AudioQuest - DragonFly Red

Portable DAC & Amp

Sale price₹ 24,600

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7 Day Replacement Guarantee

In case you receive the AudioQuest - DragonFly Red with a manufacturing defect, please raise a return request within 7 days of delivery.

However, if you receive an incorrect / damaged / different product or one with missing accessories, please raise a return request within 24 hours of delivery. In case you receive a product with a missing, incorrect, or faulty accessory, you will be given a replacement accessory instead of the entire product.

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Warranty & Services

Don't sweat it, this AudioQuest - DragonFly Red comes with a 1 Year warranty from AudioQuest that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about AudioQuest's warranty in India.

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Ideal for Audiophiles

These DAC & Amps are designed for discerning music lovers. If audio quality is important to you, a set of DAC & Amps like these would be ideal.

You can expect these DAC & Amps to present you with a refined listening experience. The audio quality exhibited by these DAC & Amps is a beautiful mix of musicality, technical brilliance and high precision.

These DAC & Amps deliver a spacious & open soundstage that makes you feel you are sitting at a live concert. Experience the magic and delve into pure sonic tranquility!

Best Suited for Portable Use

For those who value them, being able to carry their favourite DAC & Amp equipment when they are on the move is invaluable.

These DAC & Amps offer the ultimate portability experience without sacrificing sound quality. If you’re someone who appreciates cutting-edge engineering, quality sound and portability, then look no further.

Designed to be trusty companions, these DAC & Amps are cleverly engineered with the latest technology to offer the ultimate combination of portability & Hi-Fidelity!

DAC Chip
You may not even realise it, but most of us use a digital-to-analogue converter (commonly known as a DAC) daily. Built into your computers, tablets and smartphones, a DAC is fundamental to unlocking the convenience of digital music. Any device that acts as a digital sound source will need a DAC to convert digital audio to analog. A DAC converts the digital information stored in “0s and 1s” into an analog signal that's passed to speakers or headphones and ultimately our ear. In short, DACs play a large part in making digital music hearable. 

While this technical process is undoubtedly impressive, the DAC embedded into your smartphones or laptops is nowhere good enough to listen to your favourite music recordings in high quality. So, if you want to listen to music in high quality, an external DAC is essential to allow headphones or speakers to perform at their potential. An external DAC, first and foremost, will improve audio quality dramatically.

2.1 Volts
Power Output

Pair with Laptop via USB

A majority of people use a laptop as the primary source device to listen to music or watch movies. Since the laptop is an essential part of the audio chain there are headphones and devices designed to work a laptop or computer system flawlessly. With the availability of USB connectivity, it becomes easier to pair various devices like an Amp, DAC or even headphones without worrying about drivers or any additional piece of software.

Super Lightweight


The AudioQuest DragonFly Red has been developed in partnership with Gordon Rankin and Microchip Technologies. It has a better signal to noise ratio and consumes 77% lesser power than the original DragonFly thanks to the new Microchip PIC32MX microcontroller. Streamlength™ asynchronous USB code ensures low jitter, low resource load, minimal packet errors, world-class audio playback and reliable connectivity between the Dragonfly Red and any computing device with a USB output.

Headphone-Zone-Shanling-M6 Pro


The AudioQuest DragonFly Red comes with a 32-bit 9016 ESS Sabre DAC chip that employs minimum-phase filtering for a naturally detailed, more authentic sound that can process up to 24-bit/96kHz audio. It employs a 64-bit, bit-perfect digital volume control that resides inside the DAC chip itself—an elegant and sophisticated implementation that ensures maximum fidelity, dynamic contrast, and low signal-to-noise ratio. You can use the source device's volume controls to adjust the DragonFly Red’s volume.

Headphone-Zone-Shanling-M6 Pro
Headphone-Zone-Shanling-M6 Pro
Headphone-Zone-Shanling-M6 Pro


This tiny DAC/AMP is compatible with a wide range of headphones, including power-hungry, low-efficiency models thanks to its ESS Sabre 9601 Amp. They're compatible with PCs, without needing any additional drivers. You can also use them with your smartphone and enjoy music from your favourite streaming app like Tidal, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and more. The DragonFly Red's software can be upgraded with the free Windows or Mac desktop app.

Headphone-Zone-Shanling-M6 Pro
Headphone-Zone-Shanling-M6 Pro


The Dragonfly Red supports Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) playback. This is an award-winning audio technology that's meant to deliver the sound of the original master recording. MQA files are tiny and can easily be streamed using Tidal.

Headphone-Zone-Shanling-M6 Pro
Headphone-Zone-Shanling-M6 Pro
1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this AudioQuest - DragonFly Red comes with a 1 Year warranty from AudioQuest that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about AudioQuest's warranty in India.

Performance-Driven Products From California

AudioQuest, founded in 1980 by William E. Low, is a manufacturer of audio/video cables, digital-to-analogue converters, headphones, power-conditioning products, and various audio/video accessories—all claimed to match high levels of performance with your favourite devices. AudioQuest is based in Irvine, California and has offices in the Netherlands and distributes its products to approximately 65 countries throughout the world. AudioQuest focuses on delivering excellent value and performance in every product the company develops.

AudioQuest is dedicated to developing tools that enhance the in-home audio and video experience. Whether it's a speaker cable, HDMI cable, or a portable digital audio product, AudioQuest's diverse offerings deliver value and performance to both retailers and enthusiastic consumers.

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The Absolute Sound
Mar, 2020



Mar, 2019

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The Absolute Sound
Mar, 2018



Sound & Vision
Dec, 2016


“If Headfonia would hand out medals, the DFR would surely get one it’s that nice.I seriously doubt there are better DAC/Amp combinations in this price category and especially in such a small package.”

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"The DFR is a brilliant little DAC that can drive almost any headphone with awesome sound quality. The sound-signature is very natural and smooth with amazing soundstage depth and detail retrival."

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"A serious headphone enthusiasts should go out of their way to try the AudioQuest DragonFly Red—a still-affordable product that combines superb sound with equally superb musicality"

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The Verge

"If you’re unconcerned by that slightly flaky finish (and who buys a USB stick-styled DAC for its aesthetic properties?), you can consider the DragonFly Red a pretty perfect computer music upgrade."

Read More

"In my experience, there are few things in hi-fi that are as simple to use, sound as good and cost as little as the USB-powered Dragonfly Red DAC."

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What Hi-Fi

"AudioQuest's current pair of DragonFly models is the third generation of the critically acclaimed DragonFly series, with its big change being higher efficiency allowing for smartphone compatibility."

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Inner Fidelity

"Dragonfly Red are astoundingly portable, and enhance the sound off of your phone or computer. In their price points, both offer grip and clarity. "

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Mikhail Vaishnav (Mumbai)
Top notch!

Made a significant improvement to the listening experience on my pair of Shure earphones. Way better contrast and spacing of multiple sounds and textures in all genres of music. Everything sounds tighter and there's less listening fatigue even at higher volumes. I love the handy and portable size of this DAC and the build quality is pretty good. The emblem that lights up is a really nice touch. I only wish there was a variant with a lightning port to make it easy to connect to iPhones directly. I suppose for now an add-on cable will have to do.

Prasanna Venkatesan (Jaipur)
Sound Performance is good, 0 durability

I got this device in June, however, after just two months of use, device has ‘literally’ opened up. I am not sure whether I will be able to claim much as it says they will cover manufacturing defect only. I am not sure what to make out of it though. Since it’s still working, I might probably tape it up and continue to use.

Jana (Aichtal)
Small Convenient wonder

I have the Dacamp L1 and Chord Mojo already. I needed a very portable DAC for On-the-go. I browsed a lot on the various options and decided to take the plunge with the Dragonfly Red for sheer convenience without the dismal issue of a drained battery when you most need it. And also so conveniently connected to the transport device. It Drives all the headphones well except the most power hungry ones. The sound is crystal clear. Deep bass, Nice Mids and Good Treble reproduction in clarity. I have tried it with V-Moda Zn, 1More Quad Driver, Audeze iSine10, AT M-50X, and sounds phenomenal in all cases. I haven't of course tried it with very high impedance Cans. Overall a very portable and a scintillating DAC AMP. If you're contemplating buying one, please do not hesitate. A little cheaper option would be the Ultrasone NAOS. These are two of the best in-line DACAMPs. Atleast that I have used. The Mojo and L1 are in a different league but then you are also paying more and these are heavy in the hand considering the stacking. Any whichever way you go, Good Listening!!!!

Anil Wadghule (Pune)
Decent output

I have used Chord Mojo earlier which is best in class. though DragonFly Red does match expectations.

Gaurav Dey Purkayastha (Singapore)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Bang On!
Not at all

I had bought the Audio Quest Dragonfly Red because I wasn't able to drive my 250-ohm Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro headphones from my mobile phones (Nokia 7 Plus / Asus Zenfone 2) as well as my laptop and desktop. I have other headphones (Sennheiser HD 502, a Sony Wireless, Grado SR-80 and Senheiser HD-559) which have I have no problems listening with. However, in case of the Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro, the volume output was too little. Doing some research I settled upon the Dragonfly Red, and I was looking forward to using it. However, after it arrived I tested it with a variety of sources - the two mobile phones, plus the laptop and desktop and I found that it made little to no difference in the volume output while listening to the DT-990s. In one case the volume actually dropped after using the Dragonfly! I am now wondering whether I should return the Dragonfly and ask for a refund.

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