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    • The Short Story


      V-Shaped Sound


      Ideal for Casual
      Music Listening

      Ideal for

      Ideal for
      Taking Calls

      1 Year of

      Use Wirelessly
      with Bluetooth

      6 Hours of
      Battery Life

      Wireless Range
      of 30 Feet


      Super Lightweight

    • The Long Story

      Experience Music at its Best

      SoundMAGIC has collaborated with experts to create the ES20BT. The powerful drivers give you a deep bass while retaining details at the mids and highs. Overall pure music at its best!

    • Specifications

      IMPEDANCE 16 ohm
      SENSITIVITY 107 dBmW
      WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth v4.1
      BATTERY LIFE 5 hours
      WEIGHT 12.5 g
      IN THE BOX
      2. 2 Types of S/M/L Silicone Ear Tips
      3. Carrying soft bag
      4. 4 pairs of sports silicone ear tips (SS/S/M/L)
      5. USB cable
    • Warranty

      Don’t sweat it, This SoundMAGIC product is covered by a 1 Year manufacturer's warranty.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Great sound but Certain putoffs

First things first .... the sound is awesome... it stands up to my Beyerdynamics.... call quality is also fine.... been using them in for the past two days. I was looking for good sound and good calling quality, this will give you that. Bass is thumpy and treble is clear and sharp. Best part I found is the crispness of vocals. This earphone is all about class in that respect.

Bluetooth connectivity is also fine and battery life seems to be satisfactory.

On the other side, the built quality was a turnoff for me. They feels very delicate and built strict to cost. The wires feels very thin and highly breakable. That makes you anxious about wearing them while sleep or even fiddling for buttons needs to very carefully done.
The battery and mic set is bulky and ugly and always keeps hanging aound your cheek/neck area ( but it catches your voice well ). However it feels and looks a little odd.
You get a pouch and good number of replacement earbuds. The pouch is very cheap and mine has even started shedding its fake leather skin in 2 days. I will share the picture. It ruins that win feeling of a wise purchase by reminding you that you have in fact not. It’s still not the whole classy experience.

I am not returning them because I like the sound quality and also because I am lazy. But I was looking for good sound and quality in a tight budget and it gives me that.
So I would recommend it for those looking for a good sound experience in a reasonable budget. Here are some pictures....

Hey Ashish, we're so glad that you loved the product! Thank you so much for the detailed review, we are sure it will help the others to choose their products accordingly.
Brilliant Pair of Earphones

One word for the review. Simply outstanding and mind blowing sound quality for the price. SoundMAGIC. Break-in of around 70hours has been done and now the music coming out of the headphones is brilliant. Perfect mid tones, and high tones with the bass being very crisp and punchy and not that boomy types which is my personal preference of music. Coupled with the battery life of in excess of 6hours I can easily manage through a day's worth of usable time listening to every genre of music and thoroughly enjoying my music. A big thanks to SoundMAGIC for providing with such a brilliant piece of bluetooth headphones at such a competitive price.

Good one

It was a good choice. But I cannot give a 5 star because I am still waiting for an answer from the team regarding unable to hear from other side. Mic is not a problem so everything is okay from my side but what the other person speaks it's not audible even if both are not in a crowded area.Its too low.

Satisfactory for the price

Sound quality is good, but volume/mic is heavy when you put on headphones, buds are quite hard when you use it for hours

Borderline average

I've been using these for a couple of weeks now in rotation with my M50x at home and Beats Solo (wireless) on the go, I figured they would serve as a small form factor wireless option that would deliver good sound and get me free of the wires while I'm out and about, that I could just throw in my pocket and not worry about it getting beat up all that much. While the sound quality is great, crisp highs, a decent amount of bass and a surprising level of mid-tones, the real issue for me was the wireless connectivity. From the reviews I saw it was supposed to have a decent range as well as a decent battery life. However I have been having major connectivity issues, just while walking about my connection drops constantly (I usually keep my phone in my left pocket and the receiver for this pair is on the right side), even while I'm stationary occasional I get issues with connectivity, this has resulted in me using these earphones only in a pinch, when I'm out and about and don't want to carry a bag/case for my beats. Also the build quality is kind of trashy, definitely investing in a sleeve for it's flimsy cables, I feel like I'll rip them very easily. Going to look into buying a sleek bag to carry my headphones or better pair of earphones at a higher price point. This pair is average for its price but the connectivity issues I face make me yearn for a wired pair or a a wireless pair at a higher price range, This pair is pretty useless unless you're fairly stationary.

Best you can get at the price tag shown

Amazing wireless earphones at this price range by Soundmagic.
I got these earphones a day after I ordered it which is quite good from headphone zone. I thought I would give it a try buying these by deep diving on the reviews given and on exploring these. The thing which is bad is these earphones are rated low on sites like Amazon which is pathetic. I don't know where the glitch is but trusting HZ from long time I bought these wireless earphones.

Pros: Good bass,treble,mids and highs. Just what you require from an earphone.Call quality is good and is good for any activities.

Cons : Battery life could have been better and I feel this is the only things which is bad but what more can you expect from earphones at this price range.

The wires are a bit thin and hangs around if you go for a run but again you cannot expect more from these.

Bottom line : This earphone deserves a 5 star for what can be given at such a price range.