Final Audio IEM Comparisons

Final Audio IEM Comparisons

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Final - E500
₹ 1599/-₹ 1999/-
Dynamic Warm & Smooth The E500 delivers a natural spatial sound with a concentrated sense of direction and an expansive soundstage. These are a perfect choice for anyone wanting to experience spatial audio without breaking the bank account.
Final - E1000
₹ 1599/-₹ 2499/-
Dynamic Balanced The Final E1000 is ideal for someone willing to upgrade from the stock earbuds. It is incredibly detailed and has punchy bass making it a fun-sounding IEM. The E1000 embodies everything Final stands for - Great build and fantastic sound.
Final - E2000
₹ 2799/-₹ 2999/-
Dynamic Balanced Tuned for budding audiophiles, the E2000 are tonally balanced. They have incredible imaging and owing to the design, they fit exceptionally well. If you appreciate detailing and a well-rounded sound, these are for you.
Final - E3000
₹ 2999/-₹ 3999/-
Dynamic V-Shaped The E3000 is a perfect step-up for anyone looking to thoroughly enjoy their listening experience without burning a hole in the pocket. It appeals to everyone and all genres alike.
Final - E4000
₹ 10990/-₹ 14999/-
Dynamic Balanced MMCX The E4000 embeds a 6.4mm dynamic driver and they’ve managed to tune these in a way that it sounds well-rounded and detailed. While the mids have clarity, they are also supremely accurate.
Final - E5000
₹ 22999/-₹ 27999/-
Dynamic V-Shaped MMCX The Final E5000 may not pack multi-driver configurations, but they do get more than a few things right: Sound, durability and a noise isolating seal. This makes them a top recommendation for a beginner audiophile.
Final - VR3000
₹ 5999/-₹ 7999/-
Dynamic Flat The Final Audio VR3000 gaming earphones are lightweight, and comfortable and offer a superb balanced sound that works well for both gaming and VR, allowing you to hear all the gaming elements around you.
Final - A3000
₹ 9999/-₹ 12999/-
Dynamic Flat 2-Pin Final A3000 presents a wide soundstage, neutral sound and superior design quality at a fantastic price point. We'd recommend this to a purist who appreciates an expansive soundstage and details in their music.
Final - A4000
₹ 12999/-₹ 14999/-
Dynamic Balanced 2-Pin Final A4000 delivers a wide soundstage, a tonally balanced sound and superior design quality. We'd recommend this to anyone who appreciates an expansive soundstage with great details.
Final - A8000
₹ 129999/-₹ 199999/-
Dynamic Flat MMCX The crème de la crème of Final, A8000 are tonally balanced. The sound is more suited for a purist. If you appreciate detailing and a well-rounded sound, these are for you.
Final - B1
₹ 49990/-₹ 69999/-
BA + Dynamic V-Shaped MMCX The Final B1 packs a Balanced Armature and a Dynamic driver that combine to deliver a well-rounded, complete experience that punches way above its weight. A top recommendation for an audiophile.
Final - B2
₹ 19999/-₹ 29999/-
Balanced Armature Flat MMCX The Final B2 houses a single Balanced Armature driver, unlike its dual-driver B-series counterparts. With extreme detail retrieval, the B2 is a top contender for purists that appreciate every little nuance in their music.
Final - B3
₹ 36999/-₹ 49999/-
Balanced Armature Balanced MMCX If you like listening to details in your sound, the Final B3 is perfect for you. Clarity and detail are a priority and they are delivered exceptionally well.

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