Moondrop - Moonriver 2: Ti

Portable Balanced DAC & Amp

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Designed in China

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Born in 2015

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The Moondrop Moonriver 2 Ti is an upgraded version of the renowned Moonriver 2 DAC & AMP. This new edition draws its design inspiration from the captivating and flowing "Flow" of the original design. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, it boasts an exquisite appearance. However, it's not merely a cosmetic enhancement as Moondrop has also made significant improvements to the sound capabilities of the DAC. The Moonriver 2 Ti features a titanium shell design and incorporates dual flagship CS43198 DAC chips, a four-channel amplifier, and five independent power chips in its meticulously engineered audio circuitry. This precise design ensures exceptional sound performance, delivering a high dynamic range (DNR) of 131dB and a clean, noise-free background. Immerse yourself in your favourite music with newfound clarity and experience the Moondrop Moonriver 2 Ti.



Moondrop has incorporated a high-performance audio circuit into the Moonriver 2 Ti, making it an exceptional performer. The Moonriver 2 Ti features a premium flagship dual-DAC chipset, with two high-performance flagship CS43198 DAC chips. These DAC chips excel at decoding high-resolution audio signals, ensuring top-level performance. The audio circuitry of the Moonriver 2 Ti guarantees high dynamic range (DNR), signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and minimal distortion in the output signal, resulting in outstanding sound quality. It is compatible with various audio sources like laptops, smartphones, PCs, tablets, and more. Supporting decoding for high-resolution audio signals, the Moonriver 2 Ti handles 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD512 audio signals flawlessly.



The Moondrop Moonriver 2 Ti is equipped with a highly capable dual-amplifier four-channel output circuit, delivering up to 250mW of clean output power through the balanced port. This device offers convenience as you can connect it to your source device and enjoy high-resolution audio wherever you desire. Moondrop has incorporated physical volume keys on the Moonriver 2 Ti, providing a user-friendly and precise volume adjustment experience. The DAC features 100-level independent volume control, allowing for accurate adjustments that cater to the needs of sensitive IEMs (In-Ear Monitors) and headphones. By separating the device volume control from the connected source device, the Moonriver 2 Ti ensures optimal volume adjustments for a wide range of audio equipment, including both sensitive IEMs and those requiring higher power output.



Similar to the Moonriver 2, Moondrop's latest offering, the Moonriver 2 Ti, supports both single-ended and balanced headphone connections. It features two output ports: a 3.5mm single-ended port and a 4.4mm balanced port. With the independent 100-level volume control, it becomes effortless to pair the Moonriver 2 Ti with sensitive IEMs or high-power requiring IEMs. Moondrop has taken it a step further by utilizing high-quality TC4 Titanium alloy material for the construction of the Moonriver 2 Ti. This material is crafted with precision using a high-precision CNC machining process, resulting in an exquisite finish. One unique feature of the Moonriver 2 Ti is its display window on the backside, which allows a clear view of the internal audio circuitry of the DAC. This design element showcases Moondrop's exceptional craftsmanship in creating premium products.

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Moondrop - Moonriver 2: Ti comes with a 1 Year warranty from Moondrop that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Moondrop's warranty in India.

MOONDROP Labs : Integration of Design & Technology

Established in 2015 by Herbert Zheng, MOONDROP quickly gained recognition in the audio industry for its dedication to developing high-performance earbuds. Starting with the VX model, MOONDROP expanded its lineup with the innovative "Liebesleid" in 2017, setting new standards for sound quality and design.

With a focus on constant improvement, MOONDROP ventured into in-ear monitors (IEMs), releasing iconic models like the "IX" and the acclaimed "kanas" series. As the brand evolved, it solidified its position as a premium IEM manufacturer with releases such as the "Blessing," "A8," and "Reference." With a commitment to innovation and technology, MOONDROP continually pushes the boundaries of sound engineering, investing in research to optimize performance without following trends. Critically acclaimed models like the MOONDROP Starfield and MOONDROP Blessing2 showcase the brand's expertise and dedication to excellence, making MOONDROP a staple in many audiophiles' collections.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Aryan (Kolkata)
Almost satisfying

I have tested this with moondrop kato. Hifiman He R9 and Sundara

1. Tuning favours all moondrop iems specially the dynamic drivers or those need increased sense of precision/clarity in vocals
2. High accuracy and details throughout.
3. Close to natural reproduction of vocals but could have better especially lacking in natural decay
4. Value for money I would say as the dac implementation is very good
5. No better alternative present at this price range with same sense of resolution and a somewhat natural timbre
6. D/A Chip has built in error correction, I am sure of it. Mp3s and flacs with poor or old recording sounds extraordinarily clear and precise.

1. Amp needs more power. Not enough slam or dynamics in Kato.
2. This makes bass and male vocals loose body and somewhat dry/sterile as tested with Moondrop kato (7.5/10 in bass and note weight) but still not bad I guess cause other products in this price range also suffer the same problem except Ru6 and ifi sacrificing resolution
4. Sound stage feels restricted

To Cirrus Logic:-
They built the D/A converter in such a way that will filter-out any signal that it thinks as noise to achieve SNR of 131db. It overly dampens any echo, reverb or air/sparkle making every thing deBlurred (anti-aliasing). This also filters out necessary natural decay from all recordings

The Cons I listed comes from a trained hearing sense cause I listened to very high end.desktop dac amp systems. The net output is still enjoyable and toe tapping and precise. I am okay with this for now at this price. The pros win against the odds here

We really appreciate the genuine feedback, we'll share your thoughts with the brand as well!

Robert Singh
The Moonriver 2 Ti

The Moonriver 2 Ti is an extremely capable portable DAC that delivers a detailed and balanced sound with a slight warm-ish signature. It has the same flagship DAC chip as the iBasso DX160, but the implementation is much better in the Moonriver 2 Ti. The sound does not have any coloration, meaning it will provide the best out of any IEM sound signature that is connected to it.

The bass is well-defined and impactful, but it never overwhelms the other frequencies. The mids are clear and articulate, and the treble is smooth and extended. The soundstage is wide and spacious, and imaging is precise. The soundstage is even wider and more impressive than the iBasso DX160 and Fiio Q3 THX dac/amp. Listening to the track “House Atreides from The Dune Sketchbook by Hans Zimmer” was startling and scared me, which is a testament to the Moonriver 2 Ti's soundstage capabilities.

The Moonriver 2 Ti is also very portable and easy to use. It is small but not lightweight, and it comes with a 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced connection.

Overall, the Moondrop Moonriver 2 Ti is a great choice for anyone looking for a portable and versatile DAC/amp with a neutral-warm sound signature. It is well-made, sounds great, and is easy to use.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Moonriver 2 Ti:

Neutral-warm sound signature
Detailed and balanced sound
Wide soundstage and precise imaging
High-quality build with lovely design

Can be a bit pricey
The titanium body and glass cover are prone to scratches.

Thanks a lot for your detailed and genuine feedback, we're glad that you have such positive thoughts about the product and we'll share your thoughts with the brand as well. It'll also help our fellow customers to make the right choice!

Abbas Khan (Mumbai)

Moondrop - Moonriver 2: Ti

Hey there, thank you for the awesome ratings!