Simgot - EW100P + Headphone Zone X ddHiFi - Hi-Res DAC

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Start Your Audiophile Journey: Introducing the Perfect Starter Bundle

If you're new to the audiophile hobby, this duo of Simgot EW100P and Headphone Zone X ddHiFi Hi-Res DAC is the perfect starting point. Combining the high-quality audio of Simgot EW100P with the exceptional performance of Headphone Zone X ddHiFi Hi-Res DAC, this bundle sets you off on the right foot in your journey. Start your audiophile adventure today with this specially selected pair.

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Simgot - EW100P

Experience unparalleled audio excellence with the Simgot EW100P in-ear monitors, meticulously crafted for audiophiles and music enthusiasts. Featuring a 10mm dual LCP diaphragm dynamic driver, robust aluminium alloy construction, and bundled with a copper cable, these Hi-Res Audio certified IEMs ensure a lifelike auditory encounter. Additionally, the Type-C variant incorporates a DSP chip, enhancing the listening experience with expanded dynamic frequency range and reduced transmission distortion.


Headphone Zone X ddHiFi - Hi-Res DAC

The Headphone Zone X ddHiFi Hi-Res DAC is a simple plug-and-play device that transforms any smartphone into a high-resolution audio player, bypassing the in-built DAC.

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