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KZ - ZSX (Unboxed)

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7 Days Replacement

Yay! This item is eligible for replacement.

This product is eligible for a replacement if the return request is raised within 7 days of delivery, and ONLY in the unfortunate event that it is found to be defective. This policy is not applicable to customers who are not happy with the product.

Once the manufacturing defect has been confirmed by our inspection team, we will provide a replacement of the originally ordered product. In case of replacements not being available, you can choose another variant, full store credit or a full refund will be provided.

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  • The Short Story

    Designed in

    Warm & Smooth
    Sound Signature

    1 Dynamic + 5 BA

    Ideal for

    Ideal for Casual
    Music Listening

    Ideal for

    1 Year of

    Replaceable 2-pin


    Works with
    Android & iOS

  • The Long Story

    5BA+1DD Hybrid Earphones

    The KZ ZSX is the another successful hybrid driver in-ear headphone from KZ Acoustics. It includes DWEK BA drivers for medium and high frequency, one DD for low frequency and one 30095 driver for high frequency which features high quality of driver configuration. These in-ear headphones delivers a powerful and dynamic sound with an improved high frequency.

    Rich Detailed Sound

    You can experience the smooth and sensible sound as these in-ear headphones has a reasonable cavity structure which balances the vocals of unite and delivers a rich and deep sound performance.

    Fits Comfortably & Securely

    The cavity is made out of cochlea, covering its large part. These earphones are nicely moulded to give you an amazing fit, like it is made for you. Because of its special design it can effectively isolate the sound around you and give a better sound quality. You can now enjoy your music to fullest.

    Elegant design

    The KZ ZSX is made up of two different material : Zinc alloy to give an elegant look and glitter to the face plate and the cavity is made up of imported resin which makes the in-ears durable. The detachable gold plated 2 pin cable is an upgrade to these in ears while the limited slot protection design acts as a savior to the pin from breaking adding more life to the cables.

  • Specifications

    IMPEDANCE 24 ohm
    REMOTE 1-Button
    CABLE LENGHT 125cm
    BOX CONTENTS 1. KZ - ZSX Earphones
  • Warranty

    Don’t sweat it, This KZ Acoustics product is covered by a 1 Year manufacturers warranty.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I am a big fan of music.... I have used many inear monitors... Believe me guys this kz zsx will sounds better than all... I have come across many reviews for this kz and finally decided to buy this product... Really worth to buy such a great and superior sound monitor... If you have budget in your hand surely go for it, you will never disappointed... Also thanks to headphonezone for quick delivery on the 3rd day i got the delivery... Nice job done by headphone zone... This is my first day review lot more to go....

Thank you so much for sharing your review with us.
Simply Amazing.

Prior to purchasing this earphone I always went with a pair that cost below Rs.3000. Since I was shelling out about Rs.5000 for the KZ ZSX, I was expecting a significant jump in sound quality and I am happy to say that ZSX has not only met my expectations but exceeded them.

Before I made the purchase, I called the HeadphoneZone helpline to get a recommendation for an earphone that had good punchy deep bass but didn't compromise the high and lows and this earphone gives me just that. So, shoutout to the guy who made the recommendation.

For anyone else thinking about buying this earphone do keep in mind that it takes a bit of use and burning in for the lower end of the earphone to really shine and reach its potential.

It's not all perfect though, while the sound quality is fantastic, these earphones do lose a few marks for me in the comfort and build quality area. The cables that come with this are of the braided kind, and usually braided cables give me ease of mind that they won't break but these don't seem thaaaat durable. As far as comfort goes, if possible try em out to see how comfortable they feel before making the purchase. They don't hurt my ears or anything, but need a lil bit of adjusting every half hour or 45 mins or so.

Not wanting to end the review on a sour note, let me just reitirate again these sound amaaaazing. If you are willing to make SMALL compromises in the comfort and build quality aspects, in order to get earphones that sound next level compared to the

We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us this note. We look forward to serving you again.
12 Driver madness

KZ has a reputation of being addressed as YAKZ (Yet another KZ)...They have released so many IEMs and continue to do so. I have tested almost 6 of their IEMs and I can say with certainty that this is the brightest without being harsh... One caveat though....Needs proper 72 hrs burn-in.... You will then see how they mature. So delightful to hear. ZSX puts many high end IEMS to shame... The build is classy with a resin body and a Zinc top plate. The cables and connectors are better this time and not the crappy cable they supply with other IEMs. The highlight is the sound. Sometimes it is not possible to explain ecstasy. But trust me.... It sounds fantastic after the burn-in... Out of the box it sounds dull....Packaging is minimal.. I listen to MQA recordings on Tidal on UAPP+Cobalt+ZSX; Or Tidal + LG V40 thinq + ZSX....

Thank you for sharing your review with us.
Fine But Not Good At This Pricepoint

As i have Used So many Headphones and Earphones in my Whole Life I Can Surely Say This is Not As Good As Comparing with its Price,I have Used a Varieties of Earphones from Some Premium brands Such as Apple,Sony,Philips,Tribit,SoundMagic,Senheiser and now KZ ,I Can Truly Say that the APPLE EARPODS are Massively Better than All Other Earphones i Used So far,Actually I'm Very Excited about the purchase of my first IEM,but i am Hugely Dissappointed first of all,the wire of KZ ZSX is not as good as other IEM's,The Outer Cladding Plastic is only at the Earphone Wearing Area and The Rest of the Wire is not Coated so that in my hands its Producing a Moisture like Substance,its Very irritating and in terms of Comfort its Not Good for Persons with Small ear Holes,it will Cause pain if using for a while,And Most Important thing is the Sound Quality,The Bass is Overpowered and it hides the Mids in Almost All Songs i Tested,
May be KZ AS10 can Resolve it,but i didnt know about it,but it is the most Top Rated KZ's Earphone So Far in terms of Sound and Price..
I Can't Feel that it Contains 6 Drivers in Both Side,I Tested it With My Huawei Nova Plus Which has an Excellent Audio Output in the Smartphone Universe,it Definetly Lacks Some Thing,Sound detail is Ok,but Some Thing Fisshy,

FINAL VERDICT: All i can say is that,Apple Earpods is my Best Earphone Experience So Far in terms of Lows,Mids,Highs,Bass n Treble it has an Extreme High End Sound Quality for Such an Affordable Price,Detail in Sound is Amazing.......

My Rating for KZ ZSX as Compared with Apple Earpods:
Apple Ear Pods : 10/10 ;
Kz Zsx : 07/10 ;
Thank You.......................................................................................

Thanks a ton for the review!