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A Huge Leap in my Career at Headphone Zone

A Huge Leap in my Career at Headphone Zone

A Robotic Life!

I'll be honest; I am an engineer by chance, not by choice. My professional career officially began when I graduated in 2012. I was always inclined to music which got inherited from my father. Since then I started exploring the world of audio in a very subtle manner. This is when I came across Headphone Zone. I was amazed by the fact that there is more perspective to audio rather than just the speakers and high-end vintage amplifiers. I have been a customer at Headphone Zone and have purchased some of the best products that are my go-to audio gear. All was good as I was growing money trees with my corporate job with a multi-national company.

Zip Zap Zoom!! Headphone Connect Mumbai!!

Well, when Headphone Zone organised the headphone connect in Mumbai, I was quite excited. I started travelling to the event after getting ready with my audio equipment. I got to know Mr Raghav Somani and a fantastic group of professionals that were there exclusively to help audiophiles like myself have the finest experience. It was a memorable experience. I was employed and reasonably content with my corporate position, yet Headphone Connect Mumbai kept coming to mind while I worked.

Interview At Headphone Zone!!

Hahaha, It was a memorable experience, to be honest. I applied for the job, and my application got rejected or maybe was not taken into consideration. I continued getting on the phone with the headphone gurus to ask them about my application. I was at my lowest but still did not lose hope. On a Tuesday morning on the 24th of May 2022, I visited the Headphone Zone office to enquire about my application. I was in for a surprise, and the interview got scheduled unofficially hahaha !! It was pretty hard to convince Mr Raghav Somani that I could be a part of the team and would like to contribute. Raghav was kind and direct, saying that they didn't think I could contribute given my expertise in Information technology.

I'm pursuing my passion, not a job, and it's what I do.

It was nice of Mr Raghav Somani to consider me and welcomed me to his wonderful team. After a few days, my dad asked me how is your new job and I had an answer ready, "It is not a job dad, I am just following my passion."


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