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V-MODA - Forza

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V-MODA, award winning maker of the world’s finest high fidelity audio is entering the sports market with the Forza series. If you are amongst those whose idea of a perfect morning is running miles then the V-MODA Forza in-ears are made for you. The 5.8mm micro drivers fitted in these earphones will blow your mind with the punchy bass response and wide soundstage.

The ergonomic design, detachable earhooks and sport fins offer great convenience while working out. Forza earphones are tested under military conditions and they could sustain any kind of abuse. These earphones are sweat and water resistant and the cables allow you tangle free experience.

The three button remote and mic lets you control the volume levels, tracks and voice recognition. You will hear extremely clear sound, noise isolation with the BLISS™ fittings. Designed in Milano and printed in NYC, the custom handcrafted caps are a work of art, Forza earphones feels like a luxury.

Get a sport-ready companion with the V-MODA Forza earphones!

    • Meet the V-MODA Forza

      Forza is the hybrid sport active in-ear headphone delivering Hi-Res Audio certified by the Japan Audio Society. They are designed to push yourself to your limits. It is that running or workout companion that never lets you down.




      Ultimate Ergonomics

      The V-MODA does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to building the Forza. Right from the top it consists of remix rings with a hex lightweight housing. The fitting is Bliss™ 3.0 which again is one of the best available. The drivers are ultra lightweight and yet produces a powerfull punchy bass with a wide soundstage. All this is further added with a military grade ultra reinforced tangle free cables which is sweat and weather resistant. Further ending with a gold plated 3.5mm jack that is compatible with all the devices. What more could one ask for from a pair of earphones?



      BLISS™ 3.0 Fittings

      The V-MODA Forza comes with four different sizes of BLISS™ (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) 3.0 fittings to ensure outstanding noise isolation. The fit is super comfortable and offers tight bass.








      Custom Handcrafted Caps

      The 3D printed custom caps are sculpted in Italy in V-MODA’s Milano design studio and printed in NYC. The patent-pending RemixRings allows you to forge your own personal relic with the custom caps. These caps are made with precious metal which makes them look very aesthetic and definitely adds to your style statement. To avail this feature from Headphone Zone you need to pre-order the product.





      Compatible With iOS, Android and Windows

      Not only can you take calls thorugh the in-line mic and remote but you can easily control volume levels, playback of your music, voice call or give commands with the help of the buttons. You can command Siri/ Ok Google on Apple, Android or any other smart device. Making your runs and commutes hassle free.





      Certified Hi-Res Audio

      The V-MODA Forza conforms to hi-res audio standards defined by the Japan Audio Society. The logo has been used under license from the Japan Audio Society. It thus ensures that you listen to the best of the music wherever you go.



      2 Years Warranty

      Headphone Zone is the authorised retailer of all the V-MODA products.The warranty is against all manufacturing defects and does not include the personal wear and tear of the product by an individual. The warranty is valid on all products sold by Heaadphone Zone.




    • In-Ear

      3 Button Mic & Remote
      20Hz - 40,000Hz

      14 Ohms

      3.5mm Gold Plated Jack

      99 dB @ 1 kHz
      Not disclosed by the manufacturer

      Not disclosed by the manufacturer
      13.5 g

      1. V-MODA - Forza Earphone

      2. Designed in Italy 3D fabric carrying pouch

      3. 8 pairs of BLISS™ 3.0 fittings in XS, pre-installed S, M and L sizes

      4. 1 pair of ActiveFlex™ sport earhooks

      5. 3 pairs of ActiveFlex™ sport fins

      6. 2 pairs of RemixRings

      7. Wire Clip


    • Two Years 

      Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

      Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.

    • Does it have a microphone?
      Yes, it is.
      Is it wireless?
      No, this is a wired version.
      What is the difference between V-MODA - Forza and V-MODA - Forza Metallo?
      V-MODA - Forza is made of plastic and V-MODA - Forza Metallo is made of metal.
      Which Comply series can be used with them?
      You can use 500 series along with it.

    • Comfort comply ear tips

      Comply - comfort
      ear tips

      Rs. 1,299/-

      Comply Isolation Ear tips


      Rs. 999.00/-



      Rs. 699/-



      Rs. 999/-





      Rs. 899/-



      Rs. 299/-



    • V-MODA ZN V-MODA Forza Wireless V-MODA-Forza Metallo V-MODA-Forza
      Forza Metallo Wireless
      Forza Metallo


      Rs. 13,990/-

      Rs. 10,990/-

      Rs. 7,990/-

      Character Live, neutral and organic sound tuned to V-MODA's relentless award-winning principles AptX audio codec for CD quality wireless audio playback. Hybrid sport headphones supporting super-human frequencies beyond 40kHz with Hi-Res music sources as certified by Japan Audio Society (JAS). Sport headphones supporting super-human frequencies beyond 40kHz with Hi-Res music sources as certified by Japan Audio Society (JAS).
      Driver 8mm dynamic with liquid zinc metal chamber. 5.8mm micro hi-res neodymium driver with metal chamber. 5.8mm micro hi-res neodymium driver with metal chamber. 5.8mm micro hi-res neodymium driver.
      Sound signature Live, neutral and organic sound with a high-defintion 3D soundstage. Precise and vibrant bass, vivid mids and vivacious stress-free highs surrounded by a vast 3D soundstage. Certified Hi-Res Audio featuring audiophile balanced bass, vivid mids and vivacious stress-free highs surrounded by a vast 3D soundstage. Certified Hi-Res Audio featuring balanced vibrant bass, vivid mids and vivacious stress-free highs surrounded by a vast 3D soundstage.
      Metal Liquid Zinc Metal Housing CNC Forged Aircraft-grade Metal Housing
      BLISS™ 3.0 Fittings
      Passive Noise Isolation
      Durable & Reinforced Cable 3-Button DiamondBack™ TangleFree cable with mic & remote 2 versions (1-Button and 3-Button) 3-Button remote & dual noise-suppressing 3-Button DiamondBack™ TangleFree cable with mic & remote 2 versions ("Made for iOS" and "Made for Android") 3-Button utlra-reinforced cable with mic & remote 2 versions ("Made for iOS" and "Made for Android")
      Carry Pouch Designed in Italy black carrying pouch. Designed in Italy carrying pouch. Designed in Italy vegan leather carrying pouch. Designed in Italy 3D fabric carrying pouch.
      ActiveFlex™ Sport Fins
      ActiveFlex™ Ear Hooks
    • Digital Trends
      ""In terms of outright comfort, the V-MODA Forza are about as good as it gets." -Digital Trends



      "The V-MODA Forza In-Ear Headphones are excellent sounding, light, and comfortable in-ear hybrid sport headphones. The option to order 3D printed custom caps let you customize and add a bit of flair or personal taste to the earbuds as well if you so choose. - Techaeris"



      "Forza is the running or workout companion that never lets you down" -Val Kolton, V-MODA CEO



      "They sound good, are built to last and its modular design is like nothing I’ve seen before on an earbud. The Forza are perfect for anyone who wants a headphone that can do it all, from working out to using at work." - Techradar"



      Digital Trends
      ""V-Moda's Forza are the most comfortable headphones you can buy for $100." - Digital Trends



      "I think the Forza is an awesome set of earphones and the best workout headphones you can get at this price. The design is sleek and compact, the sound is full and clear, and the customization options are incredible." - Androidguys



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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

V-MODA - Forza

Thanks for the 5 stars Ujwal. V-MODA doesn't deserve anything less :)
awesome sound, low on comfort and isolation.

sound wise these earphones are awesome but if these are worn for long time, sweets would form inside the ear. Also, sound isolation is a little less. It pains i, worn for a long time.

Hey Abhijit, no one, absolutely no one here in the office could figure out what sweets in the ear mean. We are very curious. Please reply.
Overwhelming Treble

Ok so this is the most expensive earphones I have bought till date. My last most expensive one was Sony MDR-XB60EX @2k
I had bought these earphones after watching many reviews boasting its high bass, clear mids and high without the bass overwhelming the mids and highs. And I had super high expectations from these premium V-Moda pair. Also these are listed in the Headphone Zone's Extra base line up of earphones so I was certainly sure that I couldn't get wrong about these earphones.

Sound Quality- Out of the box these sound as dull and lifeless as it could get. So I thought of giving them a chance to burn in so that they can show me some real quality, afterall common a 8k pair couldn't sound such bad.
After a week of use- So they got enough burn in time I hope and now where does the sound quality stand? The answer is not upto my expectations.
I felt that the soundstage is so congested, some one has trapped me and I feel suffocated.
I found these earphones as overwhelming in treble, and always felt wanting for that bass and punch in the lows.
At a an optimal volume which my ears can survive, the mids were good, highs were still a little too high but the lows weren't good enough.
When I increased the volume a bit, I got the bass, but now the treble was so high and harsh that my ears couldn't withstand it.
So now I am only left with a equalizer to work with where I have pumped up the base and put down the treble and now the frequency graph looks like \.
With the equalizer it seems that the clarity has taken a downside but still I am left with no other option.

Mic- Quality is good

Comfort- No doubt these are super comfortable as seen in the reviews.

Delivery Speed- Got the delivery the next day, thanks to HPZ & Bluedart.

Note: I used my LG G6 to listen to them and used 320kbits mp3 files and also flacs, which come with a Quad DAC setup, so the sound source is quite good in my opinion

These little babies sing...

The requirement: I needed a headphone which was well adapted for travel, running, and some listening time at home. I shortlisted RHA, Shure etc but hit on Forza V-Moda as adviced by Headphone Gurus's here.
Forza: These babies are small. Tiny. Come packaged handsomely with a plethora of accessories. These small additions are very useful for getting the actual fit and goes a long way in making these comfortable over long periods. Once you find the right fit, these disappear in your ears and sometimes you forget they are there. These are very very comfortable and can be used over long periods without any fatigue or discomfort. They do not heat up. The sports accessories are good and helps in keeping the ear buds in place. The 3.5 inch connector may be a weak spot, but that time will only tell.
The sound: My source is Samsung Galaxy S7. App Neutron. Songs are encoded in minimum 320 Kbps Mp3 going all the way up to FLAC 24 Bit. Special mention of neutron app. This app is for Audiophiles and priced at Rs 400. It has got a separate audio engine from Android and that makes the sound better. The customization options are huge. Coming back to the sound review. I listen to songs ranging from Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, to David Guetta, to Other EDM, Pop tracks, Jazz, Western Classical, Hindi Bollywood. Though small in size, these bring out the best sound and it pleasantly surprises you. The bass is good, not overpowering, mids are well spaced out, highs are crisp. The overall sound is unbelievable coming from this small speakers. These do need some burn in period to open up. I am quite enjoying these buds and would like to thank Headphone zone for the nice suggestion. The experience with headphone zone was amazing. Got delivery before time and the packaging and tape was special. Thanks guys.
Comfortable: 10/10
Sound: 8/10
Build Quality: 8/10
Noise Isolation: 9/10 (Very good even on planes)

Issues: 1. Noise from wires 2. Picks up sound of walking etc on lo...

4 star

V-MODA - Forza