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Koss - KSC75


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  • Accurate Sound and Wide Frequency Response

    These headphones provide accurate & clear sound quality and reproduction across an exceptionally wide frequency range of 15-25000 Hz.

    Ultra Portable

    The Koss KSC75 on-ear headphones are very lightweight and ultra portable. They can easily fit into your pockets after you're done using them.


    The KSC75 can be comfortably clipped on your ears and fits securely for all your daily sports needs. The pivoting earplates also provide a better fit than most clips.

    Spatial Awareness

    The open-air cushions of these headphones provide a hear-through sound keeping listeners aware of their surroundings while delivering exceptional sound

  • Specifications

    Impedence 60 ohms
    Sensitivity 101 dB
    Frequency Response 15-25,000 Hz
    THD 0.2 %
    Wired Connection 3.5mm
    Microphone No
    Compatibility Universal
    Wearing Style On-ear
    Grill Closed Back
    Koss - KSC75 Headphones
    4 foot cord with gold-flashed 3.5 mm (1/8") plug
    Pivoting clips


    Don’t sweat it, This Koss product is covered by a 1 Year manufacturer's warranty.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Everyone should at least try this one.

I knew these are highly rated. But I wasn't expecting it would be this awesome.

The best part is the comfort. I have been wearing spectacles for nearly all my life, these feel natural and light. These just disappear on ear. Though for someone with a bit weird ear shape it may be a bit finicky to stay on ear. Though it is not that easy to wear though.

The sound. This is quite similar to HD 598s.the mids are exactly similar. The highs are bit more pronounced on these. The lower bass are not as pronounced as the 598.but the mid bass is clean and is quite nicely defined. The soundstage is quite wide, not as wide as the 598. But the imaging is actually quite spot on. I seriously wasn't expecting this. This is a winner.

The build is where the story is not quite as positive. The wire feels cheap and it may come off easily. This thing should be handled with care.

Seriously I bought this one so that I can use it where using the more expensive headphones is not feasible. At this price I was hoping some throw around headphone, but what I got is an absolute gem. This is a great headphone without even taking the price into consideration. I whole heartedly recommend this to anyone. And this may be the only pair one needs in his whole life. It is that good.

The build quality worries me. I would like to purchase another one of these in case something happens to this one. Seriously if I lost this one I would be very sad. Wish Koss comes up with a version with better wire and build and slight enhancements in the lows and soundstage and I would happily pay 5k, 6k or even 10k for that. It is that good.

Hope headphonezone would restock this gem soon. With these iems become kinda pointless. The sound magic e10c costs the same but this is way way ahead of those. And I doubt any iem could deliver this soundstage and imaging without costing much much more. Seriously this headphone would not replace the more expensive cans but this has its own place among them.

good set of headphones

Took a little while to give my review on ksc75 but yes overall I'm happy with this product it's everything good about them is the sound quality, lacks in low end punch but it's average that's what I can say, the best thing is clarity in vocals and treble region it's very likeable . Built quality is not good 3.5 mm gold plated jack is a plus point but major problem is the clip on, start to put pressure on back of the ear and it's gets uncomfortable to wear ksc75 for more than half hour..But yes the USP of this product is sounds quality. it's something different it's like you take hd598 EQ out the bass a bit increase the treble slightly to make them sound a little bright and they can be the upgraded ksc75. Ksc75 has impressive soundstage its best for listening to classic music say Frank Sinatra or the carpenters but yes does good job with rock pop except one genre EDM people who has 90℅ of their music in edm, house, dance music genre AVOID KSC75.

Happy to know you liked the product Pratik :)
must-have budget-killer!!!

I had recently lost my Soundmagic IEMs, which was my daily "driver" and at home I generally use the M40x.
Although I had read about this phones in many forums where people praise it to the sky, I never pulled the trigger (till I got a free gift money :D)

I must say I am impressed by how less time it took for shipping. And at a good price. Thanks Headphone Zone!

Now coming to the pros of this little silver wonder:

1. Light as a feather ( a welcome relief from IEMs which irritate your ear canals or big massive headphones which suffocate)

2. Sound,Sound,Sound!!!
its very pleasant and enjoyable to listen to these, much different from my usual M40x.
mids and higher end is especially good.
Its quite impressive for the price.
I could make out more detail which the M40x couldn't pick up (to be fair they are quite different, and its good to have variety in the sound signature of your phones )
I am by no means a "audiophile", but i am quite happy at this price point.$$$

1. While the phones feel light, I feel the drivers are a bit away and it leaks sound.
Somehow I would liked it to be a bit more nearer.
This makes it a bit difficult to use in city traffic, as you can't hear much due to ambient noise.
2. Be mindful of the wires attached to driver, as it can be broken due to accidental pressure.

To summarize, I would highly recommend it to people on a budget.(especially for listening at home or a quiet place)
Its a big step-up from most headphones/earphones less than 2k.

Awesome headphone

Bought this headphone on Oct 2018 for just 1545INR. Headphone zone sells for very low price when compare to other online websites. Costwise very cheap, but performance wise it is great headphone. Before purchasing this headphone, I did lot of research to find a good headset within 2K budget. After purchasing, I am very happy now. I found the best headphone (within 2K budget).

Getting into audiophile world

Build: cheap af I felt sorry for my 2.5k. Cheap plastic cheap cable and no strain relief

Sound:I'm by no means an expert but it sounded open balanced ever so slightly slight midbass bump clear forward midrange and treble was a bit grainy yet well extended and full. There is a significant subbass rolloff but still extends upto 30hz(a huge turnoff for Indian bass bois)

Comfort: the earclips took some time and strength to adjust. But now I could listen for long periods with this. My dad who hates on ears told these were fine.

A kind request to headphonezone mods. Please tell ur supervisor to stock on these and add them to beginner audiophile section. These really do deserve more attention.

Thank you for sharing your review with us.
A great choice for "On the ear" headphone choice

Koss KSC75 headphones were chosen by me for listening to music when on the move. Wanted a wired option for days when my blue-tooth headphones may not have enough charge.

I did not want "in the ear" buds headphone. Sometimes these don't fit well and when they do, these can often cause pain withing an hour of usage. Also not good for hearing ambient sounds (eg if you want to talk to someone while still listening to music or hear sound of oncoming traffic). "Over the ear" headphones may be great for sound quality and noise blocking but not advised for outdoor walking. These also cause discomfort. Definitely not good for a hot and humid day. Also dorky.

KSC75 takes care of these concerns. There is no head-band to keep it in place, so nerd-quotient of these headphones is low. It takes a few seconds to wear and adjust the headphones, but once done, these stay in place firmly without putting much pressure on ears, thanks to excellent ear clip design. It does not hurt at all after long usage and it's great looking too.

Sound is excellent and well balanced across low-mid-high range. There is no extra boom (not for people who love extra bass) and no jarring high pitch distortion. Not for use in highly noisy conditions. These phones let in a lot of ambient noise so use in light or no noise environment. Most likely also good for ears because sound drivers are not too close to eardrums.

The ear-clip headphone design may not have become popular for some reason but it makes lot of sense to me.