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About Rediscover Amit Trivedi

Amit Trivedi is a highly successful Indian music director and singer, known for his work in the Hindi film industry. His work in Lootera, Andhadhun and Coke Studio made him a household name in the Indian music industry. Some have also dubbed him as ‘The Next A.R Rahman’ for his kitschy experiments. He is a highly versatile musician who gave us a wide variety of songs like the qawwali-style, folk-fusion, love songs, rock songs, and fusion tracks.

While he started off his career producing jingles and music for theatre and non-film albums, he went on to direct some of the prominent Hindi films of the recent past.

Join Raghav Somani as we rediscover the brilliance and versatility of Amit Trivedi.

Who is this for?

Anyone who has their minds blown by Amit Trivedi. Headphone Zone Experiences and our listening sessions are designed for anyone looking to discover new music, or rediscover music they’ve loved for years.

The events are best suited for people who are new in the world of audiophilia, or just starting out in the hobby. Ofcourse, seasoned audiophiles are welcome to join in as we listen to our favourite artists on some of the finest sounding gear in the world.

Meet your Host: Raghav Somani

Raghav founded Headphone Zone in 2011, straight out of university, looking to create a change in the way Headphones were sold in India. Raghav is a passionate musician, and a Political Philosophy buff, self-proclaimed idli-sambar connoisseur, and a Guinness world record holder for his collection of Airline Baggage Tags. In equal parts an A.R. Rahman buff, and a Classic Rock geek, his playlists borrow from his childhood memories growing up in Chennai.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ujjwal Thaakar (Ahmedabad)
A joy for Amit Trivedi fans

This was an absolute joy to attend. The amount of trivia and getting to relive the songs I grew up listening to as a teenager was worth every second and rupee I spent. Highly recommended. Also you get to hear these on the very best audio equipment in the world. What more can a Amit Trivedi fan ask for?

Hey Ujjwal,
So glad you loved the listening session & our equipment. Swing by again sometime soon. Cheers!

Preshit D. (Mumbai)
A Phenomenal Experience to Enjoy Songs by Your Favorite Artists

This was the first time my wife & I attended these experience sessions and we walked out thoroughly impressed, having just had a surreal 3-hour experience listening to Amit Trivedi's songs. Sure, at face value, it sounds like you just sit down to listen to a bunch of songs on headphones, but to me, what puts this whole experience on a whole another level is Raghav's commentary before each song. His trivia & details really add a new dimension to each song, and then when you listen to these tracks on Headphone Zone's high-quality gear, you really get to know all the layers & depth the music has. You'll be surprised how many instruments you didn't even know existed in the song.

Overall, I highly recommend these experience sessions to everyone and I can't wait to attend the next one.

@Raghav & team: You should do one session dedicated for Coke Studio (both India and PK) songs.

Hey Preshit,
Great to know that you & your wife had a wonderful time, do swing by for more experiences or just to hang out in our studio.

Amazing - Mind Blowing Experience

The programme & playlist was really well planned & well organised. Loved this listening sessions which was more like a guided tour. Even learned about a lot other lesser heard masterpieces. The stories behind the songs too was very intriguing. Even the participants contributed in stories behind & recommended some albums.
Thanks to Headphone Zone - Raghav & his team for organising this listening session which was truly wonderful. Due to them I'm now among Top 1 % fans of Amit Trivedi's music.

Happy to hear that you loved our listening session Prasad & thank you for the great review & ratings. Cheers!

Varun Pitale (Mumbai)
A Brilliant experience

2 major reasons why I love these experiences.
1. Listening to great music followed by their amazing introduction and insider stories by Raghav. Like listening to a modern version of Anu Kapoor describe stories.

2. I get to listen to headphones I would like to buy as well as aspirational ones. This is like getting a test ride for a Bugatti Chiron.

Hey Varun,
Thank you for appreciating our efforts & we are glad that you had a fun time. Cheers!

Ujjwal Thaakar (Ahmedabad)
Relive the Mozart of Madras like never before

We all have grown up listening to Rahman. But what makes this listening session special is the amount of information you learn from Raghav. Having grown up in Chennai, he has known Rahman like most in the north don’t. He also has a ton of inside stories from first hand sources that make this a joy. Spoiler: There is no way you can cover everything in the given 3 hours. Nonetheless this was a joy! Highly recommended!

Hey Ujjwal,
Thank you for the great review, it's an absolute delight to know that you loved the session. Hope to see you soon!

Rushabh Shah (Mumbai)
Fascinating Experience

I had a wonderful time getting to know more about one of the most influential music composers of India. It was a fascinating experience learning more about his musical journey spanning 3 decades, interspersed with listening to his tracks on some of the world's finest headphones.

Hey Rushabh,
So glad you loved the listening session. We hope to see you again real soon for more of these!

Chirag Bagadia (Mumbai)
A heavenly Earful!!

A unique concept of it's own kind, this experience truly made us rediscover Rahman and his songs like never before..
Raghav, being an amazing host, never let a dull moment seep in with his unique behind the scenes bytes. Each song assumed a different purpose as we viewed it through Rahman's musical journey..
High profile audio gear brought in rich details from the songs heard a hundred times before...
We would return back soon with another musical journey soon...

Hey Chirag,
Thank you for the great review. We hope to see you again & so glad you enjoyed the listening session.

Ujjwal Thaakar (Mumbai)
The red pill to the audio world

I think Headphone Zone has been the introduction to the audiophile world for a lot of us. And in this session, Raghav truly helps you understand what good sound means. It's quite technical but aimed at absolute novices like me and by the end of it I had the tools to listen to music and understand how good it sounded as separate from how good the music was. And of course you have the help of the finest audio equipment money can buy. This is a pure eargasm and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is even a little serious about audio. Take the red pill.