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HiFiMAN - HE1000

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HiFiMAN's HE1000; the ultimate flagship headphones from HiFiMAN, have been described as redefining planar magnetic headphones by making the best in the world.

Seven years of research and devotion has gone into this revolutionary design that offers almost perfect reproduction of live music.An innovative pair with several great innovative designs, these open-back headphones are the first in the world to have diaphragm thickness innanometers.

To me, the Hifiman HE-1000, is the best headphone of 2015. - Lieven, Headfonia

The beautiful aluminium and soft velour on the earups lend this pair a gorgeous look and feel. Patented 'window shade' system, optimizes open back design while protecting drivers effectively. Durably built, it is highly evident that HiFiman has built the HE1000 with great enthusiasm 

Meticulously crafted and quality checked by hand, the HE1000 is the pinnacle of audio luxury.

  • "The Best Headphones in the World"

    Rightly named, there is very little that the HiFiMAN HE1000 cannot do when it comes to sound performance.  Having an open-back circumaural design, certainly these headphones weren't made for the outdoors as the leak sound enough to disturb the next person. That said, the pluses outrun the minuses and they possibly are the best headphones, yet.

    HiFiMAN's Truly Reference Headphones

    The tonality of the HE-1000, being a reference level headphone, is to the neutral side.  Hifiman however has added good body to the sound while the sound stage is quite wide and deep with great layering found from the lows to the highs. The sound is very natural and musical with great dynamics, precision and extremely good vocal presentation.

    First Diaphragm With Nanometer Thickness

    The HiFiMAN HE1000 delivers faster response and extremely low distortion with the help of the first diaphragm in the world with nanometer thickness, which is extremely low on mass. The diaphragms are made of nanograde material.

    Nanograde Diaphragm for Perfect Dynamic Response

    Nanometer-thick diaphragm, extremely high in tenacity and low in mass, guarantees perfect dynamic response. It's so thin that it is invisible to the naked eye!

    Advanced Asymmetrical Magnetic Circuit 

    HiFiMAN’s advanced non-symmetrical planar driver features a reduced size of the inner magnetic array, thereby optimizing the sound channel to bring more vivid and true-to-life reproduction of live music.

    Patented 'Window Shade' System

    HiFiMAN's 'Window Shade' system has been created to meet their requirement for driver protection and optimized open-back design. This reduces sound reflection to gain wider sound stage. Brilliant reproduction with an excellent resolution provides greater analytical and detailed sound signature like no other.

    Meticulously Crafted & Quality Checked by Hand

    The HE1000's unique design, exceptional utility and exquisite craftsmanship makes it an exquisite luxury item that has revolutionized the audio industry. Each HE1000 has been crafted with the utmost care to detail and has been checked individually to ensure perfection in each piece.

    Ergonomic and Comfortable Design

    With the help of the most comfortable, durable and luxurious materials, the HE1000 has been shaped to suit all head shapes in the most ergonomic form. The pads used on the HE-1000 are slightly asymmetric shaped, are very soft, feel great on your skin and spread pressure evenly on your jaw. The perforated leather headband also rests on your head spreads the weight evenly, making the headphone almost disappear!

    Luxurious Leather and Aluminium

    Hifiman used the same headband system they introduced with the HE400i in the HE1000, only the materials used now are beautiful aluminum and soft leather and velour. The new grills give the HE-1000 an attractive industrial look, that reflects its durability & uniqueness.

    Cables and Connectors

    The HE1000 doesn't come with the screw on connectors Hifiman is so famous for; instead they have been replaced with simple 2.5mm plug-in connectors. It also come with 3 different cable terminations: 3.5mm for use with mobile devices, 6.3mm for your regular desktop amplifier and a 4-pin XLR termination for a balanced output.

    What's in the box:

    • HiFiMAN - HE1000 Headphones
    • 3.5mm, ¼” (6.35 mm) and 4-pin XLR connector
    • Headphone Cables (3m for 6.35mm, 3m for 4 - pin XLR, 1.5m for 3.5mm)

  • Over-Ear
    8Hz – 65kHz

    35 +/- 3 Ω


    480 g


    Three Years

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and  Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorised service center) at or +91 750 664 6988.

  • "To me, the Hifiman HE-1000, is the best headphone of 2015. Is it expensive? Yes, sure it is. $3000USD is a lot of money and buys you a whole bunch of other headphones. Is it worth it?"
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    "Thus far the HE1000 is the best set of headphones I have put on my head in the last 5 years that is not called Stax or Orpheus. It is by far the best of many worlds in planar technology and sound."
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    "Presence of all those qualities often antithetical that until now considered mutually exclusive in a headset (aka it is an absolute headphone)"
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