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  • The Short Story

    Ideal for

    Ideal for

    Best Suited for
    Portable Use

    Best for
    Indoor Use

    Bluetooth with

    AKM 4490 DAC

    Upto 256GB
    of Storage

    12 Hours of
    Battery Life

    Wireless Range
    of 33 Feet

    1 Year of

    Designed in

  • The Long Story

    N3:The Master Quality Digital Audio Player

    Cayin is a premium audio brand hailing from China. They released their latest audio player, the Cayin N3 at CanJAM New York in February 2017. Now availaible in India to provide the best of audio and most interesting colours.

    Aluminum Chassis with Pleather Back

    The N3 makes for a design that is not only functional but also friendly. The feel-good solid, tender aluminum chassis with a pleather back makes for the perfect DAP that can be carried anywhere without the worries of wear and tear. The dimensions are pocket-friendly and makes the N3 fit anywhere without taking any extra space.

    OTG: Big Expansion with Small Adaptor

    You can further expand the N3's memory by adding a USB storage device to the OTG slot provided in the N3. The OTG can directly play your music from the USB device so that you don't need to practically have all your favourite songs in one device to listen to pure lossless music.

    Functions as a USB Audio DAC

    The Cayin N3 can easily act as a USB audio DAC for your mobile and computer devices. It can support upto PCM 24bit/ 192kHZ and DSD 64/128. The capability of acting as multiple devices is what makes the N3 unique. Further with the help of a Type-C connector you can receive two digital outputs.

    Intuitive GUI

    The interface of the N3 is user-friendly and intuitive. The transparent touch controls let you easily handle and switch music tracks. The capacitive touch controls provide mild feedback when you touch the control buttons, giving you an overall intuitive experience.



    Make your Phone a Hi-Res Audio Player

    Cayin and HiBy Music have collaborated to bring a link feature that helps you connect your phone to the N3 DAP. Read more about this here.

    Link your Cayin N3



    12 Hours of Continuous Playback

    Never miss out on your music ever again. With the Cayin N3 DAP, you get an astounding battery life of 12 hours and a standby time of 200 hours. The charging technology further lets you the DAP recharge quickly and get going again.

    Attractive colors to go along with technology

    If the technologies used weren't enough to make you happy, the N3 also comes in amazing color options to choose from. You can go with the monochromatic black or vibrant Cyan and Red according to your choices.


  • Specifications

    CHARGING TIME 2 hours
    DISPLAY SCREEN 2.4" at 400*360
    BLUETOOTH v4.0 with aptX
    EXTERNAL STORAGE TF x 1 (upto 256GB)
    OUTPUT CONNECTORS 3.5 mm and USB Type-C
    DIMENSIONS 54 mm×100 mm×13 mm(WxDxH)
    WEIGHT 16g
    POWER RATING 130mW+130mW(@32Ω)
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20-20kHz(±0.3dB,Fs=192kHz)5-50kHz(±2dB,Fs=192kHz
    THD+N 0.006% (1kHz,Fs=44.1kHz;20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)
    DYNAMIC RANGE 108dB(20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)
    SNR 108dB(20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)
    LINE OUT 1.0V
    THD+N 0.03%
    DSD DSD64/DSD128 (Native, DoP, D2P)
    PCM 16-24Bit/8-192kHz
    WINDOWS Supported (Cayin USB Ausio Driver required)
    MAC OSx Supported (Driver not required)
    ios Not Supported
    USB Asynchronized USB AUDIO Class 2.0
    DSD DSD64/DSD128 (DoP, D2P)
    PCM Upto 24Bit/192kHz
    3 GAIN STAGES High, Mid, Low
    DSD DSD64
    PCM Upto 24Bit/192kHz
    OUTPUT LEVEL 0.5Vp-p
    BOX CONTENTS Cayin - N3 Digital Audio Player
    Type-C USB Charging Cable
    1 Silicone Case
    2 sheets of Screen protector
  • Warranty

    Don’t sweat it, This Cayin product is covered by a 1 Year manufacturer's warranty.
    Learn more

  • What the Press Say

    "There are very few, if any, DAPs at this price range that can do what the N3 can do in terms of audio quality and BT connectivity."



    "The N3 sounds great and it really is a killer DAP for an excellent price. Looking at its navigation, the N3, with the Hiby player software, is more “back to basics” but connectivity- and sound wise this little DAP really rocks."


  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 Year 1 year
Volume Controls 2-Button Analog wheel Buttons 2-Button
Battery Life 
 12 Hours 15 Hours 45 Hours 10 Hours
Carry pouch No No
Should You Buy?
Our Verdict

An entry-level Digital Audio Player from Cayin which can also be used as an USB DAC & SPDIF Signal Transmitter.

An ultra-compact budget-friendly player with a 1.54-inch touchscreen and Native DSD support.

Get your hands on the latest music player with amazing 48 hours of battery life and seamless bluetooth streaming.

A well-built Hi-Res player with an easy-to-use navigation dial, astounding sound stage and high sonic quality.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
N3 is a stellar sounding DAP packed with a lot of features

Cayin n3 is a must have accessory for your portable music system. "Why" you asked?
+ Great sonic capabilities out of the box
+ Great transport dap i.e. n3 can be used as a source for other dac using usb c otg adaptor
+ USB DAC functionality
+ Storage 256gb via micro sd
+ 11 hour usage on a 2 hour charge
+ Two way Bluetooth i.e. recieving and transmitting capability
+ Music library of around 1200 FLAC files got updated within 40 seconds
+ Great value for money

- Frequent mistaps on touch buttons while pressing enter key
- Navigation through UI using touch buttons is not a pleasing process
- Weird is the only word to describe it's EQ. It's a 10 band EQ ranging from +6db to -6bd and yet its different than your usual 10 band EQ's. It's not unusable, it just takes some getting used to
- BT transmission is lossy even with that aptx marketing, so tidal users, be aware
- There's a sound lag while starting music from bt. That lag doesn't occur in continuation but after reconnecting bt, that one time startup lag occurs again
- Build quality is good but it doesn't look attractive
- When connected to pc as usb storage, data transfer rates are slow

So far, every negative that is mentioned can be worked with. For example - for the mistaps on touch buttons, one need not use these buttons at all because all of n3's stored music can be accessed and played from a smartphone using hiby link.

Vs fiiio x3 iii
At first, I was planning on buying fiio x3 iii which is available at 13k on amazon after a 35% price discount but then I noticed that fiio x3 iii can not be used as a transport dap which led me to buy n3

I've taken out 40 minutes of my precious time to write this short review to make sure anyone looking into n3 doesn't miss out even on a single detail

Thanks hpz for such a fast product delivery at around 60 hours from the time of placing order :)

Versatile little DAP

I have never used a DAP extensively, this is the first one that I have bought, so it will be impossible to draw parallels with immediate competition.
Cayin's N3 is a very versatile little thing full of features and amazing connectivity options.Difficult to find interconnect for Mojo though
It's a compact device, I had not expected it to be so small, the build quality is decent. The buttons feel a bit plastic but do their job well. User interface is simple and easy to use.
Very quiet, clear sound tends towards the warmer side of neutral, Bass is tight however doesn't extend overly deep, not bad overall.
Power is adequate for iems even at L gain setting. In fact M and H add a synthetic kind of clarity and sparkle to the upper mids and highs, that's more obvious in the H setting, I didn't like that at all, sounds too synthetic. The upper mids and the highs kind of overlap each other.
Wish the sound was wider like the Mojo, actually the width is decent not bad at all, just that the Mojo has spoilt me.
Compared to the Fiio E18, the N3 sounds definitely clear, the resolution and separation is better. However the Fiio has a better punch and has spaciousness to it.

Compared to the Mojo the N3's sonic disabilities come to the fore almost on all counts. What is most obvious is the lack of power to drive full size headphones. The N3 struggles to drive my old 50's I need to crank up the volume to 80-85 % range. I initially thought raising the gain level to M or H would help. It does boost the power but the loss of clarity in the higher frequencies is a deal breaker. It's a complete no go for direct use with the Audeze EL8, it just cannot drive them. A dedicated amp is necessary for full size headphones.

For me the main purpose of the N3 is that of a transport for my Mojo. In fact I got 2 N3's one for my wife's Fiio E18 as well. The N3 does all the things the Chord Poly does that I need at 1/4th the price. It is awesome with the Fiio, it adds to the Fiio's c...

Wow Prabeer, it's always good to hear from you. That was an awesome review. You really should start blogging :) Thank you for writing in!
Unbelievable Little DAP

Buy it without a second thought...no comparison with fiio X1 2nd Gen...Tonality & Warmth is quiet similar to Fiio X3 2nd Gen...But all the other features like Apt X gives it an edge over other products in this price range...using it as DAC requires desktop software...UI is quiet easy & breezy...Sound signature is really revealing & bit on warmer side..soundstage is quiet similar to AK Jr..a little less though...but what a product in this category...fun to stream tidal through phone in to this with a little less annoying lag...build is also OK...not seems like gonna last forever like other DAPs...overall really happy with the buy...quick delivery by HZ...CAYIN did it again !!!

Good stuff

Really good at what it does which is to deliver hi res music. Using it with the Amiron at the moment with no real issues.
One thing which could've been better is to have the buttons with a backlight but it's not really a hurdle.

Awesome device and very easy to setup and use

Simple is a terms which is a understatement for this device, I have been using this device for a week now and I must tell you I love the way this device has been performing, the clarity from this device is amazing, I connected my sennheiser M2 in ear and was amazed with the kind of clarity I got with this device. I would recommend this for all my friends, I have stopped listening to my music from mobile and shifted over to this player.
Thank you Headphonezone for prompt deliver and service.

Cayin N3 - Awesome package and value for money

This is my First DAP and beginners luck was on play. An awesome DAP with more awesome price tag. Let me share my experience with it till now.
UI and Build:
At first it was difficult to get used to Non-touch device after using touch phones for a long time now. Once settled, in a day or two, the UI was very intuitive and responsive. It's worth downloading HiBy Music on Android phones (to use HiByLink), one can organize the playlist, music library easily on a touch enabled android phone. It is not available as of now on IOS. Only problem I faced was with small physical buttons on the sides, which gets pressed unintentionally every now and then due to the small size of the DAP itself. The pleather back is not that attractive as it looks in pics, but better than a surface which can gets scratch easily.
SoundQuality is the strongest point of N3. I mostly use it with low impedance earbuds/IEMs/headphones. It sounded very powerful with my sennheiser momentum 2s. The combination was very good for getting powerful Mids. It also paired well with ATH-E40 and VE Monk earbuds. N3 is not a neutral sounding DAP, has a smooth warm sound. Sub Bass is well handled. It also presents nice Clarity.
For me, It produces a highly musical sound that is difficult to beat at this price point.

Nice review! Really awesome. Good luck on your path to become an audiophile. You have got a good start with the Cayin N3, awesome decision! You being a member of our Indian Audiophile Forum will surely help you become a full fledged audiophile :)