Oriveti - OD200 + iBasso - DC06 PRO + Tripowin - Amber (0.78mm 2pin)

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Reach Audiophile Nirvana With The Premium Audio Enthusiast Bundle

If you're a seasoned audiophile in search of the ultimate audio setup, this bundle is tailor-made for you. Featuring the top-tier Oriveti OD200 and iBasso DC06 PRO, this duo delivers the pinnacle of performance. To further enhance your listening pleasure, we've included a premium Tripowin Amber (0.78mm 2pin) balanced cable. Elevate your audio experience to new heights with this meticulously crafted bundle.

Products In Bundle


Oriveti - OD200

Experience audio excellence with ORIVETI OD200 in-ear monitors, featuring a 9.8mm beryllium-coated driver for a spacious soundstage and natural signature. Crafted with precision CNC-milled aluminium alloy, these earphones offer durability and style in an ergonomic design for comfortable, secure wear. With patent-pending airflow technology and interchangeable nozzles, the OD200 delivers a captivating and customisable sound experience.


iBasso - DC06 PRO

Introducing the iBasso DC06 Pro, an upgraded version of the acclaimed DC06, offering compact design and premium performance. Featuring dual ES9219C DAC chips and advanced FPGA technology, it delivers clean and accurate sound reproduction with support for high-resolution PCM and DSD signals. With dual headphone outputs, plug-and-play compatibility, and MQA rendering, the DC06 Pro ensures an immersive audio experience for audiophiles on the go.

Headphone-Zone-Tripowin-Amber-0.78 2-Pin

Tripowin - Amber (0.78mm 2pin)

Upgrade the stock cables of your earphones/IEMs with the Amber for superior sound and comfort. It efficiently lowers signal distortion, improving the transition between high and low frequencies and enhancing the overall clarity and smoothness.

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