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Getting your right Fit with Earphones

Getting your right Fit with Earphones


Comfort is one of the factors to consider when looking for a headphone and enhancing your music listening experience. We at Headphone Zone believe that your in-ear headphones must provide ample comfort in the form of their eartips. The advantage of choosing the right eartip is that they provide better noise isolation and increased clarity even at lower volumes. The right eartips are required to go with your in-ear earphones. Experiencing earache amongst music enthusiasts after extended listening sessions is a common problem. For this reason, we shouldn't undermine the value of an eartip that could fit like a dream as if you were not wearing earphones at all.


But enough about comfort, what else does eartip offer? The obvious answer is better noise isolation. If you don't have a big budget to spend on Active Noise Cancelling Headphones and live in a bustling environment, you deserve to have eartips that provide decent passive noise isolation. With an earphone that offers a snug fit, ambient and external noises will be isolated, allowing you to experience every element in your music. The easiest way to achieve this is with quality eartips.


Some brands innovate their in-ears to include an angled eartip that adds to the ergonomics of the earphones. Keeping design aesthetics and looks in one place, only an eartip can compensate for the lack of a good fit. Knowing this, let's check out the different kinds of eartip styles available today that will help you make the right decision when shopping for earphones:



These are the most commonly found ear tips and come bundled with your earphones. Conventional silicone plastic sleeves vary in sizes from small, medium and large. Most consumer electronics manufacturers like Sony and premium headphone brands like JAYS and Shure opt to include silicone ear tips. As soft and comfortable as you may feel silicone ear tips are, there's always something better, ain't there?



Simply put, double flange eartips are intricately contoured ear gels that provide an accurate fit inside an ear canal. They are silicone sleeves revamped to be more comfort-oriented by feeling not only softer inside your ears but designed anatomically to reduce ear fatigue and allow for longer listening sessions. Triple Flange ear tips nearly cancel every noise outside by isolating the ear from your surroundings.



To achieve a better fit from your earphones while busy with your everyday lifestyle, choose ear hooks! As they convey by their name, ear hooks, hook your earphones inside your ear with a small curved design that fits into the outer part of your ear. To add to this, Ear Hooks are washable and waterproof to keep them hygienic. Sports earphones feature Ear hooks inbox.


Pioneering technology has presented us with Memory Foam ear tips, which take the shape of your ears. Comply, a manufacturing company with experts of 20 years in clinical, PhD level in-ear expertise, raises the bar of expectations when it comes to comfort from your earphones. Comply has achieved this by introducing a unique, breathable, viscoelastic foam, which is 30 times softer than the standard silicone tips.


With the TSX comfort series and the option to select from Sport, Isolation and Comfort, you get the choice of getting the perfect fit that is well suited for your lifestyle. Other than five sizes of ear tips, these memory foams get comfortable with your ears. In addition, you can wash them whenever they are unclean and dry them out.

  • For someone who leads an active lifestyle, Comply Sports series is the best fit.
  • If you're tired of listening to the ambient noise around you, plug in the Comply Isolation series memory foam.
  • When you're in the mood for music and leisure is at your beck, get the Comfort series to listen longer with a soft and comfortable fit.

Before you get a Comply tip, check the core size your in-ears have.

Get to experience every design with the Comply Variety pack.

So there you have it, the perfect ear tip is just an order away at Headphone Zone. From Comply in the aforementioned styles of Active, Isolation or Comfort to a variety of silicone tips, we have curated a selection that will help you get the best fit from your earphones. For the Comply tips, make sure you read through our Compatibility Chart to determine what line of tips will suit your device. Alternatively, you may consult Comply's Tip Finder to find the right eartip, an essential accessory for your in-ear earphones.

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