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Balanced Desktop DAC & Amp

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1 Year of

Ideal for

Ideal for
Indoor Use

Bluetooth with
aptX HD & LDAC

4-Pin XLR & 4.4mm
Balanced Output

Pair with Laptop
via USB

Connect With
USB, Optical & Coaxial

Upto 4000mW @ 32Ω
Power Output

Dual AKM AK4493
Dual DAC Chip



xDuoo XA-10 is equipped with two DAC (Digital To Analog Converter) and double amplifier chips. It also has a full output from decoding to amp circuit, which eliminates any noise interference and crosstalk between sounds and also background noise ensuring clean sound.


Reduced THD for a Clean, Distortion Free Sound And Built-In Relay Protection to Avoid POP Noises

The technology used in XA-10 reduces THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) down to a mere 0.0008%. What this means is the output is the cleanest possible signal without any audible artifacts. The device also has a crosstalk upto 108 dB, The S/N upto 120 dB and yet the noise is almost inaudible. The device also has built-in relay protection to avoid POP noises when it is turned on and this protects the earphone and unit under undesirable conditions.


Dual AK4493EQ chip and a Balanced Class-A Buffer to Ensure High Fidelity Sound

xDuoo has carefully selected the best components, chips, and high-end capacitors to ensure high-fidelity sound quality. xDuoo XA-10 uses transistors as a Class A buffer to keep the circuit in the best working condition at all times. This enables the unit to handle powerful outputs and strong load capacity efficiently. This is specifically designed to tackle output issues with various difficult headphones. The unit houses dual-chip AK4493EQ as the decoding chip which makes the sound quality pristine. Professional power chips adopt CPLD for data reshaping, accurate clock synchronization, and reduced jitter. The capacitors used in XA-10 adopt NICHICON, ELNA capacitance which has a smooth and warm sound with a sparkling high-end response.


Multi-Input Capabilities Supporting High-Definition USB Audio and Bluetooth Input

xDuoo XA-10 can be connected to the USB interface of a computer, mobile phone, tablet and HIFI players for easy use. The unit can be even connected to desktop CD players and various digital turntables via HD coaxial or optical input. The device can also be connected to various Bluetooth playback devices with support for SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX_LL, apt_HD and LDAC format transmission.


Multi-Output Interface With Output Power Upto 4000mW

With the xDuoo XA-10 it is possible to connect the unit with multiple choices of output - 6.5 single-ended output which powers upto 3000mW, 4 Pin XLR balanced output which powers upto 4000mW & 4.4 balanced output which also powers upto 4000mW.


DSD, MQA nad PCM Formats Supported

The xDuoo XA-10 is capable of supporting numerous format of audio including DSD format with maximum support upto dsd512, DXD format with maximum support sampling rate of 32bit/384khz, MQA format with maximum sampling rate of 32bit/384khz and PCM formats with a maximum sampling rate of 32bit/768khz. This enables you to enjoy music at the highest quality without any output restrictions.


Digital Volume Adjustment With High Definition OLED Display

Using two TI’s professional volume ICs, the distortion level is reduced to a minimum. The unit sports a 0.96 inch high-definition OLED display. The capability of 100-level volume can be fine tuned to the level you want. This allows the user to ensure that the device is tuned to the best decoding state at any given time.



SCREEN 0.96 inch OLED
OUTPUT POWER Balance: 4000mW (32Ω@1kHz)
Single-Ended: 3000mW (32Ω@1kHz)
SNR Balance: 120dB
Single-Ended: 115dB
CROSSTALK Balance: 108dB
Single-Ended: 73dB
THD+N 0.0008%
OUTPUT POWER 500mW (32Ω load)
GAIN +18dB
VOLUME VALUE 100 levels
USB IN PCM 16-32Bit/44.1k - 768kHz, DSD64-512
DXD: 24-32Bit/352.8k - 384kHz
MQA: 16-32Bit/44.1k-384kHz
OPTICAL/COAXIAL IN PCM 16-24Bit/44.1-192kHz, DSD64
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Warranty & Media Reviews

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this xDuoo XA-10 comes with a 1 year warranty from XDuoo that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about XDuoo's warranty in India.

The Verge

"The xDuoo XA-10 is an all-in-one unit that crammed everything into a small device. It has a very capable DAC with MQA full decoding capability, with a warm tonality and an energetic sense of attack."

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"xDuoo’s XA-10 is a good device that has excellent build quality, a unique design, and a sweet sound signature. For an all-in-one device that takes little desk space, the XA-10 may be your savior."

Read More
What Hi-Fi

"Considering its dual-mono and fully-balanced digital and analog sections and its discrete Class-A headphone amplifier section, it gets my highest recommendation and my highest award!"

Read More
Inner Fidelity

"The xDuoo XA-10 is a powerful and solid sounding Desktop DAC/Amplifier with a compact size that offers a very wide variety of connectivity options. Solid Overall Sound Performance."

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YouTube Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
GP (Mumbai)
Jackie Chan of AMP/DAC combos!

The thing about sharing audio listening & equipment experience is a) they are highly subjective b) there are multiple moving parts/gear that has impact on the final music presentation. As a reader do keep these in mind!

Before getting the XA-10, I was considering the Topping D30/A30 pro stack. But when I saw a serious price drop on Xduoo XA-10 on HPZ, decided to go for it. At half the price of the topping combo, with similar power, a better quality (supposedly) TOTL AKM 4493 DAC chipset and MQA decoding capability, the XA-10, makes a serious case for folks looking at a good looking, small and compact desktop solution that punches above its price.

Pros: Clean sounding DAC and a powerful amp section, unique looking, small & takes very little desk space, fully balanced circuit, feature packed incl MQA, Bluetooth with aptx & LDAC, in the time that I spent with it I didn’t see the XA-10 getting very hot. Bass, mids and treble have good amount of authority and control. A good set of headphones paired with the Xduoo XA-10 will surely shine. Pairs with my Focal Radiance very well with excellent imaging, sound staging & highly energetic sound.

Cons: The volume knob has a mind of its own! Sometimes it needs multiple turns to get a couple of dB volume gain. Hardly any extra functionality (except for filter and gain), some users might miss a remote control. For a fully balanced circuit, lack of balanced preamp out is a miss (this is in the rare case if one wants to pair this to a more powerful amp).

In a crowded chi-fi mid range market, the Xduoo has a lot going for it esp with its highly musical, authoritative and impactful sound presentation. If you are looking for inexpensive, well built, all-in-one solution, Xduoo XA-10 will have to be up in the queue.

Shout out to team HPZ and their fast expanding product catalogue! Thats good news to us music lovers. Keep it up guys !

We are glad you had a comfortable shopping experience with us & it is delightful to read such positive reviews on your product! Cheers & Keep the music playing

Jhon fkn Doe (Lucknow)
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Finally notice a difference 👌

I was using the Topping A30 Pro and mojo combo for my arya , final Audio e5000 and e4000.....it was an amazing sounding combo.....until i tried this......the class A Amplifier is definitely better for planars and the Balanced DAC makes IEMs sing.....i was able to notice more intricate details much easily and imaging and separation also improved compared to the topping mojo combo........maybe costlier gear sounds even better......but at this price i doubt you could do any better......

P.S. The Bluetooth connectivity is a godsend. 👍🥳

We are glad you had a comfortable shopping experience with us & it is delightful to read such positive reviews on your product! Cheers & Welcome to the club!

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Rajat Kaushal

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