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Warm & Smooth
Sound Signature

1 Year of

Ideal for

Ideal for Casual
Music Listening

Ideal for
Taking Calls

7mm Dynamic

Works with
Android & iOS

Tangle-Free Oxygen-
Free Copper Cables

Super Lightweight



Tanchjim Tanya is deceptively compact and houses a 7mm micro dynamic driver that is tuned to perform flawlessly. It is tuned to deliver a punchy, lively sound output with natural tonality and timbre. The pair offers a smooth and non-fatiguing experience to its users with an amazing acoustic experience. The rear cavity on the earphone includes a brass resonance suppression ring that effectively suppresses resonance, enhances definition, and expands the soundstage as well delivering richer details. The precision fit of the acoustic cavity, driver and the resonance suppression ring guarantees Tanya’s sound quality. Don’t go on the compact size of the Tanchjim Tanya, it is a tremendous performer.



The Tanchjim Tanya is designed using high-quality materials to give you the best audio experience. The earphones weigh less than 30g and are comfortable to wear. The audio cavity is crafted from a titanium-alloy, anti-dust mesh. This is enclosed in an anode-sandblasted, aviation-grade, aluminium-alloy housing. The highly precise Italian satay tuning mesh has a special nano-coating that makes it waterproof and dustproof. To meet the close-fitting requirements of the acoustic cavity, an integrated moulding process using soft TPE and hard ABS is used.



The Tanchjim Tanya has been tuned to the referenced Harman IE curve. It has gone through many revisions based on multiple listener feedback. The result with the Tanya is a superbly warm, smooth sound signature. A brand-new acoustic architecture includes Finite Element Analysis (FEA) that causes an electric simulation throughout the cavity structure, driver, diaphragm, magnets and voice coil. A cover with a higher acoustical transmission rate was used for a relaxed, transparent sound. It is ideal for casual music listening as well as monitoring.



The Tanchjim Tanya comes with a 4N oxygen-free copper cable with a kevlar shaft core and Litz structure. This makes it soft, durable and tangle free and allows for seamless audio transmission. The inline remote and mic included with the earphone deliver distortion free warm sound and also allows for HD calling and easy music control.



CABLE LENGTH 1.25m Magnetic Free Copper Wire
CABLE TYPE 4N Litz Oxygen-Free Copper
SHELL ​ Aluminum Alloy
BOX CONTENTS 1. Tanchjim Tanya Earphone
2. Carrying case
3. 6 Pair Eartips


Warranty & Media Reviews

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Tanchjim Tanya comes with a 1 year warranty from Tanchjim that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pritish Sahoo (Mysore)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
A tonal beauty!

Straight up, the packaging was sweet and professional by Tanchjim. They give extra filters besides the usual tips and a carrying bag.

The built is solid, a small and robust metal housing with a grill on the rear. It may appear that the IEM is an open back, but it is not. There is minimal ambience noise leak into the ear when IEM is on. The cable is non removable and has a inline mic control. I like the cable and has a texture to it.

The sound is slightly warm. My comparison would be to the Re400i and Quarks; the other two products in the price segment. Tonality wise, the Tanya is on point! Well tuned, good sub-bass shelf, mid-bass is thumpy and powerful. The bass doesn’t desecrate the beautiful mids. The vocals sound wonderful. The upper mids aren’t as aggressive as Quarks. They are relaxed and sound pristine. Corey Taylor’s vocal carnage in The Negative One is an absolute delight, Weinberg’s relentless drumming backed by the complex percussions by Fehn. Tanya delivers very well. Punches above its price point. Even puts other IEMs like my Kinera BD005 to absolute shame. The treble sections would be good. I am expecting more, which will be evident as I loosen up the DD.

Compared to Quarks:

Quarks offer a faster and tighter bass response than the Tanya. The decay would be a bit slower in the Tanya that gives a bit of warmth to the overall sound signature. This means Tanya can be pleasing even for long listening sessions while Quarks can be a but fatiguing since they are bit boosted at the pinna compensation mark. Tanya is more comfortable than Quarks to wear. I would prefer Tanya for Metal and Rock (Slipknot, Cult of Luna, Lamb of God etc.) while Quarks for Accoustic, R&B (Sam Fisher, Sigrid, Charlie Parker, Ray Charles). Imaging abilities are slightly better in Quarks.

Compared to Re400i:

Yes, they are a long time companion. It wouldn’t be a fair trial since Re400i has been around a long time. Tonally Re400i and Tanya are on the same page. Technically, Tanya might edge ahead but Re400i presents a very deep and layered music even though it lacks in staging.

This IEM does put KZs , CCAs to shame. A game changer IEM, together with Quarks; they raise the bar for 2K performance a lot ahead.

HI Pritish,
So glad you are loving your purchase, we hope you had a comfortable shopping experience & thank you for the lovely yet detailed review of the Tanya. Cheers & Keep the music playing!

Rufus Be (Visakhapatnam)

First of all I'm no audiophile...But to me These are great..compared with blon-03 these are slightly better on bass..but when comes to the balance blons still have the upper hand in this price range...I mostly listened to Bolly Music on this pair you'll definitely enjoy listening to them on Tanya..

Anonymous (Bhubaneswar)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Absolutely the best

What a lovely pair of earphones!! I haven't tried other budget options. But it just satisfies with it's tuning. I have been recently using the pinnacle p1, which is bright. This gives me a break, this is warm. I can have long listening session with the Tanya. That's the best part of a daily driver.

Hey there,
We thank you for this lovely review & we are glad you are enjoying it! Keep the music playing.

Bhaskar (New Delhi)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Initial impressions, right out of the box.

Tanya sounded "clean" and relatively less warm.

Bass was not found lacking. Yet, it was not overly done or muddy or spilling over to the frequencies. No complaints with drums and toms sounding clean and clear with no evident lack in attack or tonality being off. Snap hits of the snare had very realistic level of bite. Bass guitars were accurately portrayed and did not disappear into the background of the mix, even with my low quality sources. They were portrayed without any bloat or over emphasised in any way, and in fact very well defined. Effects in the sub region such as explosions retained their slam, but only as much as called for, and were not loose. I must mention that in one track, I did feel a bit of a craving for more of the piano's lower notes, but that might just be the mastering or the tips in use. Stock wide tips should improve on this, and bass strings and low piano notes are always set into the background and I doubt it's too different on other non bass heavy monitors. On Big Yellow Taxi by Pomplamoose, there is a feeling of bloat in the bass guitars. This is the only track where I experienced this with the Tanyas. It's definitely down to the mastering on this one, as it's their only track that is recorded warm, probably mimicking the original of Joni Mitchell's. It is commendable that the Tanya very noticeably portrayed these nuanced differences even on my low quality sources via YT Music. Electronic drum hits specially, that ranged between high bass and low mids, were without flaw in tonality and timbre in my experience.

Mids, both low and high, left nothing much to complain. To me they did not sound recessed to any unwanted degree and were done well. Female vocals tended to sound well extended in their highs. This was also the case on one rare occasion in a track with a sharp electric guitar lead part, but here it was just a tad bit unpalletable. I've heard that piling on an additional filter from the spare strip may sort this out, but I really did not feel the need and it was just that one track. Both male and female vocals sounded "analytical", is the best I can put it. Although it might be a matter of preference here, specially in the vocals. If I want them more pronounced and with a tiny hint of warmth, I'd just snap on narrow bores tips. However, I quite liked how true to life the male vocals sounded and were not artificially boosted in the bass part. Single downward strums of the acoustic guitar on Amused To Death had the string notes very well defined in both attack and decay. Electronic keyboards mastered to pan out were very accurately reproduced. Stringed instruments like electric guitars sounded crisp, and finger movements and rattling of the strings against the frets were discernable, now even of the high pitch strings.

Treble was sparkly adding a sense of livelyness. Cymbal hits had accurate bite in their transient attack without being piercing. The overall tuning imparted a realistic tonality to cymbals etc. There is sufficient air to not loose out on details up top. The highs had a BA character to them, something that in this particular case, I did not dislike. They were sufficiently polite, while at the same time not so polite as to loose definition or get buried in the mix. Sibilance, only when present in the recording was reproduced, but duly kept in proper check. Hint of splashiness in the treble though was slightly detectable, although not detrimental to the enjoyment, and may sort out with burn/break-in and some quality power to impart control over the drivers. Overall, a very clean-ish sound.

Soundstage was better than what I had expected. It was not just left and right but coherent with the front and centre. The entire soundstage had a slight forward bias, and I don't mean "depth" here ... instruments mixed to one side only, were properly connected to the front/centre image. There was a good amount of perceived depth in the soundstage with the tips in use. Imaging I would stay away from stating as pin point, but was close to sharp. Instruments and background vocals were placed accurately to say the least. This, combined with the layering portrayed, made for a stage beyond my meagre expectations. On Two Suns by Roger Waters - The Lockdown Sessions, the saxophone was noticeably placed in front of all the other instruments which took to the background, including the drums. Some of the above, are often the case with Harmann tuning in my limited experience. Reverb and echo engineered into the recording were conveyed fairly well. Attack was not lacking for sure, although may not be the kind that snatches your attention at the slightest opportunity, but rather has accuracy as it's goal. So no overly sharp transients in my use case. Decay was on the slower side. This for all frequencies across the range, bar maybe the bass. Timbre was accurate, bar in the treble, though only slightly.

Overall, I'm happy with the 1999 I spent. And yes, delivery was superfast!

Hey Bhask
We thank you for this lovely review & we are glad you are enjoying it! Keep the music playing.


Good quality sound

Garuda Vega (Guwahati)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
The Magnificent

Very lively, energetic and fun sounding iem. Cable quality could have been better. Thanks a ton, HPZ.

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Rajat Kaushal

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