Astell&Kern - PEE51

Portable Hi-Res USB-C DAC

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6 13% ₹ 1,730 ₹ 383
9 14% ₹ 1,177 ₹ 592
12 14% ₹ 898 ₹ 774
Tenure Interest% Installment Interest
3 13% ₹ 3,405 ₹ 217
6 13% ₹ 1,730 ₹ 383
9 14% ₹ 1,177 ₹ 592
12 14% ₹ 898 ₹ 774
18 15% ₹ 624 ₹ 1,229
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Portable Use

Ideal for

Cirrus Logic CS43198
Dual DAC Chip

Pair with Laptop via
USB-C to USB-A adapter

2 Vrms
Power Output


Super Lightweight



Designed to complement Astell&Kern's series of Digital Audio Players, the PEE51 lets you enjoy the dynamic and lifelike high-definition sound on your computer and Android mobile phones without using a high-end sound card. The PEE51 features two Cirrus Logic CS43198 MasterHIFI DACs that support Hi-Res audio playback including native DSD256 and 32bit / 384kHz.



Putting years of experience to best use, Astell&Kern has designed a highly intricate circuit on a small and 6-layered 14 x 41 mm printed circuit board (PCB). Even the micro resistors and tantalum capacitors used in the PEE51 were indigenously developed by Astell&Kern. These are the same capacitors that are used in the A&K DAPs and they optimise audio circuits to minimize fluctuations leading to overall stability and unrivalled sound quality.



The power of CS43198 DACs is combined with an independent analogue amplifier to deliver highly authentic sound reproduction. This allows you to enjoy a dynamic and clear sound that is free of colourisation and distortion just the way artists intend their music to sound. The PEE51 is compact and drives even high impedance headphones easily with an output level of 2 Vrms.



Offering the widely used USB-C connector, the Astell&Kern PEE51 is compatible with almost all the latest Android smartphones, tablets, Windows 10 computers and macOS. You can connect headphones to the PEE51 with a 3.5 mm connector. The PEE51 lets you discover the popular Astell&Kern sound signature using your audio devices. From full-size headsets to true wireless earbuds, you connect a host of headphones that support 3.5mm 3-pole and 4-pole plugs. Kindly note that 4-pole earbuds with inline controller and microphone functions are not supported.



Empowered with a custom 4-core cable for precise sound reproduction, the PEE51 improves disconnect resistance. With reinforced aramid fibre, the PEE51 can resist a tensile force of up to 200 Newton. This thick cable consists of spiralled silver-plated copper wires wrapped around a centre Technora Aramid core to eliminate external noise. This copper wire also helps to deliver clean and rich surround sound. There is unique shielding on these cables that eliminates distortion and noise in digital and analogue signals coming from the playback device.



Featuring the "light and shadow" design, the USB-C DUAL DAC utilises a unique design that has been fundamental to Astell&Kern products. This design consists of a single centerline that crosses from right to left. The ratio of the angles is optimised to ensure that the sharp portions of the four top faces coincide at a single point. Reflection on each side of the design follows the movement of light. The surface is polished to make one-hand use more comfortable. Reflecting on the durability of other Astell&Kern machines, the PEE51 uses robust metal elements.



Considering limitations of hardware, software and the overall system some of the devices might not be able to function perfectly with the Astell&Kern PEE51. iOS devices like iPhones and iPads are not compatible with the PEE51 currently while some Android devices may need changes in settings to work efficiently. If you are using the PEE51 with a computer, the computer will automatically install the required driver. However, a separate installation may be required for high-end audio playback. This extra installation file can be accessed from the Support-Download section of the Astell&Kern global website. Kindly note that to play hi-res audio files like DSD and PCM on your smartphones you will need a separate free / paid application that is compatible with high-definition audio playback.
It is advised to get the volume level checked before connecting headphones to the PEE51 as there are chances of some devices having maximum volume by default. When you are using the PEE51 with an Astell&Kern player as an external D / A converter the volume will be set to the highest, by default. Listening to music on high volumes can damage your listening. Astell&Kern does not recommend using the PEE51 with Astell&Kern players. Firmware updates may be available from time to time to enhance stability and performance. Visit the Support-Download section of the Astell&Kern global site to get more information on updates and to check if any update is available.



Cirrus Logic CS43198 x 2
SAMPLING FREQUENCY PCM: Supports up to 32bit / 384kHz / DSD
Native: DSD64 (1bit 2.8MHz),
Stereo / DSD128 (1bit 5.6MHz),
Stereo / DSD256 (1bit 11.2MHz),
INPUTS USB Type-C (for Windows 10, Android Smartphone & Tablet PC, macOS)
(Not compatible with iPhones and iPad)
OUTPUTS 3.5mm headphone
AC SPARK INSULATION USB Plug: 17mm [W] x 50mm [H] x 10.3mm [D] / 3.5mm
Headphone: 12mm [W] x 20mm [H] x 8.2mm [D]
WEIGHT approx. 25 g
FREQUENCY RESPONSE ± 0.030 (Condition: 20Hz ~ 20kHz)
SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO 118dB @ 1kHz, unbalanced
THD + N 0.0004% @ 1kHz, unbalanced
IMD SMPTE 0.0003% 800Hz 10kHz (4: 1), unbalanced
BOX CONTENTS 1. Astell&Kern PEE51


Astell&Kern - PEE51 vs competitors
Astell&Kern - PEE51 Astell&Kern - PEE51 vs competitors
₹ 9,999/- ₹ 10,999/-

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Shanling - UA2 Shanling - UA2 vs competitors
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Ideal For Smartphone & Desktop Smartphone Smartphone & Desktop Smartphone & Desktop
Weight 25g 12.6g
DAC Chip Dual Cirrus Logic CS43198 ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M ESS Sabre 9281CPRO ESS Sabre ES9281PRO
Sample Rate 32bit/384kHz 32bit/768kHz 384kHz
Balanced Outputs
Outputs 3.5mm 2.5mm 3.5mm 2.5mm & 3.5mm
Digital Inputs USB Type-C USB Type-C USB Type-C USB Type-C
Output level 2 Vrms 125mW@32Ω
Signal to Noise Ratio 118dB 133dB 130dB
MQA Support
Volume Control
Expert Verdict "That know-how has been put to good use in offering USB-C device owners an affordable, practical way to soup up their smartphone or desktop sound through wired headphones."
What HiFi

"For the Pilot, ALO selected the ESS Sabre DAC 9281c Pro.This model from ESS allow for power from an mobile phone, small size and a high range of decoding opportunities."
Audio Head
"The Sparrow is an affordable and tiny device which you can carry around with you at all times. Just hook it up to your phone or laptop and be amazed how good it sounds."


Warranty & Media Reviews

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Astell&Kern PEE51 comes with a 1 year warranty from Astell&Kern that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Astell&Kern's warranty in India.


5 Star Review

What HiFi
May, 2021

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Rookie Techie (Guntur)
Great DAC but android limitations will kill it.

If u pair any DAC with Android USB-C port ,the maximum transfer limit is 16bit/ may need to use players like USB Audio Player pro app for full bandwidth but again this app does not support streaming apps except tidal for now..
Hope this helps in purchasing any DAC specially for android.

Hey, thanks for sharing this honest feedback, we really appreciate it!

Amitabh Iyer (Dr. Aarti Shah) (Mumbai)
Loved this....

I am not a real audiophile like some others here.
I enjoyed this product immensely.
Read my detailed review at

Would recommend this to anyone without missing a beat (with this you might not miss a beat!!)

Hey Amitabh, thank you for sharing your review.

Prashant Bhagia (Mumbai)
Absolute bliss

Thank you Mr. Varun Dama and the HPZ team for the fantastic recommendation and service. This is an absolute stellar DAC / AMP. I am very happy with this purchase!

Hey Prashant, Thank you so much for the positive feedback! It means a lot to us. We are super happy to hear that you are loving our products and services. We hope to see you again soon. :)

A A (New Delhi)
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Not the best sounding, or most musical, but not bad if you have time to tweak your equalizer for ..

First things first - Don't expect wonders from this DAC for all your recordings. It can be a pleasure to listen to clean recordings - say Tool's Fear Innoculum. But songs like Rush's Afterimage or Riverside's Panic Room sound terrible - the lower mid range distortion is magnified and you have to spend some serious time tweaking the equalizer settings to suppress the distortion. Using USB Audio Player Pro, the bit perfect mode was disappointing. Basically, almost every album requires some Equalizer tweaks, so you spend way too much time optimizing the settings, as opposed to enjoying the music - which can be frustrating. For comparison purpose: the Sony NW - A105 DAP or the BluSound streamers sound warmer, and more musical. Overall, this is a pretty good DAC as long as play the right kind of music/recording, and are patient with it.
3.5 stars for the audio quality, 0.5 extra for the sturdy build and looks.

Thank you for the honest feedback & thanks for the awesome ratings. Cheers!

Chandni Parekh (Thane)
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Absolute Delight

I did not expect a lot from this DAC, but it is absolutely amazing & must experience for music lovers. Also a good pair of headphones are required to unleash it's full potential. I am using 1more Quad Driver earphones.

Sanjay Mookherjee (Kolkata)
Review of PEE51

I have never experienced such a wonderfully balanced ,clear audio.The product is simply superlative beyond any doubt. Kudos again to the Mighty Headphone Zone.

Hey Sanjay,
Super delighted to hear that you are loving your purchase & thanks for the feedback. Cheers & Welcome to the Club

Vijayakumar Ramasubbu (Bengaluru)
Astell Kern dual dac

Excellent DAC, high quality sound when used with full ver of onkyo HF player from any android phone. Very nice details of music. Worth paying a little more for this DAC

Hey Vijayakumar, We're happy to hear this positive feedback. Thanks for sharing it with everyone!

Nagesh Kashyap R (Bengaluru)
Great DAC!!, Not for all Android devices

Great sound quality from this little DAC. Works great on my PC setup, but not on my phone. Recommended for beginners audiophiles.

Thank you for sharing this positive review.

Shri Ram (Chennai)
3.5 stars. Best for pc and mac and not so good for Samsung and some android phones

Its fantastic if you have an pc, mac and ipad.... But doesn't support all Samsung and some other android phones.... Sound quality is excellent and well built...

Hey Shri, We're happy to hear this positive feedback. Thanks for sharing it with everyone!

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