Kefine - Delci

In-ears With 1 Dynamic Driver

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Don't sweat it, this Kefine - Delci comes with a 1 Year warranty from KEFINE that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

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Designed in China

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Kefince launches its new in-ear monitor in the audiophile realm. The all-new Defiance Delci features a 10mm DLC+PU diaphragm dynamic driver for exceptional audio performance. It's designed with the DLC diaphragm to deliver high-quality sound and equips a dual-cavity driver to ensure powerful bass. Kefine has designed the Delci with a lightweight and elegant design crafted through CNC machining, combining durability with stylish housing. The Kefine Delci comes bundled with a matching cable and an interchangeable design for added convenience and versatility.



The Kefine Delci features a 10mm dynamic driver crafted from DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) and PU composite materials. Kefine chose this driver configuration to accurately reproduce your music with a clear and impactful sound signature. The Kefine Dleci aims to produce enhanced treble definition and energy with the help of a DLC diaphragm, while the PU and dual-cavity driver design produce rich, deep bass and a balanced sound. This combination in the Kefine Delici results in high-resolution audio with immersive bass without harshness, providing clear mids, smooth treble and a captivating soundstage that elevates your music experience.



Kefine has crafted the Delci into a lightweight and ergonomic design. It is lighter than IEMs and earphones constructed with metal injection. The housing of Kefine Delci is crafted from a single piece of aluminium alloy using CNC machining. Which is not only exceptionally light but also ensures a comfortable wearing experience for extended wearing scenarios. The precise machining, polishing and anodizing process give the Kefine Delci a beautiful gunmetal finish, showcasing elegance and high-end build quality while eliminating concerns about scratching or paint damage.



The Kefine Delci comes bundled with a matching detachable audio cable and practical accessories. The dual-colour audio cable, made of 164 copper wires in a 54x2+28x2 configuration, features a 2-pin interchangeable design and a 3.4mm SE termination. Through extensive testing, Kefine has ensured the cable's balanced sound complements the DLC diaphragm, delivering warm, rich tones with clarity. Its detachable nature allows you to further upgrade cables or for hassle-free maintenance purposes. Kefine also provides six pairs of additional ear tips in two sizes, allowing you to choose the ideal fit with your Delci. Also, a carrying case is included for easy and convenient storage of your Kefine Delci.

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Kefine - Delci comes with a 1 Year warranty from KEFINE that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about KEFINE's warranty in India.


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March, 2024

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"Impactul, controlled bass,Articulate, rich mids,Accurate, non-fatiguing treble,it sounds great with its balanced yet bold and technically adept presentation."

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"Build quality is outstanding, utilizing a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy construction with precision CNC machining for a seamless, premium feel. Ergonomics have been carefully tuned as well."

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"Comfortable and Elegant Aluminium Design Nicely packaged with full of great accessories Tight, Punchy sub-bass expression with Clear highs Affordable price."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A.S. (Alappuzha)
Budget Beast

Headphone Zone was my first stepping stone when i came to know more about the term audiophile and high resolution music.
Still in the beginner phase and by no means a hardcore audiophile yet.
So, I was in a search for a musical IEM as my old work horse soundMagic E80C was in its last breath and it was not available to buy anywhere. My companionship with soundMagic stated from 2016 with their e18s as almost all other headsets gave me headache with either too much bass or harsh treble sounds. All soundMagics I have used was good for me in that sense.
Combining E80C and iBasso DC05 was a learning experience for me to enter into hi-res audio world.
I was bit confused with what should be the upgrade for my E80C. I became a regular visitor to headphone zone for finding what could be my potential new companion. After so much back and forth search and research I was considering Truthhear Hexa, Simgot EA500, Simgot EA500 LM, Oriveti - OD100. Searching through numerous reviews and comparisons I was opting for Truthhear Hexa, partially because I am not a big fan of flashy colors and designs.
That's where I found Kefine Delci in the coming soon section and this seemed to be a perfect replacement for me as it ticked most of my requirement boxes after going through reviews from YouTube and blogs.

Kefine Delci:

The build of Delci is excellent with alloy construction and the cable is also quite good. Delci comes with few pairs of silicon tips which again not white (Thank god!).
The gunmetal finish and color scheme of wire and IEM base complement each other (if you are like me, who doesn't like flashy designs).

As I have been exposed to only soundMagic E80C that was my benchmark. And the Delci definitely performed above that benchmark for me.
The bass is tight and punchy without being too much weight on the ears.
Mids and vocals are well exposed but sometimes the bass and high notes shadows it a bit because of the U shape signature.

Treble has enough details for my taste as I am very sensitive to harsh treble sound and instantly will feel fatigue and headache. In the first listen, I had to go through many tracks to confirm that Delci is suitable for me. Not an expert to comment on more technicalities but I felt the E80C has a bit more wide soundstage and spaciousness.

Overall I would say, with initial discounted price of 5990/-, Kefine Delci is a beast to consider if you are looking for a well built, non-flashy, musically sounding IEM which you want to carry around everyday.

And kudos to headphone zone for their efforts to bring best quality products to us

Ajith S

Hey there, thanks a lot for your amazing review!

Sree Hari GK (Hyderabad)

Loving it

Hey there, thank you for the awesome ratings!

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