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V-MODA - Crossfade M-100

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The M-100 is not just a headphone, but a piece of highest quality worksmanship. Being the world's first crowd sourced headphones, every detail of the M-100 has been deliberated and developed at every step alongside audiophiles, editors and musicians.

The only headphones I've seen that look good and still have amazing sound - Avicii

The M-100 are truly "Renaissance Headphones", versatile enough to win 15+ editors' choice awards and has been crowned the #1 headphones in its class 2 years in a row by CNET and DJ Mag Tech Awards. Tested beyond military-level quality MIL-STD-810G Test Standards, the M-100 spells durability. The 50 mm Patented Dual Diaphragm which along with its ergonomix fit ensures an immersive listening experience.

Customer Reviews

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Well Built, Versatile & Worth the Price!

- Brass is great and punchy. Not overdone but done just at the right levels.
- At times headphones seems to be engineered more around brass and vocals which is great ..... Varies by music and quality of source - so it's subjective. Expect this out of box sound experience to change as it breaks over next few weeks.
- Clarity and instrument separation is great. Nothing less than amazing.
- The patented dual diaphragms do show their magic all across music genres. It's so excellent. Now I understand why it is the best headphone in CNET and in so many reviews for years in row. Very versatile and adaptive indeed. The relatively higher pricing is worth this all-round ability. I was aware of this feedback from reviewers and which lead me to buy these headphones.
- These are very well built with some good level of noise isolation (leakage is minimized and so are external noise) due to the type of form used. I used it with the TV on to test. It is not noise cancelling but it's still great.
- Really good to carry along due to their unique folding design and small box (travel ready :-) ). I needed one over-ear which I could travel with and this is it.
Source : FiiO X5 DAP with E12 Mont Blanc. 24 bit 192Khz FLACs and MP3s (128kbps)
Source : DX90 - With the DX90 DAP, the detailing and separation is even better with greater clarity.

Tested both with the same tracks.

More views/updates to follow once I burn them over next few weeks. I am sure some of the sound and experience will change.


V-MODA M-100 is an outstanding headphone with crisp sound clarity and great bass. Have tried many but V-MODA has it all what one is looking for. You can actually hear the beats which surely are missed on speakers or any other headphone. Its totally a new experience.

An Investment Worth Making

The primary reason why I chose these headphones were for its design, comfort and durability. The unpacking and product registration just took just a few minutes and I was excited to experiencing its real sound quality! Initially it felt a little bit heavy on my ears, but as hours went by, it became quite comfortable. A great feature that is unique to these headphones is the laser engraving that allows you to have your very own logo or brand engraved on your shields. Along with this, its foldable design, carry case, and the Kevlar-reinforced cable made the headphones completely worth owning.
The highs & lows are excellent. The company, of course, is known for its excellent punchy base. The trebles & mids are little lesser as compared to those offered by Audio-Technica or similar brands. But, it depends on what type of listener you are. And quite frankly, these qualities will go unnoticed unless you sit in a peaceful environment and listen to music as a professional. It has a wide soundstage. A perfect buy for my taste!
Given that this product offers you so much comfort and above all careful attention given to sound quality, this makes it an option definitely worth considering. Although it may seem a little heavy on your pocket if you're not a professional, from a long term prospective, it's an investment which is worth making.

Finally, my buying experience was superb, and the knowledgeable team at Headphone Zone understood my needs and helped me buy something really special!

Excellent fun headphones for mobility & a great headphones to take along.

This is the premium product of V-Moda. These headphones has a good soundstage and is airy and has build quality and is very durable. I have been using them for a while and specially those looking for a great Bass punch this headphones are for you. Having 32ohms impedance these headphones do not require an amp if you are listening to your Hd digital player or your smartphones.
Those who find the Bass a bit loud can always tweak it using the EQ settings on your DAP. Of Course you need to get hang of the EQ first to understand what each bar settings increase or decrease. The mid range is slightly recessed but one can always correct the same with the EQ.
The hype for this popular headphones have been there all over the net and V-Moda has done justice to bring that popularity to it. The Sonic signature for the M-100 is its BASS. For the Dj's and the young crowd listening to Dance & electronic music it is the best cans available at a reasonable 300 dollar price. The sound is punchy however, some songs having high bass gets a bit out of control.
The mids & high can disappoint few as it puts the details of the vocal a bit recessed.
The sound average is pretty good. The head band is made of good metal material and fits snugly to your head.
Coming to the build quality & packaging it is very very good. The styling of these headphones is niche and high end with excellent materials used with durability. In conclusion these are excellent headphones to have at a very decent price.

Just go for It

The Design of the VModa is built to sustain for life - Immortal and looks like the Transformer Edition with such sharp features and a strong built. A quality product beyond anyones expectation. Not like anyother Round headphones. Built like a Tank
Sound - No comparison at all. The Bass the Mid , The Hig and The Lows - Sounds perfect. Need to have the correct quality of music to listen. The soundstage is awesome.
I own a IBasso Dac and the sound is a perfect pair to my VModa M100
Speechless is the word. Meets all expectations. Moneys worth and not let me down at the sound Quality at all. A premium range headphone but an investment that is worth. Just go for it.