The meaning of B-stock is stock that cannot be sold as brand new due to packaging that either was damaged in storage or transit or was used for photos, reviews or tried by customers and then returned. Every B-stock product is inspected here at Headphone Zone and only once we approve the product and mark it as fit for operation and in fine condition are they allowed to show up here.

All accessories that come with the product, for example the ear tips for a pair of in-ear earphones, are also sold as equivalent to the original package. Oftentimes, we list items that are discontinued from current production or we may be liquidating inventory. In all such case the manufacturer's product warranties remain intact.

We offer discounts on these items because of their nature as B-stock items have either been very sparingly used for demo purposes or are unused. Although, rest assured that these items are as good as new. 

Bottom Line: Due to the nature of the product, we will not be able to offer returns.

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