in very possitive way. There are minute details in the songs which I had never heard. Now I am able listen to songs they way they were meant to be listened to. Finally a music gear which made me feel money well spent.

Listen to dilbur[Satyameva jayate] song, on other headphone, you will feel the recording is not great, but listen through STAX it will reveal the real sound in the song.

Totally sold to STAX

Sanjay CR (Hyderabad)
End game Headphone

Happiness experienced on all frequencies. Super happy, HPZ did well delivering very quickly. Stax is a brand and experience that has been, will be and shall be referred to best sonic experience one money can buy.

Jemim Mehta (Mumbai)

I have read lot of review about SR-L300 and read lot about electrostatic sound generation tech.

Once you put on SR-L300 and press play button
First expression is WOW! & WOW! And WOW!

I played Dire Strait “Brothers in Arms” in DSD format.

Each and every Guitar string sound is on DOT.
You start hearing tiny, barely audible sounds , which I bet you have never heard before.

I've played the aforementioned album a zillion times.

But never heard shaker in background while playing song “Money for nothing”.

Drum stick unbelievably fast. No headphone can match the speed of electrostatic. It’s just the physics. You can’t do anything about it.

Sound stage is great. Bass for aficionados will not be sufficient, But I prefer straight graph.
Everything should be as it is,allowing each instruments to play its role.

I listens Safari Duo 3.0 album bass is comparable with HIFIMAN Edition XS. But I’m sure my ever green sennheiser HD650 with Tube Amp will beat STAX in this section. ( I need to compare this yet )

HIFIMAN XS and HD650 are great HP. I like them both. But LR-300 is in different class of sound.

Once you listen STAX and moment you put on another HP you start wondering where is that shaker ! You will NOT hear it.

Put back on SR-L300😊

Thanks a lot for your detailed and genuine feedback, we're glad that you have such positive thoughts about the product and we'll share your thoughts with the brand as well. It'll also help our fellow customers to make the right choice!

Aseem Chhatwal (New Delhi)
Nothing like I have ever heard before

PROS- Airy, Crisp, Amazing clarity and resolution
CONS- Sound stage lacks depth (feels like a 2D plane around your face), bass is not impactful, can be a little tiring after prolonged use

Hey Aseem, thanks a lot for this lovely review and we are glad you are enjoying it! Keep the music playing.

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Flat Sound Signature

A Flat sound signature offers an accurate presentation of sounds without adding colour to your music. Simply put, this sound signature presents audio without boosting any frequencies. As a result, it’s the most natural-sounding signature and provides the closest reproduction of how a track was recorded and produced. Due to their accurate sound reproduction, flat sound signature headphones are preferred by Music professionals, Sound Engineers and used in professional studios for mixing and mastering music tracks and are also loved by audiophiles for immersive listening sessions. You can listen to Classical, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk & possibly every genre in music.

1 Year of

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Indoor Use

Electrostatic Drivers

Electrostatic drivers use the concept of static electricity (i.e., no moving charges) to create an electric field, as opposed to drivers that work by electromagnetic force. These drivers are capable of capturing even the minutest details in your recordings. Electrostatic drivers are known for lending excellent details, treble extension and "wide" frequency response.

Open-Back Design


STAX, founded in 1938, is a Japanese company that makes high-end audio equipment. Twenty-two years later, in 1960, Stax released its first Electrostatic Earspeaker, the STAX SR-1. Over the following thirty-six years, STAX produced a variety of amplification, Earspeaker, tonearm, CD player, DAC, phono cartridge and loudspeaker products. With STAX SRS-3100, they have introduced an Earspeaker + Energiser combo. The earspeaker is STAX - SR-L300, an open-back Electrostatic Earspeaker which gets its power from the STAX - SRM-252S Energiser, which acts as a driver unit for the STAX - SR-L300. This Earspeaker and Energiser combo delivers an exceptional sonic performance with clear, transparent and flat sound with delicate highs, soothing mids and deep bass.



The SRM-252S is an Energiser for STAX Earspeakers. This driver unit works as an Amplifier/Energiser. Pair your Earspeakers with the SRM-252S and enjoy the best world of music. With its premium PRO-bias 5-pin connector, the STAX - SRM-252S serves as; an output terminal for connecting your Earspeakers. The connectable equipment is a pre-/integrated amplifier ("REC OUT '' or "PRE OUT '' terminal), CD player, cassette deck, tuner, video deck, DAT/MD deck, etc. You can directly connect line output or the headphone jack of a portable audio player to the driver unit. You can also simultaneously connect it to a loudspeaker thanks to the parallel output terminal. The "PARALLEL OUT" terminal is a direct output connected to "INPUT". To drive a loudspeaker, it can also be connected to another driver unit or an amplifier. When the Earpeakers STAX - SR-L300 are paired with SRM-252S Energiser, it brings the Earspeakers to life, delivering clean and distortion-free audio output. New high-voltage transistors and low-noise FETs are installed for the best audio experience. The emitter-follower design enables the output stage to generate a smooth and rich sound. The SRM-252S features a simple design that is high on functionality. The class-A amplification does not have any coupling capacitors allowing you to hear your music with every detail and subtle nuance. This driver unit is the size of a CD jacket case. The aluminium extrusion chassis does away with the heat caused by the inbuilt Class-A DC amplifier while, at the same time, improving its reliability.

NOTE: When the pre-/integrated amplifier connected to "PARALLEL OUT" is powered off, the sound might be distorted because of the lowered input impedance. In this case, either power on; the pre-/integrated amplifier or disconnect the cable.



The entry-level model in the Lambda series is the STAX SR-L300. Push-pull electrodes are hosted in an oval sound element. These are kept in a square outside the enclosure. The STAX - SR-L300 are very different from the conventional dynamic and planar magnetic headphones. The tonality on the STAX SR-L300 Earspeaker is smooth and layered. The STAX - SR-L300 offers outstanding bass extension, which adds depth and rumble to the sub-bass. The STAX SR-L300 has a more lively low end with lower reaching bass with sweeps without losing any detail. The midrange tuning on the STAX - SR-L300 is excellent. It’s linear throughout, with clean fundamental tones, and a good presence in the upper midrange. It has fantastic tonality, depth, and layering. Male and female vocals sound precise with body and weight to their presentation. The treble range is where the STAX SR-L300 excel, bringing subtle nuances to your recording that you had never experienced before. The treble range is excellent on the STAX - SR-L300. It’s not warm, but it’s not bright either, and overall it’s set at a level that will be comfortable for most listeners. The STAX - SR-L300 does extend nicely into the upper treble with good holographic and airy representation, properly representing all the harmonics and overtones in that region. The STAX - SR-L300 has one of the more spacious and open-sounding presentations. For soundstage width, it’s roughly on par with most open-back headphones and can convey a better sense of distance and precise instrument separation. The STAX - SR-L300 delivers exceptional layering capabilities, with all instrument and vocal lines distinguished, allowing you to experience pure sonic tranquillity.



The STAX SRM-252S driver unit is sturdy, with top-notch finishes on the shell, ports, knobs, and switches. The power switch/volume pot has a strong switching motion and is as smooth as butter. When connecting in or taking out cables, the RCA and power ports on the back of the device remain firmly in place. Four feet on the base of the unit keep it from slipping. The front panel has a simple arrangement consisting of the volume pot/power switch, power LED, and STAX pro output port. The STAX logo is printed in the centre of the plate without being overly huge and is secured in place by two hex bolts. The power LED has a great shade of green and is neither too bright nor too faint. STAX SRM-252S does not get heated up when used for a longer duration due to its heat dissipation design. The STAX SRM-252S's rear panel consists of INPUT and PARALLEL OUT for the right and left channels. The inputs can be connected to DVD-VIDEO/VIDEO DECK, CD/SACD/DVD-Audio/TUNER, CASSETTE/MD/DAT Deck, Portable-Audio Player / PC-Audio, TV, Portable-CD Player etc. The design on the STAX - SR-L300 is pretty unique and comes with a ribbon cable. It is made well with rubber-sleeving. The plug is constructed to a high standard and has an industrial feel. The housings and headband are ergonomic and nicely finished without rough or dodgy edges. This Earspeaker comes with plush artificial leather ear pads, perfect for long listening sessions. The special OFC cable has six low-capacity strands that ensure a distortion-free audio signal. You will fall in love with the uniqueness of STAX Earspeakers. Aside from the sound they make, they draw attention and are striking.

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this STAX - SRS-3100 comes with a 1 Year warranty from STAX that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about STAX's warranty in India.

Japanese Electrostatic Pioneers From 1938

Stax, founded in 1938, is a Japanese company that makes high-end audio equipment. Twenty-two years later, in 1960, Stax released their first electrostatic earspeaker, the Stax SR-1. Over the following thirty-six years, Stax produced a variety of amplification, earspeaker, tonearm, CD player, DAC, phono cartridge and loudspeaker products.

Stax is best known for its electrostatic and electret headphones, which they call earspeakers. Electrostatic headphones work similarly to electrostatic loudspeakers but on a smaller scale. In 1995, fifty-seven years after the company’s foundation, it became insolvent. The company was revived in 1996 as the new STAX company. In December 2011, Chinese loudspeaker manufacturer Edifier announced the acquisition of 100% equity in Stax.

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