FiiO - KA5

Portable USB DAC & Amp

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FiiO introduces KA5, the highly classy USB DAC & Amp. It is a Hi-Res DAC capable of reproducing subtle nuances in your recording and making them come to life. It is powerful yet has black background i.e even at higher volumes you will not notice any distortion. FiiO has made the KA5 compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is also compatible with Windows and MAC devices. It is sure to surprise you and keep you engaged with your music. Music has never sounded so engaging and full-bodied!



The FiiO KA5 features Cirrus Logic CS43198 DACs, known for their efficiency and ability to sound good with a wide variety of music, to give you a serious upgrade to the sound. The FiiO KA5 supports up to 32bit/768kHz PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) and DSD256 (Direct Stream Digital) decoding, allowing you to dig into and listen to the heart of your music, no matter what device you may have it connected to. Get an immersive listening experience with the all-new KA5!



The FiiO KA5 utilises a 6-layer immersion gold PCB and high-performance ultra-low-noise opamps for powerful, robust sound. It features dual 8261 amplifiers for an even more immersive listening experience. The KA5 offers an output power of 122mW at 32Ω load (Single-ended) and 265mW at 32Ω load Balanced.



The aggressive lines of the KA5 give it a bold look, while the carefully designed texture makes it a joy to handle. The 3.5mm output supports SPDIF output. After enabling the SPDIF output in the settings menu (Companion app), the USB audio signals can be converted to SPDIF signals. Connect the KA5 to a higher-end external decoder to set up a better audio system. Besides the local KA5 operating system, you can use the FiiO Control App to take control of the KA5.
app app

NOTE: The KA5 can only be controlled through the FiiO Control app on an Android device.



Despite the KA5's compact size, it packs a ton of functionality - such as high and low gain, five selectable filters, L/R cha balance, and screen flip. Let the KA5 redefine what a tiny audio dongle can do for you. The KA5 supports UAC2.0 and UAC1.0 modes. With the UAC 1.0 mode, you can connect the KA5 to the Switch and other various devices, allowing you to experience rich and detailed sound effects that make your gaming and listening sessions more immersive and engaging.



The OLED display and physical buttons make navigating the settings menu and looking at the playback display more straightforward and intuitive. In addition, the KA5's built-in MCU processor handles complex operations, further making the KA5 a joy to use. The buttons have two modes for you to have complete control over playback. In A mode, short press once to increase volume 1 level, long press for 2 seconds to play the previous track, and press to go page up in the settings menu. Volume- button acts in the opposite way. In B mode, short press once to play the previous track, long press to increase volume, and press to go page up in the settings menu. Volume- button acts in the opposite way. The KA5 features a detachable cable design, which allows you to switch between the included custom Type-C and Lightning OTG adapter cables depending on your source devices.

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this FiiO - KA5 comes with a 1 Year warranty from FiiO that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about FiiO's warranty in India.

Inspiring Audio Excellence Worldwide

FiiO creates high-quality music gear like DACs, Music Players, and Amplifiers at affordable prices, appealing to music lovers worldwide. With a presence in India via its FiiO India website and global availability on various platforms, FiiO focuses on user needs and innovation to deliver exceptional audio solutions. Their product range, spanning players, speakers, earphones, and DAC & Amp, aims to inspire with soulful music experiences.

Fun fact:The brand name FiiO is composed of Fi (fidelity from HiFi) and iO (number 1&0), representing the convenience that the digital world brings to life.

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PA Awards

HFN Recommended

March, 2023


"Sound-wise, it’s better on every level, polishing the previous formula with various enhancements like tougher lows, or a wider but sharper soundstage. "

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"From the configuration design, the aggressive lines of the KA5 give it a bold look, while the carefully designed texture makes it a joy to handle."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Sampath Kumar (Mumbai)
Not for iphones

Does not work with iPhone but is good for android. Amp is very good.

We really appreciate the genuine feedback, we'll share your thoughts with the brand as well!

Ashutosh (Bhopal)
Doesn't work well with iPhone or iPad pro ; a bit disappointed, had to return

I did not get a good experience using this dac with my iOS devices through Fiio FD 3 pro. It does not make any difference to the sound quality of even hi res music played through iOS devices. I had to return this to HPZ and looking for a good replacement option.

Although it worked great with my android devices. So this is not going to disappoint to an android user. This works really well with android and sound output for android is awesome specially through 4.4 mm port.

Hey there, it's sad to see that the product is not meeting your expectations. It seems that our support team has helped you resolve this issue and we hope you found something that better suit your preferences.

GB Rao (Pune)
Fiio Ka 5

Initial 2 day's experience was with 1 custom Jr thru 3.5mm was disenchanting. Was kind of thinking whether it was a wrong purchase. The 3rd day however, when I plugged Fiio Fh9 (my Star performer) in 4.4mm balanced, I was enchanted! Keeping the volume near minimum was enough. Mid range as well as lower and upper range Clarity, instrument separation and the enveloping presence is indeed impressive. The pump and power of Ka5 was distinct and evident

Hey GB, thank you so much for the awesome review!

Keisham Meitei (Shillong)
My would be end game dac for years

After making a lot of research - through forums, youtube, reading users' comments everywhere, I bought this masterpiece. I can't find any negative comments about this dac anywhere.
I am not an audiophile but I love listening to good quality music. I don't have any other dac to compare with. Lg g6 and Lg v30+, which have ess sabre quac dac, are my audio sources. They are very good but my Ath-m50x, Ath-M40x don't sound well, I think, may be because of lack of power. But, Fiio ka5 brings my pairs of headphones to life. What a sound, yaar! it seems like I am in heaven. It is a huge improvement over my previous sources. I don't have much idea about technical aspects of sounds but I simply judge it by listening to them. It has 5 sound filters which offer different sound signatures, at least, to my ears.
Build quality is fantastic, oled display indicates every information required and the 3-buttons can do everything without the need of Fiio control app. I personally like the volume control hold feature to go to previous or next track which is very convenient.
Only con I can find is its compatibility to smartphones when using it in usb exclusive mode. My LGs don't have any issue with it. But, with my Oppo reno10x zoom & Techno phantom X2, playback pauses for half a second frequently. I was about to return the dac because I thought I got a defective piece as I tried it in usb exclusive mode at first. I keep on researching various websites about how to solve the problem. Later, I found on fiio website that they are working on it. It turns out to be a software issue. They may solve it in the future firmware update. Even if they don't solve it, I will still keep it on account of its astonishing sound quality, as in normal mode, everything is fine and perfect.
Considering its build, display, convenience, power and most importantly, its sound, it's worth every single penny.
Edit - USB exclusive mode works perfectly with Neutron Music Player.

Thanks a lot for your detailed and genuine feedback, we're glad that you have such positive thoughts about the product and we'll share your thoughts with the brand as well. It'll also help our fellow customers to make the right choice!

Vinayak (Bengaluru)
Better than Q11. Endgame portable DAC with desktop DAC like performance

I own several AMP/DACs like the Astell and Kern XB10, Shanling UP4, Venture Electronics Avani and Abigail dongle DACs, Fiio BTA30 Pro, Fiio Q11, even a Fiio UTWS5 bluetooth AMP/DAC and finally the Fiio KA5.

Out of all of these, if I had to pick the best ones I've used (without considering price), it'd have to be the BTA30 Pro and the KA5. The BTA30 Pro is a desktop DAC with no AMP and I use it with a iFi ZEN Air CAN headphone amplifier and it sounds wonderful.

So imagine my surprise when the KA5 sounds just as beautiful, musical and impactful as my BTA30 Pro + iFi Zen Air CAN stack! Sure, it's not as LOUD but the thing runs off of USB power which is just limited to 500mA and still manges to get VERY LOUD even when powering a Hifiman Sundara on the balanced 4.4mm port.

Since I also have the Q11, I connected my Sundaras to the Q11 as well and they're marginally louder than the KA5. It's noticeable sure but it's not nearly loud enough to justify carrying the bulky Q11 around especially when it claims 650mW @ 32Ω of output power from the balanced 4.4mm output.

Don't get the wrong, the Q11 has its uses. Mainly it comes with a battery so you don't have to drain your phone while listening to music. However, despite being noticeably LOUDER than the KA5, the Q11 doesn't sound BETTER. The KA5 is noticeably more musical. I don't understand any audiphile words so I'm going to describe it the way I experience it. The Q11 sounds a bit artificial and the sound is 'in your face' while the KA5's sound sounds a bit further away and you can hear and 'feel' the nuance in the music that you can't from the Q11.

For instance, listening to my favorite EDM tracks, it almost feels like I'm right there in Goa grooving to those tracks when I first heard them in that dimly lit shack on the beach with the DJ blasting that song. With the Q11, don't get me wrong, it sounds marvellous as well but it doesn't have the nuance and details of the KA5 which makes it feel like 'you're right there'. Instead with the Q11, it sounds like you're having a really high quality listening experience but it's more 'clinical' and you can't 'feel' or 'connect' with the music and hear/feel the little things as much as you can with the KA5.

In conclusion, both are excellent DAC/AMPs but for me, the KA5 is just on another level. With the KA5, I can 'feel' and enjoy my music far more than I can with the Q11.

Now coming to the BTA30 Pro + Zen Air CAN, it's superior to the KA5 in that the setup can get louder and I essentially get the same sound quality and 'feeling' from this setup as well BUT it's a desktop setup that far too big and bulky and requires a power adapter, etc. Basically, you can't take it with you and with the KA5, you can experience almost the same thing when you're out with just your phone!

All of my experience has been with Spotify set to stream and download tracks at the highest quality level ("Very high"). I do not use FLAC, WAV, DSD, Tidal or what not. I don't believe in them and frankly, it's way more of a headache than I'm prepared for. I can happily say that the KA5 makes a noticeable difference even if you're someone like me who just uses Spotify and Youtube and doesn't bother with all the FLAC, WAC, MQA, DSD, Tidal, 100+ MB lossless audio file nonsense.

I used the KA5 and the Q11 with Hifiman Sundaras, 7Hz Timeless, Moondrop Chu, Moondrop Aria and QKZ x HBB IEMs. I plan to get a Moondrop Blessing 3 "Dusk edition" when it releases and try it with those as well but that'll have to wait. The KA5 gets loud enough to drive ALL of these IEMs and headphones to hearing loss levels of loudness (yes, even the Sundaras) when used with the 4.4mm balanced output so I do not for a second believe anyone who claims they're not loud enough.

As for the difference between the Q11 and KA5 in one sentence, the KA5 is far lighter and more musical and 'resolving' than the Q11 while the Q11 is more 'clinical' and comes with a giant battery. The Q11 has the same DAC in it as the KA5 but it has only one instead of two in the KA5 and maybe that's why the KA5 sounds more musical but trust me, there's a difference and it's very noticeable.

As for battery drain, since the KA5 uses USB power off of the host (computer or your phone) to power itself, it will drain your phone significantly faster than the Q11 will since the Q11 has it's own power source. In my testing with a USB multimeter, when being used as a UAC 2.0 device in Class AB mode, I noticed that the KA5 draws about 164mA (max) of current while it draws 156mA (max) in Class H mode. There's no difference in audio quality with either of these modes so I don't see any reason why anyone would want to use Class AB mode and get their phone battery drained even faster.

In my testing with a USB multimeter, it used about 1569 mAh (7903 mWh) in about 10 hours when connected to my PC as a UAC 2.0 audio device in Class H mode drawing about 155 mA current on average at 5.054 volts.

Thanks a lot for your detailed and genuine feedback, we're glad that you have such positive thoughts about the product and we'll share your thoughts with the brand as well. It'll also help our fellow customers to make the right choice!